Kodiak:A City that Has So Much to Introduce About Its History and Culture

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Kodiak:A City that Has So Much to Introduce About Its History and Culture

Kodiak is city full of natural wonders and attractions. Kodiak is situated in Southwestern Alaska. Impressive great summers are the main distinctive features for Kodiak. It is magnificently beautiful city with lots of sightseeing that immediately grab the attention of the visitors. Below is the most amazing sightseeing of Kodiak.

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Kodiak:A City that Has So Much to Introduce About Its History and Culture

1. Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is nice place for walking in Kodiak. This beautiful outdoor sightseeing is not only rich in awesome and attractive places and nature, but is also an educational spot of Kodiak, that introduces the remains of military remains of World War 2. This gorgeous park is an ideal place for walking. It includes nice trails and an amazing rainforest. There is also available a view to ocean, as well as some tables and chairs in appropriate places for having a great picnic. The entrance requires some fee, but this is absolutely worth the scenery.

2. Kodiak National Wildlife

The next natural heritage of Kodiak in our list is Kodiak National Wildlife. The area is not too large, but it includes so many things for seeing, that you can spend a whole day and do not get bored with it. it is easily accessible and does not require any fee for the visit. What you will like the best about this sightseeing is the display of the whales. The spot is also educative, since you can get to know many interesting and informative facts about some types of fish of this area. Finally, to get the best gifts from Kodiak, you can enter the small gift shop near this sightseeing.

3. Kodiak Island Brewing Company

If you are interested in habitants of Kodiak, you are to visit Kodiak Island Brewing Company for sure. Here you will enjoy the beautiful space and the comfortable atmosphere that this sightseeing will provide you with. This place is very popular among the locals of Kodiak, so in the evening, when everyone is back from work, the spot is full of locals in crowds. It seems, like this sightseeing is the favorite spot for socializes and is ideal for communicating. The beers of this sight are too tasty to call you back while you are in Kodiak.

4. Kodiak Fisheries Research Center Aquarium And Touch Tank  

If you are planning to have your tour to Kodiak with your family, Kodiak Fisheries Research Center Aquarium And Touch Tank should be in your visit list with no doubt. The sightseeing is an amazing choice both for adults and children, anyway. Coming across to this aquarium, you will enjoy viewing the creatures inside it. The sea life is not the only thing that the visitor will enjoy in this sightseeing. The outdoor hiking and various adventures will also fill your and your children’s day with impressive experiences. The spot is one of the most unique sightseeing of Kodiak.

5. Alutiiq Museum

Alutiiq Museum is another worth visiting sightseeing in Kodiak, suitable both for adults and kids. The spot is composed of two small rooms. There are movies that display inside this spot and you can enjoy them sitting on the comfortable seats of the hall. There are entertaining games and activities for kids that will keep them for some time, until parents are walking around. Visiting this spot in Kodiak, you will get to know about the cultural heritage of native people of Kodiak and will know details about their life, as well.

6. Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church in Kodiak is a great way to feel another cultural heritage in another place. This sightseeing offers services that are new to the locals of Kodiak, too. It organizes a liturgy service which is very delightful and quiet. It shares its history with the visitors and provides with a calm atmosphere pleasant for the attendants. Even watching the items inside will take you to kind of another place, but also make sure to take a tour inside to enjoy every single detail about its history.

7. The Baranov Museum

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The Baranov Museum is a small museum that is built to introduce the history of the periods when Russians had an influence on the area of Kodiak. This represents the families that lived in Kodiak after Russians had left and it kind of takes you to past to feel the whole history of that time. The museum is informative and will give you new experiences in a very short period. You will also see pictures and books that will give you some more details about its history. The sightseeing requires a fee of 5$ and the time for your tour inside is limitless.

8. Kodiak Military History Museum

Kodiak Military History Museum is the most informative spot in Kodiak that introduces so much about the World War 2. The place is incredible and is worth to visit while you are in Kodiak. First of all the area is huge and has too much to introduce to its visitors. The sightseeing will be an interesting experience both for kids and for adults. It introduces good art crafts and interactive sections, as well as big machines, war balls and guns. Each item is kept very carefully and includes a whole history from the war period.

9. North End Park

Now we are in a natural sightseeing of Kodiak, which is North End Park. This is a favorite visit sight for locals and for tourists, as well. It requires a short walk from Kodiak city ad is real place for finding a quiet and isolated spot for rest. Walk around to enjoy the beauties that this parks has, such as rocky beach with tide pools, the lush rainforest, beautiful platforms, etc. Or you can just lie and close your eyes to enjoy the nature and the clean air that the sightseeing simple offers you.

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Kodiak is a city that has so much to introduce about its history and culture. Kodiak combines these informative and educational sightseeing with natural beauties and wonders. In the result, all these make Kodiak an attractive and popular tourist destination which gets visited very frequently, regardless the season and weather conditions.