10 Things to Do in Croatia’s Beautiful Capital of Zagreb

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10 Things to Do in Croatia’s Beautiful Capital of Zagreb

Zagreb is set in the north of Croatia, the city is dotted with exquisite and gorgeous architecture. Often overlooked as a tourist destination in favor of the country's more popular Mediterranean coast, Zagreb is full of amazing activities to keep anyone busy, Full of cobbled streets, beautifully lit alleys and particularly known for its stunning medieval architectures that represents Austro-Hungarian architecture, it makes for a wonderful European getaway. You'll also find a number of Gothic influenced cathedrals built in the 13th century, colorful cafes and beautifully landscaped parks. The Northwestern capital of Croatia should not be missed and so here are the top ten places to visit in Zagreb:

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10 Things to Do in Croatia’s Beautiful Capital of Zagreb

1. Kaptol

The old town of Kaptol is one of the most beautiful places in the country, consisting of two hill top settlements side by side that gives the town its unique appearance. The Zagreb Cathedral is the most prominent landmark of Kaptol having been damaged a number of times but still stands beautifully at the center. There's a charming atmosphere about the place as you walk past the cathedral through the cobbled streets admiring the surroundings here.

2. Stone Gate

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Also known as the Kamenita Vrata it's located in the eastern entrance to Zagreb’s upper town called Gornji Grad and makes for one of the iconic landmarks of the city. Not just a gateway, the structure also has religious value being transformed into a shrine with a chapel by its side that is usually lit with candles. It was constructed in 1266 and has been restored that makes a significant part of the ruins of the city.

3. Gornji Grad

The upper town of the city is absolutely stunning with medieval settlements on hilltops and is the historic district of Zagreb marked by beautiful cobbled streets, medieval squares, quaint cafes and lively aura with music and food.The narrow cobblestone streets with the side aligned colorful buildings and cathedrals make it a beautiful place to spend walking around. The upper town can be easily reached by the funicular.

4. Cathedral of the Assumption

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The Cathedral of the Assumption is the oldest cathedral in Kaptol and a firm follower of Roman Catholic institution. Its Gothic style architecture is beautiful and is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary along with St Stephen and St Ladislaus. The neo-Gothic influenced architecture makes for some extremely gorgeous architecture with its impressive towers that are visible from all around the city. It was founded in 1242 and has been renovated many times.

5. Dolac Market

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A great place to experience the local culture of the city and shop for locally produced items. Dolac Market gives you a great insight into the lives of local people and understand a more about their culture, lifestyle, food and traditions. The market has farmers from all around the city that sell their local produce like fruits, vegetables and meat products. It's located in the upper town area and is the most popular market in the city that has been in operation since 1926.

6. Mirogoj Cemetery

One of the most gorgeous cemeteries in Europe, it might seem strange but Mirogoj Cemetery is a popular attraction of the city. The cemetery was renovated by Herman Bolle and displays monumental arches, beautiful displays of Astro-Hungarian architecture along with the graves of famous people throughout the history of Croatia such as writers and composers. The memorial park has a beautifully manicured park and open art gallery along with a gallery of excellent and exquisite sculptures.

7. Maksimir Park

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This gorgeous park is spread across a sprawling area of 18 hectares and was designed in the 18th century. It's the largest open park that is surrounded by a lush green environment perfecting for escaping to nature in the midst of the city. It was opened for public visit in 1794 and it is landscaped with the inclusion of an artificial lake, beautiful alleys and manicured lawns. It is a heritage landmark of the country and forms the habitat to a large number of plants and animals.

8. Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum is an art museum which is located at the Roosevelt Square of Zagreb and has a huge collection of Wiltrud and Ante Topic Mimara. It has beautiful masterpieces worth checking out and gives you a fresh perspective of art. There are over 1500 permanent exhibits that range from pre-historic period to the 20th century. It has over 120 or more paintings and some of the work by some of the most prolific artists.

9. Jarun Lake

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Jarun Lake is known for its beautiful clear blue water and wealth of water-related activities you can take part in there. This artificial lake extends up to two kilometers and is surrounded by cycle tracks. Most people head to the lake for the numerous water activities like kayaking and rowing that are offered there. It's also an ideal place for relaxing, sunbathing or just enjoying a peaceful walk.

10. Museum of Broken Relationships

This unique and one of a kind museum brings you some of the most compelling and heartbreaking stories. The stories are personal and true stories of past lovers from all over the world that ended badly for all kinds of reasons. It's located in Kulmer palace in the upper town of Zagreb and takes you on an emotional journey like never before. It is dedicated to failed love stories and also has huge collection of personal objects of ex-lovers donated by individuals.


Zagreb is an offbeat other side of Croatia that has remarkable architectures, beautiful culture and a medieval feel. It is not as crowded as the coastline side of Croatia making it perfect for a relaxing holiday.