Kahului:A Ravishing Scenery Filled with a Vast History of the Place with a Sprawling Deep Harbor and a Handful of Adventurous Activities

Kahului:A Ravishing Scenery Filled with a Vast History of the Place with a Sprawling Deep Harbor and a Handful of Adventurous Activities

Kahului is a census-designated place located on the island of Maui in the U.S state of Hawaii. Despite not being very familiar to tourist, Kahului hosts a couple of sightseeing sites including the deep-draft harbor and also hosts Maui's main airport. A number of the beautiful sceneries one can visit and adventures activities which one can involve themselves in have been highlighted below:

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Kahului:A Ravishing Scenery Filled with a Vast History of the Place with a Sprawling Deep Harbor and a Handful of Adventurous Activities

1. Maui arts and cultural center

Maui arts and cultural center is an impeccable setup in Kahului. The admirable sightseeing site is not only equipped with an ample parking but gives those with the yarn to grasp a thing or two an opportunity to educate themselves through visual arts among other fun activities. The center is Kahului's jewel and is renowned for its artistic education in the entire community. The ambiance of the place is fantastic and offers both outdoor and indoor events. Even though you aren't allowed to enter with cameras you can take memorable photos with your phone as you enjoy the good music outside the center in Kahului.

2. The skyline trail

The skyline trail is a curvy mountain drive covered in grove trees and shrubland located along Crater road in Kahului. The breathtaking sightseeing site is ideal for the thrill lovers and for the adventurous. One is able to enjoy the ravishing view of nature in Kahului from the peak of the mountain. The place gives you a variety of options on how to get to the top. Many recommend cycling as it is more involving and fun compared to hiking. Maui cycle house which is within close proximity offers rental bicycles for the trip at a convenient price. The best time to enjoy the panoramic view of the sightseeing site is in the evening as the sun sets, but put on something warm as it is bound to be cold at the peak of the mountain.

3. The story of Hawaii museum

The story of Hawaii museum is situated in the Queen Kaahumanu mall in Kahului. The sightseeing site is a tale filled with discovery and adventure. One is able to step into the Hawaiian history and offers a variety of information about the place displaying historical maps that can be purchased although a bit costly. The beauty of the sightseeing scenery is that historical data and information is laid out chronologically. The place requires no charges upon entry and is considered a gold mine due to its vast historical records. It is termed a captivating place to go sightseeing for knowledge.

4. Schaefer international gallery

Schaefer international gallery along Cameron way is among the top rated sightseeing sites in Kahului. This is because it is amongst the finest galleries in Kahului. Schaefer international gallery is rolled out in about 4000 square foot space and features flexible exhibit lighting, free-standing and mobile wall panel system. The admirable hardwood floor design catches the eye of many with a perfectly installed reception. The exhibits portrayed at the gallery inspire artistic work. For an expose of vast artistic works, this is the place to visit. The gallery offers an experience of world-class art and is ideal for relaxation.

5. Nisei veterans memorial center

Nisei veterans memorial center is a non-profitable organization dedicated to the American-Japanese nisei veterans located in Kahului. The memorial center comprises of a preschool, adult daycare, and the educational center. The sightseeing site focuses on the hundred of the Nisei regiments that fought during the world war and is an emblem of the sacrifice they devoted for the world we are living in today. The staff at the memorial center are very courteous. When visiting Kahului this is should be among one's must-see sights.After a tour through the memorial center, visitors are given parting gifts to take along with them. Ample parking space is also available.

6. Kanaha Beach Park

Photo by commons.wikimedia.org

The captivating Kanaha Beach Park rests adjacent to the Kahului airport. The place is not only perfect for adventure but also convenient for the nature lovers and for those who would be intrigued by the vast wildlife at the beach. It isn't difficult to see turtles while snookering. The beauty of the fish maneuvering in the ocean and fast hand opportunity to view the aquatic wildlife in their natural setting is more captivating. What makes the sightseeing site stand out is the cool waters and the easy access to both the airport and resort area. Many recommend the place for kitesurfing and windsurfing which has been made possible by the northeast trade winds.

7. Tasaka Guri-Guri

Tasaka Guri-Guri is an ice cream shop located conveniently in the Maui mall a few miles from the Kahului airport. This establishment is over 100 years old and has been passed on from generation to generation by the founder family. This is a must-visit sightseeing site while in Kahului for an exquisite taste of Japanese ice cream. Guri is like a sherbert but has been locally prepared. The secret recipe used for the preparation of the delicacy leaves one salivating for more each time. When visiting Kahului one can treat their loved ones to the mouthwatering ice cream at a cheap price.

8. Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum

Photo by Allie_Caulfield

Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum is an everblooming sightseeing scenery located in Hansen road in Kahului. The museum is termed as a key tourist site since it offers detailed history on the sugar mills and plantation in Hawaii. Education on Kahului's history is explained through video display making the experience fun. The museum is filled with numerous exhibits that depict the mills and growth produced. The rooms are partitioned into the geography room and water room among others which explain more about the sugar mills. To enjoy the outdoor feel of the sightseeing site it is recommended that one takes time visiting the Portuguese oven.

9. Maverick Helicopters Maui

Maverick Helicopters Maui offers executive service from the Kahului Heliport. Whether it is the Haleakala Crater, Iao State Park or Moloka'i, be sure to enjoy the breathtaking tour of the most captivating scenery in Hawaii with guaranteed safety. Through the Maverick helicopters, one is able to observe a variety of flamboyant sites including inaccessible sightseeing site of the islands around. The pilots are also well trained. The tour with the helicopters is ideal for honeymooners who are looking forward to a ravishing flight experience more so the whale pods and photo taking.

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Kahului is renowned for its beauty and deep harbor. Despite not being known by many, the place is sprouting into a major sightseeing destination equipped with vast escapades one can involve themselves in coupled with a number of fun educational activities you can enjoy. When in Hawaii, Kahului is a must visit for everybody.