The Best Cities to Visit in Asia for Food Lovers

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The Best Cities to Visit in Asia for Food Lovers

For those with a strong passion for food, hopping around the vibrant cities of Asia is the perfect itinerary to stuff your face full of endless delicacies and vibrant cuisines you'll find all over the continent. While most capitals in the region usually offer a delicious spread of the nation's food, these cities are renowned as having some of the most delicious restaurants and street food stalls around the globe.

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The Best Cities to Visit in Asia for Food Lovers

Sapporo, Japan

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Local Japanese will often point to the north, when asked where the most delicious Japanese food comes from and Hokkaido is revered as having the best seafood in all of Japan. The mild climate makes it perfect for growing produce. Sapporo is home to some delicious culinary creations such as soup curry and its well-loved miso ramen along with other famed Japanese dishes, especially from northern Japan.

Hokkaido food festivals regularly tour the country and are always the most packed, but in Hokkaido itself you’ll find the mammoth of all food fests, Sapporo Autumn Festival. This month-long foodie extravaganza spans a huge section of the center of Sapporo with countless stalls of vendors who come from all over the island to sell their delicious foods.

George Town, Malaysia

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Well known among Malaysians as the best place to get a delicious spread of street food, George Town on Penang Island is a food lover's paradise. The island is one of Malaysia's first melting pots of culture, having long been a haven for traders throughout the British Empire and beyond. Its capital of Georgetown has a large population of Indian and Chinese Malaysians along with numerous people of other ethnicities that have brought with them their most delicious dishes.

Jeonju, South Korea

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While Seoul is a mecca of both traditional food markets and contemporary culinary inventions, those for a real love for the nation's cooking will want to delve deeper into South Korea's food heritage. Jeonju is a few hour's drive south of the capital, to the west of the country. Renowned for its strong place in the country's gastronomy, it's known as the birthplace of some of Korea's classic dishes.

Bangkok, Thailand

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It’s no secret Bangkok is the king of street food in Asia, its roads and markets are lined with hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of delicious treats. While each region of Thailand is famous for having equally delicious and unique foods, Bangkok is where you'll find them all as Thais from every corner of the country come and open shop there. Whether you're looking for some delicious Isaan papaya salad or khao soi curry noodles from Northern Thailand, you'll find it all in Bangkok.

For some of the best street food in the city, head to the city's Chinatown, despite its name, this old part of town also features some of the best Thai food in the city.

Hong Kong

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Creating a list of food cities while omitting Hong Kong is simply not done, whether you're looking to bunch out with dim sum or devour a plate of Cantonese-style barbecued meats, there's plenty of food-related experiences in this city.

Mumbai, India

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Delhi might be the capital, but many feel that Mumbai steps ahead as the nation's kitchen. Skip the 'Delhi belly' and head to the coastal megalopolis of Mumbai, often seen as the center of street food in the country.

While you won't find as good options for Northern Indian cuisine here, it makes up for it with an array of South Indian food and the delicious seafood offerings often much fresher than the capital due to its coastal location.

Tainan, Taiwan

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Famed for its bustling night markets that are found all over the country, Taiwan offers a seemingly endless stream of street food. While most visitors flock to Taipei and call it a (holi)day, if you ask the locals it's not in Taipei but in Tainan however where you'll find the nation's greatest food scene. Straddling the coast in the south of the country, Tainan is where many of the island's culinary creations came from. It's also the site for one of the most popular night markets, Hua Yuan.

If you don't have time to head south however, head to Keelung, just outside of Taipei where you'll find Miaokou Night Market, one of the biggest and most food-focused markets in the country.


If you're looking for the perfect destination to fill your belly, there's no better areas to head to than these foodie capitals of Asia. In these cities it's not the attractions but the food itself that takes the spotlight.