Lviv : A Reminiscence of Glorious and Vivid History

Lviv : A Reminiscence of Glorious and Vivid History

Lviv is a historic city located in the country of Ukraine and never ceases to amaze the travelers with its gorgeous infrastructures, architectures and historical essence. It is located in the Western Ukraine that blends the contemporary Central and Eastern European culture through the architecture and heritage. The city of Lviv is also known for some of the magnificent castles, spectacular terrains and panoramic views and baroque churches. It is a legendary city that is full of ancient history, cobbled streets and everything that takes you back into the medieval times. Here are the best places to explore in Lviv:

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Lviv : A Reminiscence of Glorious and Vivid History

1. Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

The Lviv Opera House is one of the iconic landmarks on the city and stands beautifully representing the Neo-Renaissance architectural style. The graceful facade of the opera house is one the most charming in the city. It was designed in the year 1990 by Polish architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski and it holds a lot of clandestine history. It is extremely gorgeous in terms of its design both in the inside and outside. The opera house has witnessed amazing shows, events and theaters inside its building.

2. Rynok Square

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Rynok Square is one of the most prominent places in the city of Lviv as it is the center of the political, cultural, and commercial and public life and celebrates the beauty of the city that is 500 years old. The square is located in the heart of the city and brings to your historical information about Europeanization of Ukraine. It is also alternatively known as Market Square that was developed in second half of the 14th century. It is intersection of 8 streets along with antique sculpture, cobbled street and historical assets.

3. Potocki Palace

The palace was built in the year of 1880s and was built as seat of Alfred Jozef Potocki who was the former President of Austria. The colossal monument was built in the 19th century and is inspired by French Classicism. The palace has massive and intricate detailing on the gates and majestic decor takes you back in time. The first palace was built in classicism style and was designed by architect Ignatius Hambrez, it has symmetrical facade with central risalite and a gorgeous attic.

4. Armenian Quarter

Photo by Jennifer Boyer

The heritage and culture can be best experienced and enjoyed by visiting one of the oldest neighborhoods of Ukraine, the Armenian Quarter. The neighborhood was the settlement and haven for Armenians that is set in 13th century and has all sorts of infrastructure that takes you back in time. The neighborhood has a rustic church, schools, libraries and theaters. The buildings are old and designed in the 16th century itself and one of the prominent landmarks is the Armenian cathedral. The interior of the buildings are well preserved with some gorgeous paintings dating back to 600 years ago.

5. St. George’s Cathedral

The baroque church is definitely one of the must do with the gorgeous and classical architecture that reflects in the grandeur of its facade. The rocco-cathedral was constructed in between 1744 – 1760 and is perched on a hilltop overlooking the historical city of Lviv. The cathedral was designed by architect Bernand Meretyn and sculptor Johann Georg Pinsel and is an amalgamation of both western and traditional influences. The cathedral has a statue of St. George also known as the Dragon Slayer. The wonder working Icon of Virgin Mary is a significant relic.

6. Insomnia – The Haunted House

Do you like some thrilling, mysterious and ghostly fun stuff? The Insomnia House is a must visit if you are game for some spine chilling adventure as the place turns your greatest fear into reality. The haunted house takes you through a labyrinth of route where you turn into heroes of a live horror like movie. There are number of rooms and you need to walk through all of them to face your fear. Feel the thrill and adrenaline rush as you bump into the hidden secrets around the place.

7. Pharmacy Museum

The pharmacy museum is one of its kind and something that is rare, unique and perfect for majorly the medical students. It was opened in the year 1960s and opens you to an era of medicine and pharmaceutical products. There are over 16 halls that display different products within the museum and so far have around 3000 exhibits. There are number of utensils used for storing medicines, equipment and many other things. You can also witness lot of engravings and books regarding more information about medicines.

8. Chocolate Museum

The chocolate museum is a collection of a lot of chocolates and is a perfect place to visit for chocolatiers. The museum gives you an insight about different types of chocolate, the processing of how chocolate is made and there are chocolates on display ranging in versatile taste and flavor. There are a lot of chocolate items that you can even try and taste along with a place to purchase. There are lot of cafes inside the museum that serves delicious and mouth watering chocolate desserts and products.

9. Lychakiv Cemetery

The cemetery is not like any ordinary cemetery but has a lot of rich history associated with it. It is one of the most integral and significant part of the architecture of the city that was set in the year 18th century. It indeed is one of the grandest Necropolises that have lot of beautiful crypts and gravestone monuments. There are a lot of art forms that will melt your heart and the cemetery is home to around 500 sculptures that reflect gorgeous architectural style. The tombs have inscriptions that are written in number of languages like German, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Latin, Russian and Hebrew.

10. Bernardine Church

The church is a gorgeous architecture and is one of the most significant historical architectures. The church was constructed in the year 1660 and it took nearly 60 years for its completion that is beautifully reflected by its intricate detailing. The exterior is classic and simple but interiors are vivid and impressive with around 16 altars, painted ceiling representing beautiful pictures and designs. The inside also has some gorgeous benches that are carved perfect and holds even a historical archive.

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The city of Lviv is known for its majestic and medieval architecture placing a huge influence of the historical minds. The culture and history of the city is vivid and equally beautifully with even lot of natural wilderness to explore.