Padang : Experience the Typical Indonesian Culture in Lap of Nature

Padang : Experience the Typical Indonesian Culture in Lap of Nature

Padang is one of the offbeat tourist destinations located in the West Sumatra of Indonesia and brings forward an unconventional tourism. The Island of Padang takes you to perfect countryside location and offers you number of food to sample on. It is one of the best places to be if you want to experience the magical landscapes without much rush and chaos. The beaches are not crowded and rejuvenate your senses in its glorious embrace. There are many activities like swimming, hiking, surfing and exploring native culture that you can participate in. Here are the top 7 places to visit in Padang.

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Padang : Experience the Typical Indonesian Culture in Lap of Nature

1. Lake Maninjau

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A trip to this lake will give you a phenomenal experience to relax and spend a day at leisure. The surrounding and the gorgeous lake embrace you into its charm as you witness the sleepy shore with fishing boats. It is the perfect place to crush on amazing sunsets and is a romantic utopia for couples. The lake shows perfect reflection and is a great place to drive on a clear day. It is a stunning area that is surrounded by natural environment like paddy fields, rivers and amazing landscapes.

2. Pagaruyung Palace

Padang is known for its rich cultural and historical influence with number of iconic museums and places of heritage. It is one of the best museums that bring forward lot of history about the place and its marvelous architecture leaves anyone spellbound. It has typical vernacular architectural style with three stories which was the abode for Paguruyung Kingdom before it was disbanded in 1833. It is revered among the Minangkabau culture. The palace has been rebuilt multiple times to retain and maintain its charm after being damaged in riots and fire.

3. Anai Valley Waterfall

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This is a pristine and gorgeous waterfall that falls on the route of Badang Bukittinggi. As you stop by the waterfall, make sure to take a dip and feel rejuvenated. The water is crystal clear and clean with the waterfall being surrounded by verdant landscapes. It is perfect place to relax and get away from the chaos. It has a small fee for entry but considering its quaintness, it is indeed one of the hidden jewels to experience and enjoy. The lovely waterfall is a great place to unwind en-route.

4. Mentawai Islands

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This is the surfing haven of Padang and is archipelago along the West coast of Sumatra. The waves are strong due to the current and hence it has gained a name among surfers. A lot of people from across the globe flock here to enjoy the activity of surfing and plainly enjoy the offbeat beach life. The islands are isolated and untouched by the modern chaos which has helped in retaining its natural beauty. The tropical Island with white sand and beautiful beach is perfect for offbeat travelers.

5. Air Manis Beach

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The beach has gained some popularity among tourists and travelers due to its historical significance. It is known for the Malin Kundang stone and is a statue of legend which has been derived from boy cursed by his mother. According to legendary stories, the boy turned into a stone in the beach due to his mother’s curse. It is a stunning and rejuvenates your senses with the calm and gorgeous waves. The beach is perfect to witness gorgeous sunsets and sunrises with balmy breeze and tropical sunshine always.

6. Museum Adityawarman

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The rich history, heritage and culture of the Minang culture can be learnt and explored by visiting this iconic museum. The “Rumah Gadang” is the major attraction of the place which are the traditional community homes for the Minangkabau clan. The community houses are now converted in museums that are decorated with some fascinating artifacts and antiques along with some traditional accessories and clothing. It is traditional museum for Indonesian culture and name comes from Malayapura King during 14th century. The museum is known for its fine architecture and has display from many categories.

7. Pamutusan Island

It is a hidden paradise in Padang area and is less frequented by tourists. It looks absolutely gorgeous with its stretch of white sandy beaches, stunning landscapes and serene oceanic view. The beach is surrounded by hills along with palm fringed island. It has two islands which are neatly connected by stretch of white sand. The island is popular for many activities like snorkeling, banana boat ride, swimming along the shore etc. It is extremely appealing with clear blue water and white sands, perfect for basking under the sunshine.

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Padang is a mix of so many things that gives you the right blend of culture, natural beauty and tropical experience. It is a place where you can enjoy the true nature of Indonesian culture and venture into some offbeat places.