Dubuque : The Commercial, Industrial, Educational, and Cultural Hub for Iowa Area

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Dubuque : The Commercial, Industrial, Educational, and Cultural Hub for Iowa Area

Dubuque city is the headquarter of Dubuque County, Iowa. According to the 2013 Census, the population of Dubuque was 58, 253 ranking it the tenth largest city in Iowa region. The fact that Dubuque is the commercial, cultural, industrial and educational hub makes it a tourist destination in Iowa. The city of Dubuque has some of the most breathtaking sites for tourists to enjoy their sightseeing moments while visiting the city have been discussed below.

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Dubuque : The Commercial, Industrial, Educational, and Cultural Hub for Iowa Area

1. Eagle Point Park

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The Eagle Point Park of Dubuque gives one of the best sightseeing experience to any tourist who enters the place for the first time. Furthermore, all ages have something to enjoy while touring Eagle Point Park. The young tourists who visit the park enjoy riding on the swing sets spread all over the park. A lash pond in the park also excites young tourists whenever they come to Dubuque’s Eagle Point Park. Also, the tourists who dare to walk across the East side of Eagle Point Park of Dubuque get a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River. The fish point located within the park for fish viewing is also something worthy of touring the Park.rk.

2. Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

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Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Garden is one of the best tourist attraction sites in Dubuque. Decorated with various types of shrubs, trees, and flowers. Moreover, various ponds constructed in Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Garden contribute to its beauty, making it an attractive tourist site. There are playgrounds where children can perform various activities. What’s more, the tranquility of the arboretum is a sure proof that this botanical garden is ideal for tourists who enjoy sightseeing flora. There is also a beautiful Japanese garden which should not be missed since entry to this place is free.

3. Fenelon Place Elevator Company

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Interested in enjoying the aerial and panoramic view of Dubuque metropolis? Fenelon Place Elevator is the ideal tower for the tourists with this interest. The round trip ride is very affordable for every visitor who wants to get the best out of their visit to Dubuque. While touring the city aboard the Fenelon Elevator, a tourist is able to see the three cities bordering Dubuque. Additionally, a unique feature of the elevator is that once a visitor wants to take the ride up to the top, she pulls the lever to make the bell ring for alerting the management that a tourist is aboard.

4. Mines of Spain Recreation Area

Nothing defines phenomenal more than the mines of Spain landscape found only in Dubuque. A trip to Dubuque to sight see the amazing scenery must include Mines of Spain in the list of sights to visit. The landscape is a reminiscing experience for tourists of all ages. While hiking visitors also experience entertainment from the melodies of the birds around the mines.

5. Stone Cliff Winery

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Stone Cliff Winery was once a great winery in Dubuque that is now a great eatery. The ambiance is great with amazing food variety to choose from. The place is a good stop when along the Mississippi river which is also a good place to sample local cuisine. If you are a beer drinker, you should sample the dark beer Buffalo stout which has a unique taste. You can join in the tasting for just $5 and you get 6 different wines. The sitting spaces are plenty with an outdoor patio sitting space. The added advantage is that it has plenty of ample parking which is great.

6. Crystal Lake Cave

Crystal Lake Cave is a natural wonder not to be missed while in Dubuque. The caves are filled with magnificent history and natural beauty that will have you mesmerized. The temperatures within the caves are low going to 50 degrees so most sightseeing tourists are advised to dress warmly. The steps are also slippery due to the water puddles so closed grip shoes are ideal to wear. Within is a gift shop selling some amazing souvenirs which the kids are bound to enjoy. The average tour session lasts about 45 minutes.

7. Art on the River, Public Art Display

Art on the river is a good use of public space along the Mississippi River. It provides a great understanding of the relations between history, commerce, and modern art. There are many works of art sculptures on display free for anyone to view as they enjoy the phenomenal views. The art is laid put in a well-organized manner providing a great space to view and get up close as you walk to other sightseeing attractions within the riverfront area. Getting to the place can challenging as the stairs are steep so you are advised to be careful.

8. Shot Tower

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The shot tower is a historical remnant of what used to be in 1800. It was where bullets were made for the military of Dubuque hence its significance. The place is close to the river walk so it is hard to miss. Although there are no interior tours provided, you can get to the base of the tower and admire it from afar. For any history buff, this tower will help you understand its important to the weaponry sector and the military within the whole of Ohio.

9. Bell Tower Theater

Bell tower theatre is a good place to enjoy some of the best comedies in Dubuque. Most of the performers are young and full of energy to entertain the guests. The shows at this venue are so popular that you might miss out on a viewing ticket. The great thing is that shows are set on Sunday afternoons from 2 pm when everyone is available and free from work. The best shows are during Christmas season if you are available to be there. The snack bar does not disappoint as well, there are a variety of snacks to indulge in as well as beverages.

10. Dubuque Museum of Art

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Dubuque Museum of art is the oldest cultural institution being founded in 1874. It is located on the downtown area of Dubuque but still holds some of the top-notch collections you are bound to find within the area. Some works from famous French artists can be found there including works by Edward Curtis. This gem is definitely worth seeing if you are into art and photography as the collections are very captivating. Adults pay an admission fee of $6 as students get to enjoy a 50% discount. Monday is not a good day to visit the place as it remains closed.

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Dubuque city has a lot of enchanting experiences to offer its first-time tourists who want to experience something new and fun. The town has various landscapes and historic sites which are ideal for sightseeing. Any tourist visiting the Iowa region of USA should consider visiting the city of Dubuque, to view some of nature’s best landscapes, birds and trees surrounding various tourist attractions.