Buenos Aires : The Queen City of the Argentina with Stunning Cultural Attractions

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Buenos Aires : The Queen City of the Argentina with Stunning Cultural Attractions

Buenos Aires is the capital city of the Republic of Argentina. It is recognized as one of the largest city in Latin America. With a lot of cultural offerings, Buenos Aires has beautiful and historical attractions which are worth sightseeing. On this article, we will be exploring different sightseeing destinations in Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires : The Queen City of the Argentina with Stunning Cultural Attractions

1. Teatro Colón

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One of the first places that you have to visit when you are sightseeing in Buenos Aires is the Teatro Colón. Known in English as the Columbus Theater, the Teatro Colón is the main opera house in the city of Buenos Aires. Its auditorium is horseshoe-shaped and could accommodate at around 2,487 people at the same time. Teatro Colón is listed as the third best opera house in the world by the National Geographic. It is also considered as one of the five best concert venues in the world due to its acoustics.

2. Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero, also known as the Puerto Madero Waterfront within the urban planning community, is a barrio or district of the Buenos Aires Central Business District. It occupies a large portion of the Rio de la Plata Riverbank. The Perto Madero also represents the latest architectural trends in Buenos Aires. When you are sightseeing around the said attraction, you could visit the museums which are located in two floating ships. You could also observe the Puente de la Mujer, a bridge which spans the water in the dock three area.

3. Bosquez de Palermo

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Bosques de Palermo is an urban park located in the neighborhood of Palermo in the city of Buenos Aires. It is officially known as Parque Tres de Febrero, of February 3 Park, in honor of the date of the defeat of Governor Rosas. Bosques de Palermo is popular among locals and sightseeing tourists due to the presence of rose gardens called El Rosedal, groves, and lakes. Aside from sightseeing, people could also unwind and enjoy the environment. Boat rides are also available on the three artificial lakes which are found within the park.

4. Plaza de Mayo

When you are sightseeing in Buenos Aires, it is inevitable not to visit Plaza de Mayo. Known in English as May Square, Plaza de Mayo is the main foundational site of the city of Buenos Aires. Established in 1884, this city square was formed after demolishing the Recova building and unifying the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza de Mayo is home to various landmarks of Buenos Aires. These include the May Pyramid found at the center, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, and the Federal Administration of Public Revenue.

5. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

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Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, known in English as the National Museum of Fine Arts, is an art museum located in the Recoleta section of the city of Buenos Aires. When sightseeing around the ground floor of the museum, you could see 24 exhibit halls which house an excellent collection of paintings from the Middles Ages up to the 20th century. Some of the exhibit halls also contain a collection of paintings done by some of the most significant Argentine painters in history including Antonio Berni, Eduardo Sivori, and Raquel Forner.

6. Recoleta Cemetery

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The La Recoleta Cemetery is a cemetery that is located in the Recoleta neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires. It contains the grave of notable Argentine figures including Eva Peron, Nobel Prize winners, presidents of Argentina, and the founder the Argentine Navy. Most sites from this sightseeing destination have been declared by the Argentine government as National Historical Monuments. In 2011, La Recoleta Cemetery was recognized as one of the best cemeteries in the world by BCC. On the other hand, CNN listed it as one of the ten most beautiful cemeteries in the world in 2013.

7. Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

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The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires or Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is a museum found on the Figueroa Alcorta Avenue in the Palermo section of the city of Buenos Aires. When sightseeing around the museum, tourists could see an impressive selection of over 200 works from the private collection of Eduardo Constantini. The artworks that could be seen in the museum consist of various art styles that different moments in the history of Buenos Aires - from the surrealism of the 1940s to the contemporary art of the present time.

8. Basilica Del Santisimo Sacramento

The Basilica Del Santisimo Sacramento is a Roman Catholic Church located in the city of Buenos Aires. Inaugurated in 1915, the basilica features an eclectic style and a proportionate architecture. Sightseeing tourists will be able to see five towers, three of which are in front while the other two are in the apse. Its interior is of neo-Gothic style. It is adorned with artworks, with stained glass window highlights in the three main naves. The alter is ornated with gold and silver. Truly, the Basilica is a marvel destination.

9. Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires, known in English as the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, is the primary Roman Catholic Church in the city of Buenos Aires. Located in the city center, the said church is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Since its establishment in the 16th century, the Cathedral has gone through several renovations, hence its mixture of architectural styles with a Neoclassical facade and an 18th-century nave and dome. When sightseeing inside the Cathedral, you will also be able to see the walls and ceilings which are ornated with frescoes.

10. Palacio Barolo

You could also visit Palacio Barolo when you are sightseeing in Buenos Aires. It is a landmark office building located at Avenida de Mayo in the neighborhood of Monserrat in Buenos Aires. It measures 100 meters and has 18 floors. Each floor is ornated with different designs. Its foundations also conform to the golden ratio. Palacio Barolo was declared by the government as a national historic monument in 1997. At present, the building contains a Spanish school for foreigners, several travel agencies, and offices of accountants and lawyers, among others.

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Because of its sightseeing attractions and economic importance, we could say that Buenos Aires is the queen city of Argentina. There are a lot of destinations in Buenos Aires which are worth sightseeing. If you ever visit the city, be sure to check out the places which were mentioned above.