All You Need to Know About the Japanese Egg Sandwich, Tamago Sando

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All You Need to Know About the Japanese Egg Sandwich, Tamago Sando

A heavenly combination of crust-less white bread and egg mayo mix, this Japanese egg sandwich known locally as 'tamago sando' is the perfect snack or quick breakfast while traveling around Japan.

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All You Need to Know About the Japanese Egg Sandwich, Tamago Sando

What Exactly is a Tamago Sando?

Tamago Sando, Japanese egg sandwich in Japan

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Egg salad sandwiches aren't exactly anything new, a favorite around the world, you'll find them made in almost every major city on the planet. So what makes the Japanese style sandwiches so special to propel this basic supermarket staple to become an internet sensation?

Japanese sandwiches tend to differ to those you'll find in the western world, the Japanese style egg sandwich or tamago sando usually features fluffy, often crust-less white bread with a simple creamy egg mayonnaise mix inside. The simplicity of the white bread tends to amplify the flavor of the mixture, focusing on the taste of the eggs.

Japan's eggs also tend to be of a higher quality than most places around the world. Due to the fact that a high number of people in the country eat raw eggs with different meals, there's a focus on freshness and high quality.

Where to Buy the Best Japanese Egg Sandwiches in Japan

After countless culinary experiments to find the best convenience store egg sandwich in Tokyo, we've come to the conclusion that 7/11's rendition ranks number one. The ratio of egg mayo mix is higher, with a good flavor and leads to a higher general satisfaction. However the difference is subtle enough that we would advise against going out of your way just to track it down. Lawson also make a fancier egg sandwich with added soft boiled eggs, cream cheese and honey which is delicious, albeit rather small.

Unsurprisingly if you want to find the best of the best, you'll need to head to a cafe or restaurant that makes them fresh on the spot. One of the best egg sandwiches in Tokyo and possibly Japan can be found at egg baby cafe, a short walk from Ueno Station. In addition to the creamy egg mayo mix, this cafe puts beautifully gooey soft-boiled eggs in the center which not only ups the flavor but makes for one incredibly photogenic sandwich. Perfect for that hit instagram post.

Apart from their delicious egg dishes, they have a number of tasty snacks and meals on their menu along with great coffee and an unbeatable atmosphere to boot.

Other 'Sando' to Try

Japanese fruit sandwich or fruits sando filled with whipped cream

Photo by Sasiyan/Shutterstock

Walk into a convenience store in Japan and you'll usually see a wall of small Japanese style sandwiches. Each chain has it's own sandwiches but many of them tend to offer the same kind of styles. If you're looking to branch out from the tamago sando, some other delicious sandwiches you can try include katsu (deep-fried pork chops), teriyaki chicken and egg along with dessert options like red bean paste or fruits and cream.

Other Egg-Related Konbini Creations

Tamago burger or egg burger at Lawson convenience store in Japan

Apart from the addictive Japanese egg salad sandwiches, you'll find a number of interesting egg-themed foods at convenience stores in Japan. Almost all will sell soft boiled eggs that are cooked just right with perfectly gooey centers, a welcome addition to any bento. Lawson also recently released the tamago burger, an egg burger with flavorsome scrambled eggs, cheese and tomato relish that's vaguely similar to something you'd get at the popular US chain, Eggslut.

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