7 Quirky and Fun Cafes to Visit in Phuket

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7 Quirky and Fun Cafes to Visit in Phuket

Even though there's an abundance of places to visit in Thailand, Phuket remains one of its most attractive. The allure of the province lies in the fact that it is appealing to a diverse set of travelers. Backpackers enjoy its laidback vibe, couples the romance in the air, whereas for families there are several attractions available for all ages. Amongst Phuket's many draws is its eclectic cafe culture, featuring a mix of quirky, classic, and homegrown coffee shops that are ideal to while away time when on a relaxing vacation.

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7 Quirky and Fun Cafes to Visit in Phuket

Chino @ Café Gallery

High on the quirk factor, Chino Cafe is one of the best places in Phuket Old Town for a cup of cappuccino or Thai milk tea. The interiors, and exteriors, are brimming with cute oddities like a vintage typewriter, a swing, and their trademark red bicycle parked outside the door when not being used to deliver freshly baked goods. The cafe also sells an exclusive collection of tees and stationery for those who like mixing retail therapy with their gastronomic adventures.

Chino itself is quite small and cozy, but the menu is in complete contrast offering a variety of Thai and wholesome international delicacies such as mango sticky rice, squid, club sandwiches, and various egg dishes. The service at Chino is excellent, its owner is extremely welcoming and more than eager to share tips about places of interest in the neighborhood.

The Tent

The Tent presents its customers with a novel idea where they can sit in pretty little tents while they bite into classic comfort food and drink good coffee. There are a few standard wooden tables also available, as the tents tend to be in demand continuously. A cafe that will definitely interest the Instagram generation, The Tent, also impresses with its freshly prepared food that is both delicious to eat and looks pretty when it first arrives on the table. When placing an order at the cafe, make sure you try the marshmallow dessert that comes looking like a campfire setup.

Factory Cafe

As the name suggests, Factory Cafe has an industrial theme to it, although it doesn't go overboard with it. The exposed brick pillar, metal chairs and hanging lights, wooden tables, and leather couches all work in tandem to create a welcoming environment that is both visually interesting and exciting.

The food, has a delicate touch to it, with presentations given equal, if not more, importance. Most of the desserts come on wooden boards with stenciled powder sugar art on them. A great place to pick a quick drink or an entire meal, Factory Cafe makes for an excellent brunch spot in Phuket.

Neko Cat Cafe

Nine tie-wearing adorable cats, vibrant and bright décor, and a menu that lets you binge on yummy delights, Neko Cat Cafe is all the fun you'll need to have during a coffee break. The couple-run cafe is notably a hit with families, as the cats are extra friendly around children. The owners have a very hands-on attitude and love to mingle with their guests, often discussing the many quirks of their feline residents. The food comprises of typical cafe dishes, from pancakes and tiramisu to smoothies and shakes, all of which are good, but play second fiddle to interacting with the cats.


One of Phuket's most famous cafes, Bookhemian, is a literary coffee shop where customers can browse or buy books from a wide variety of genres. The cafe does look deceptively small from outside, especially when you consider it has an entire wall stacked with local and international bestsellers. Still, they make use of the space intelligently, choosing stools over chairs in the front, and creating a more cafe-like atmosphere, with tables and chairs, in the back room.

Customers can either buy the books on display or else read them while waiting for their orders. The décor of the cafe is very industrial and Insta-worthy, whereas the food is lip-smacking good. Bookhemian offers a few unique concoctions, out of which the iced coffee with toasted marshmallows is worth a try.

Life's a Bike Cafe

The bike-themed restaurant is a lovely respite from roaming around Phuket, one where you can not only grab a hot cup of coffee but also indulge in lunch and dinner options. Bikes hanging all around, the atmosphere inside the cafe is very laidback with friendly service. Life's a Bike has a good selection of sandwiches and burgers, but it's recommended that you try their pumpkin soup, glass noodles salad, or the chili pork with rice. The food takes a little time to arrive, but that's because they make it fresh, so you are guaranteed an enjoyable meal on every visit.

Hock Hoe Lee

Hock Hoe Lee is legendary in Phuket for two reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, they are the original roasters of the island, serving warm cups of locally brewed coffee since 1958. Secondly, it is now a third-generation enterprise, with each new family member bringing more expertise to their expanding business. Their cafe does have a standard look, although the outdoor patio is a nice touch and always packed. However, their product is something exclusive and exquisite. The cold brew coffee comes in medicinal glass bottles giving it a fashionable look, its taste making it a favorite amongst the ex-pat population.

While Hock Hoe Lee focused on coffee for the longest time, they now also serve cold-pressed juices and feature a menu that includes various egg options, sandwiches, and miscellaneous baked goods and pastries. Hock Hoe Lee is one cafe in Phuket meant for serious coffee aficionados.


Just like the beach and the sea are essential aspects of life in Phuket, so is the exotic food. The cafes of the island, on the other hand, add a contemporary outlook to what is otherwise a more local and traditional culinary scene. Popular with both locals and tourists, cafes in Phuket are some of the best places in town for when you want to take a break from all the sightseeing and savor a hot or cold drink with delectable comfort eats.