Darlington : Enjoy The Serenity And Rich Heritage of The Quaint Town

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Darlington : Enjoy The Serenity And Rich Heritage of The Quaint Town

Darlington is a historic town and the largest market town in the County Durham located in North East England. It lies on the bank of the River Skerne and has number of historical sites to enjoy and explore. The town of Darlington also makes the perfect base for other sight-seeing places in and around the city. The town of Darlington is known for its grandeur of creative art and sculptures along with countryside arenas to enjoy some peaceful time. The night comes alive with the hustle of live music and amazing bars. Here are the places worth paying a visit when in Darlington:

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Darlington : Enjoy The Serenity And Rich Heritage of The Quaint Town

1. Raby Castle

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It is a stunning and impressive architecture set amidst a large ground. It is a medieval castle and was built by John Nevile. It has a history dating back to more than 600 years and was built in the 14th century. It is well preserved medieval castle and since 1626 to family of Lord Barnard, who is the current owner. It is spread across a sprawling campus of around 200 acres that includes a gorgeous garden, Tearooms, gift shops etc. The castle is definitely worth exploring with picturesque garden.

2. Darlington Railway Museum

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The steam of the Head – Darlington Railway Museum is the place you need to visit if you want to know about the history of Railways. It is home to Stephenson’s Locomotion No 1 and many other unique, old and rare engines. It was set up in the year 1840 and is the perfect and comprehensive encyclopedia for railway history. There is a souvenir shop as well to carry along memories. There are many events organized in the museum involving information about railways.

3. Darlington Hippodrome

The Darlington Hippodrome is a nice and renovated place which was formerly the Darlington Civic Theater. The theater was reopened after the renovation work in November 2017 and currently organizes many events and shows. The interior of the Hippodrome is extremely gorgeous and is perfect place to spend time with friends and families. It has a Hippo Lounge Café Bar along with three numbers of galleries. It has witnessed number of cultural plays and theaters and continues to entertain people.

4. Walworth Castle Birds of Prey

This is an exciting place to visit and especially for kids for witnessing number of prey birds. It is a family run falconry center located on the grounds of the Walworth Castle. There are a lot of fun activities to perform and one can meet the birds, view the falconry flying and enjoy the view of the bird feeding station. As you visit the place, you can enjoy a walk in the ancient woodland and also find out the hidden creatures. This place is perfect for kids and enjoying many celebrations.

5. Darlington’s Brick Train

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The sculpture was built and designed to celebrate the high heritage of railways in the town of Darlington. It was commissioned in 1997 by David Mach and it was opened in June 1997 by Lord Palumbo of Walbrook. It is designed and built next to the Morrisons on the Morton Park Industrial Estate. The sculpture is amazing and is designed and built using total of 185,000 bricks and there are total of 20 special bat bricks. It is a heritage and symbolic landmark of the town.

6. Tees cottage pumping station

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It is a gorgeous Victorian style pumping station complex that is located at Broken Scar and the site dates from 1849. It was initially built for drinking water for the town of Darlington. The ancient monument is now site for tourist attraction owing to its historical importance. It revolutionized the complete water supply system in Darlington since 1849. It has helped in providing clean water to the community and the town as the cottage pumps water from River Tees and filters which is supplied to the town.

7. South Park

Photo by Darlington Borough Council

It is indeed a great place to take a nap and walk around with lush green environment. There are many cafes in and around the park that makes it a perfect place for family get together and picnics. There are number of animals like ducks, squirrel and other animals that make the park an exciting one. Located away from the maddening crowd of the city, it is a perfect place to relax and have some time of solitude.

8. Thornton Hall Gardens

These are the kind of gardens that will steal your mind, soul and heart with the amazing aura and freshness. The garden is such bliss and was built in 1550 by Ralph Tailbois. It has lime trees that mark the entrance of the place and it started as a hobby but stands to be one of the most magnificent creations. It is 2-walled Elizabeth raised borders and has number of plants and gorgeous flowers to crush on. It is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed weekend with friends and family in lap of nature.

9. St. Cuthberts Church

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The medieval church is one of the best tourist destinations in Darlington and is known for its baroque architecture. The beauty of the church is grandly illustrated with an array of ornate elements and the interior of the church offers a picturesque view. The church begun in the late 12th century and gives a countryside and rustic appearance making it extremely attractive to history and architecture lovers.

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Darlington is a quaint town in England known majorly for its popular railway history and has lot of attractions dedicated to it. It is a culturally rich and vivid place that has number of sight-seeing places to see and explore.




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