Rankin Inlet : The Hidden Gem of Nunavut

Rankin Inlet : The Hidden Gem of Nunavut

Nestled in rolling hills filled with tiny wildflowers or wind-sculpted snowdrifts, Rankin Inlet is an Inuit Hamlet in Nunavut in Canada. Cultural attractions, popular historical sites, the exhaustive list of local attractions are plenty in the town. Walk along the streets and soak in the very essence of its culture, people and experience the `good food at local restaurants. Though not set up as a tourist destination, there are several hidden gems in the town you should not miss. It is an arctic place and famous base for accessing Kivalliq region. Here are top attractions like natural attractions, adventurous and entertainment activities to do.

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Rankin Inlet : The Hidden Gem of Nunavut

1. Giant Inukshuk

Rankin's famed Giant inukshuk, the stone landmark is a symbol of deep roots of the Inuit culture. The monument that signifies hope and safety have even made it to the mascot logo for the winter Olympics 2010. This colossal stone structure overlooks the town and is a defining feature of the town. The giant structure considered as one among 7 wonders of Canada guards the hamlet of Rankin and the surrounding areas. Travelers, who visit Rankin Inlet, usually don't miss on this popular structure.

2. Matchbox Gallery

Matchbox gallery is a small pretty placed famed for the exhibits and display of Inuit ceramic art. The gallery showcases works of artists who specialize in producing fine ceramic artwork, and visitors get the opportunity to chat with the artists. Pay a visit to the gallery to see how the artists' work and browse through the collections, and even you can buy beautiful handicrafts. Unique pieces of art and souvenirs are a great way to learn about the history and culture of Rankin, especially for the first time visitors. This brilliant gallery has best pot works, paintings, carvings and other works by local community artists.

3. Marble Island

Located around 50 km from town via boat, is the culturally significant site called the marble island. It is one among several uninhabited Canadian arctic islands in Nunavut. Due to its striking geology, it is a favorite destination of Eco-tourists and adventurers. Visitors are allowed to choose from the guided tour opportunities to watch beluga whales and polar bears. Hunting is also permitted, but you need to obtain a proper license and be under the supervision of a professional tourist guide to do so. Boating, kayaking, snow scooter, viewing wildlife, fishing, and hunting are some of the activities visitors can indulge actively.

4. Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park

Though not very easy to pronounce Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park, the place is extremely beautiful and admirable. Located around 8 km from Rankin, this gorgeous park has several lakes, wetlands, tundra and a variety of wildlife inhabitants are part of the ecosystem. You can explore the ancient camping sites of Thule people left undisturbed for centuries. The most outstanding attraction of the park is the site Qamaviniqtalik and its walking trail. The park is a great hiking destination, and you can enjoy snowmobile, or skiing during winters. In summer, bring your binoculars and enjoy bird watching and the sight of mountains wearing bloomed purple flowers.

5. Hudson Bay

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Swept by frigid winds from the Arctic, the Hudson Bay is a large saltwater water body joined to the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean. The Baffin Island lies at the gateway to the bay which is always covered by ice for most of the year. You can choose from various tours including helicopter tour which is the most recommended tour to Hudson Bay. Near to Hudson Bay, there is a great little museum covering resources that talk about the history of the area.

6. Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis or northern lights are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. It is a beautiful natural light show visible in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Visitors from many parts of the world visit Rankin just to witness this incredible wonder of nature. This dancing light show is clear in the night sky in the Canadian artic against the dark backdrop of scenery. If you are in Rankin exclusively for this, find a tour offering northern lights as a priority in their itinerary.

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The regional capital of Kivalliq, Rankin Inlet is a town that has a strong community feel. The small town is quite popular in hosting well-attended community events like craft fairs, art exhibitions, square dances, and games, all of which contributes their share to the town’s cultural and social signature. The well-used and well-maintained trails give a lot of opportunities for the visitors to indulge in activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. The gorgeous wildflowers blooming during summers and wind-sculpted snowdrifts in winters make Rankin more charming. Rankin Intel enchants visitors with a cozy and small-town vibe that they will appreciate and cherish.