Udon Thani : A Historic City in Thailand with Stunning Temples and Attractions

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Udon Thani : A Historic City in Thailand with Stunning Temples and Attractions

Udon Thani, also known as Udorn Thanee, is a city that could be found in the Isaan region of Thailand. The city was founded by Prince Prajak Silapakom in the 1890s. Udon Thani is the fourth largest city in Thailand with a population of around 230,000. The city is also a home to a lot of attractions which are worth sightseeing. On this article, we are going to identify ten of the best sightseeing destinations in Udon Thai.

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Udon Thani : A Historic City in Thailand with Stunning Temples and Attractions

1. Ban Chiang Museum

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Our first sightseeing attraction in Udon Thani is the National Museum of Ban Chiang. This museum is a significant site in the city due to its contribution in terms of history and culture. When sightseeing inside the museum, you will be welcomed with displays of artifacts and ancient objects that have been extracted from the Ban Chiang area. These include pieces of traditional equipment and earthenware. Sightseeing tourists will also be able to see the prehistoric manner of living around 5,000 years ago. The museum is open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

2. Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

The next attraction that you could go to in Udon Thani for sightseeing is the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park. This park is actually an archeological site which features a lot of ancient ruins and artifacts which could have been used since the prehistoric times. Most of these artifacts were from the Lop Buri, Dvaravati, and the Lan Xang periods. The rocks that could be seen on this park form peculiar shapes which resulted from the movement of glaciers a million years ago. Cave paintings and sandstone images are also found in this park.

3. Nong Prajak Park

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The Nong Prajak Park is a great sightseeing destination that you should go to when you are in Udon Thani. It is a reservoir in the city that has been made to create an enjoyable recreational area for Udon Thani. This place is a great site for you to exercise or stroll. The best time to visit the Nong Prajak Park is during the morning before the sun gets too hot. There are designated footpaths where you could walk on, as well as two suspension bridges. In November, the Loy Krathong Festival takes place in this park.

4. Central Plaza Udon Thani

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Central Plaza Udon Thani, originally called as Charoensri Complex, is a large shopping mall in Udon Thani. It originally opened in 1994 as its previous name. However, upon acquisition of the mall by Central Pattana, it reopened on April 8, 2009, at its current name. At present, the mall houses 248 stores and services where sightseeing tourists and locals could enjoy. There are five floors of this museum, each of which is worth visiting. So the next time you proceed to Udon Thani, never fail to visit Central Plaza Udon Thani.

5. UD Night Market

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Our next sightseeing attraction in Udon Thani is the UD Night Market. This is a market in Udon Thani where you could find a lot of things to buy. What makes this night market distinct is that it has plenty of food stalls where sightseeing tourists and locals could eat a selection of dishes, most of which are produced locally. The UD Night Market also sells an array of cheap clothes. Typically, you will be able to tell if the stall is a good place to eat when there are a number of locals who are eating there.

6.Thai-Chinese Cultural Center

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The Thai-Chinese Cultural Center is a cultural center in Udon Thani which features the Moral Museum, a tea shop, and a stunning garden. The Moral Museum, in particular, exhibits an array of remarkable displays and artifacts which show the history of the Chinese community which lives in Udon Thani. Other displays in the museum include artifacts about Confucius and the Chinese culture. A small Chinese Orchestra performs at the Thai-Chinese Cultural Center every Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

7. Wat Phothisomphon

Our next attraction is the Wat Phothisomphon. This is a stunning temple that could be found in Udon Thani. When sightseeing around this temple compound, you will be able to witness around 20 buildings all in all. Each of these structures is worth a visit because of their impressive construction and historical relevance. The temple was named as such in commemoration of Phraya Sisuriyaratchawaranuwat, the person who built the temple. Inside the Wat Phothisomphon, you will be able to find a museum of monks.

8. Chao Pu-ya Shrine

The Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Spirit Shrine, also known as Chao Pu-ya Shrine, is another stunning shrine in Udon Thani. It could be found specifically on the Nittayo Road just behind the train station that is near the Nong Bua Market. This shrine is noted for its expansive size and its intricate embellishments found around. Some of the features that could be seen at the Chao Pu-ya Shrine include a small garden that could be found beside a lotus pond, two Chinese pavilions, and a golden dragon, among others.

9. City Pillar Shrine

The City Pillar Shrine, known locally as the San Lak Mueang, is another great shrine in Udon Thani. Established in 1999, this shrine is believed to be the place where the guardian deity of the city of Udon Thani resides. The City Pillar Shrine is constructed in the modern Isan style of architecture. It is worth noting that the compound is also the home of the statue of Wetsuwan, a guardian deity that is depicted in the provincial seal. The City Pillar Shrine is highly revered by the locals of Udon Thani.

10. Wat Sri Khun Muang

Our last attraction on our list is the Wat Sri Khun Muang, or simply called Wat Yai. It is one of the most significant religious structures in Udon Thani that is revered by the locals of the city. Built in the year 1942, the shrine has been the ancient temple of Chiang Khan for a very long period. On important Buddhist days, the Wat Sri Khun Muang is filled with lots of people, including sightseeing tourists and locals. They usually give food offerings to the monks who stay there. They also listen to the monks' sermons.

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Indeed, Udon Thani boasts of stunning destinations which are worth sightseeing from museums to historical parks. When you visit Udon Thani, do not forget to consider visiting the attractions which are mentioned above so that you could fully experience the true wonders of the city.