Beautiful Places to Visit in Mexico That Aren’t Beach Resorts

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Mexico That Aren’t Beach Resorts

Most visitors to Mexico tend to flock to the coastal resorts when visiting Mexico. Luxury, expensive and devoid of anything remotely Mexican, you might find some of the best beaches there but the narrow window-like view of the local culture and food you'll get is a far cry from the real Mexico. With much of the nation covered in mountains and highland, it's no surprise that Mexico is also home to some fascinating landscape. Here are some fantastic places to give you a good reason to forget the crowded beach resorts next time you take a trip here.

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Mexico That Aren’t Beach Resorts


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Situated in the central highlands of Mexico, this lively colonial city is bursting with color. Along with its beautiful and colorful architecture dotted all around the town, its mountainous location and cool temperatures makes for the perfect escape from the brutal hot coastal weather. The city is often overlooked in favor of the nearby San Miguel de Allende, which brings more crowds of tourists, however we feel the vibrant Guanajuato is just that bit more beautiful.

Hierve el Agua

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One of the most unique rock formations in the world, Hierve el Agua was created over time by erosion from fresh water springs, depositing minerals that give it its iconic colors. The site is home to two giant cliffs that look uncannily like waterfalls along with a number of pools that sit at the top of the cliffs. The water here is high in minerals and is said to have healing qualities which visitors are allowed to bathe in.


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Another of Mexico's numerous beautiful colonial towns, Campeche sits at the base of the popular Yucatan Peninsula. While the nearby area is famous for a number of historical Mayan sites and ruins, the town itself is beautiful with a number of stunning colorful buildings dotted around the town.


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Mexico has its own version of the iconic Mt Fuji, Popocatépetl is a similarly shaped cone volcano that towers above the surrounding area in central Mexico. Unlike Fuji however, Popocatépetl is quite active and a plume of smoke can often be seen escaping its summit. Due to its dangerous nature, climbing the mountain is prohibited, however there are a number of beautiful locations to get a good view of this iconic peak. One of which has the stunning view of the colorful Church of our Lady of Remedies in front of it, which you can see from the nearby city of Cholula.


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The remnants of a huge ancient city just out of today's Mexico City, Teotihuacan was once one of the largest cities in the world sometime during the first few centuries. The size of this area and buildings still left standing are incredible and walking around here feels like being transported back in time to this impressive ancient civilization.


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From the colorful colonial buildings lining its streets, friendly locals and one of the most impressive historical sites in the country just a stone's throw away, the city leaves an incredible impression to anyone visiting. Best of all however is the food. One of the main gastronomical centers of Mexico, Oaxacan cuisine is one of the most varied and vibrant of any food you'll find in the Americas. A food lovers paradise, you'll find street stalls and food markets all over the city. Best of all, it's super cheap.


Outside of the resorts, Mexico seems to get a bad reputation for being a dangerous place because of the drug cartel related crime that dominates the international headlines from the country. These areas are generally outside of tourist spots and won't involve visitors to the country as long as you be a little cautious and avoid the more dangerous areas where gangs are known to operate.