Hamburg : Why You Should Visit Germany’s Maritime Gateway

Hamburg : Why You Should Visit Germany’s Maritime Gateway

Hamburg is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Germany. The city is surrounded by many lakes and is considered one of the greenest cities in Germany because of its many parks, gardens, canals and lakes. The city is famous for its famous harbour area, the port of Hamburg, which covers 100 square kilometres between the Norder River and the Soderrelb River. Often referred to as the gate to Germany, this port which performs the middle of the large tidal movement is a port of free ports, allowing cargo to be shipped without charge. The City of Hamburg has become one of the most important cultural and commercial centres in Europe and a major tourist destination in Germany.

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Hamburg : Why You Should Visit Germany’s Maritime Gateway

1. The City Park

The City Park, one of the most famous parks in Hamburg, has a very large area of green land and lakes, with an area of 1.5 million square meters, providing all the requirements for pleasure and relaxation. The City Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany and Hamburg which is frequented by many locals and tourists alike. You can start taking a tour of the park to get to know its beauty and scenic views, take some photo souvenirs and do some activities like walking, running or playing with friends and family.

2. Auster Lake

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Auster Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hamburg, with an area of 160 hectares and located in the centre of Hamburg. Whether you like to relax on the deck, take a walk or take a cruise on Lake Ester, there are plenty of choices for you as the lake is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hamburg. You can rent a boat and sail with friends and family on the lake to relax and enjoy the stunning views and greenery around the lake.

3. Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

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Miniature Wonderland Hamburg offers models and features of all the tourist attractions in Germany and a world famous one built in a wonderful and accurate way by the twin Guerret and Frederickbrunn. These miniature models make a 12,000-meter-long rail to be the largest in the world. You can see small sculptures with great details of airports, trains, cities and many places, and there is a section of tourist attractions in Hamburg and several German and European cities.

4. Planten Un Blomen

The Planten Un Blomen is one of Hamburg's most beautiful tourist attractions. It is one of the most famous botanical gardens and attractions in Germany, where concerts, festivals, water and light shows are more than wonderful. When you enter the park, you can rent bicycles to travel between the edges of nature freely and more quickly, watching the charming scenery and taking some souvenirs photos.

5. Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt is a free customs zone built in the late 19th century between 1883-1927 in the city of Hamburg. Speicherstadt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Its red brick buildings are seven-story high, except for the small bridges connecting its narrow streets, giving it a special elegance. If you visit the city, do not miss the opportunity to experience this trip. You can rent a boat and take a trip around the buildings and monuments there and find out more about Hamburg's history. The trip is fun and full of breathtaking views.

6. The Tierpark Hagenbeck Zoo

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The Tierpark Hagenbeck Zoo is one of the most important zoos and one of the most important tourist attractions in Hamburg. The park is unique where animals are exposed outside the cages where the zoo contains many different animals such as monkeys, lions, elephants, birds and others. The Hagenbeck Zoo has been opened for 100 years, with about 1,850 animals from all over the world. You can start by visiting the Elephants section where you can feed elephants, touch them and play with them.

7. Port of Hamburg

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The Port of Hamburg is one of the most important ports in the world, the third largest in the world by size, and the largest port in Germany. The port was opened in 1189, covering an area of 73.99 km². The Port of Hamburg attracts many visitors, especially tourists from Germany, to enjoy a tour of this magnificent port. You can take a boat tour and enjoy a cruise on the seafront of the port and then sit in one of the restaurants offering seafood and the beautiful view of The Port of Hamburg.

8. The Hamburg City Hall

The Hamburg City Hall is one of Hamburg's most exciting and interesting places, with its historic building, which makes this the most attractive area in Hamburg, making it an important landmark in Hamburg. The hall offers many activities for its visitors such as walking and relaxing and it provides an atmosphere of romance and enjoyment. The most fun thing about this place is that there is an area in front of the main destination of the municipality building, which provides a distinctive atmosphere of beautiful features, which is magnificently magnified by the architectural style. You can sit in places like restaurants and enjoy the view from the windows and the charming balconies overlooking the place.

9. St. Michael's Church

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The Church of St. Michael is one of the most important tourist places in Hamburg in terms of historical importance. This 17th-century church, as well as the distinctive Baroque architecture, make it the most important historical and tourist landmark of this ancient city. It is worth noting that you can climb to the high church tower, through which you can see the splendour of the city and the view of its harbour, and control the vitality and attractiveness in that area of Hamburg.

10. Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle Hamburg is a museum that illustrates European historical art from more than 700 years. It consists of three different buildings and has many paintings and artworks such as the works of Rembrandt and Casper, David Friedrich, and Edward Munch. These works are from the Middle Ages to the modern era.

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Hamburg is a very beautiful city and one of the most visited cities in Germany and Europe. The City of Hamburg can be a good choice for visitors who want to enjoy its charming atmosphere and wonderful destinations. Thus, do not miss the chance to visit Hamburg and enjoy its amazing attractions if you visit Germany.