5 Street Foods you Have to Try in Mumbai

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5 Street Foods you Have to Try in Mumbai

Most people shirk away from the street food in India, with fears of stomach problems sending them to hotel restaurants and more 'reputable' establishments. Vastly different from the tableside fare you'll find in the city, Mumbai's vibrant and delectable street food culture is simply unmissable. For the most part, street vendors follow basic health and safety principles, if you eat where the locals frequent, the chance of being ill goes down significantly. Trying these delicious foods is a must when you're visiting Mumbai.

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5 Street Foods you Have to Try in Mumbai

Vada Pav

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Mumbai's quintessential street snack, the vada pav is served up on practically every road in the city. This delicious street eat is made with a mix of mashed potato and spices, deep fried into a patty and stuffed inside a fluffy white bun along with various chutney and sauces. It's probably the most famous street food in the city, and for a good reason.


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Kebabs might be a popular food almost everywhere around the world, but the Indian versions are some of the tastiest you'll find, packed with spices before getting grilled to perfection.

Pani Puri

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These little delightful bites to eat are found almost everywhere in India and Mumbai is no exception. Fried to get a crispy exterior, the inside is filled with a flavorful sauce and sometimes potatoes and chickpeas. Eat them as soon as you can so that it's still crispy, the liquid inside will burst in your mouth in an explosion of flavor.

Make sure to check that vendor uses filtered water to make these, consuming anything made or cleaned with tap water can cause stomach problems.

Bombay Sandwich

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Unlike any sandwich you've ever had, the Bombay sandwich is an explosion of flavors. A combination of vegetables but always including spiced potatoes are wedged between slices of bread, with a healthy helping of cilantro and mint chutney. The sandwiches are then toasted or grilled, covered with shredded cheese and served with a spicy dipping sauce. A perfect combination of Indian and western flavors, every bite is filled with pleasure.

Pav Bhaji

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Pav Bhaji is a delicious mix of curried vegetables, usually including tomato, potatoes and cauliflower, that are mashed up together to form a chunky curry sauce. A toasted white roll is served on the side, which you use to dip in the sauce. It's delicious, spicy and actually quite healthy due to the ample addition of vegetables.


Some of Mumbai's best food can be food around its streets where vendors have honed their culinary craft for years. Look for the vendors with a queue or high turnover rate, the locals know what tastes best.