The Best Street Food to Eat and Things to Do at Shilin Night Market

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The Best Street Food to Eat and Things to Do at Shilin Night Market

Taipei's largest night market is popular for a good reason, there's plenty of delicious Taiwanese street food to eat and things to do at Shilin Night Market. While most locals have a different favorite market, the size of Shilin and its tourist friendly environment makes it the perfect stop for first-time visitors to Taiwan. Not every vendor is as good as the next however, especially when there's a steady flow of tourists coming to the market, so here are some of the best places to eat while in Shilin.

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The Best Street Food to Eat and Things to Do at Shilin Night Market

Best Food at Shilin Night Market

Zhong Cheng Hao Oyster Omelette

Delicious Taiwan Oyster Omelet

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One of Taiwan's most famous street foods, oyster omelettes are a must-try when visiting anywhere on the island. Zhong Cheng Hao does a great version with just the right texture, fresh oysters and a delicious sauce to coat it with.

They also offer a variety of classic Taiwanese dishes such as Lu Rou Fan and fried vegetables which are great to try if you're with a group. The oyster omelette is the most delicious however, if you want to save stomach space just go for this. Luckily Zhong Cheng Hao has seating for customers, you'll most likely share a table with others but as the omelettes are a little difficult to eat standing up it's a welcoming sight.

Guo Jia Cong You Bing

Green onion scallion pancake Taiwan Shilin Night Market

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Scallion pancakes or Cong You Bing are a popular breakfast food in Taiwan, but can be eaten at any time of the day. These salty, crispy flavorsome pancakes are also perfect in the evening with a bottle of Taiwan beer.

Fuzhou Ancestor Pepper Pie

Shilin Night Market pepper bun

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Raohe's famous black pepper buns have a street stall at Shilin too, the queue here isn't usually quite as gargantuan as the original shop in Raohe.

If you're planning on visiting Raohe Night Market, try them there instead, the original shop even got recognition from the Michelin Guide, earning a Bib Gourmand.

Best Fried Chicken at Shilin


Hot Star Fried Chicken Shilin Night Market

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Hot-Star is easily the most famous fried chicken cutlet stall in Shilin Night Market, the Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken first started out at a street stall in Taichung before moving to its place at Shilin which quickly shot to fame. Nowadays the brand has stalls and restaurant all over Taiwan and a few international locations.

Note that the original location has since closed, Hot-Star has now moved about five minutes walking distance away.

Hometown Barbecue Chicken

While Hot-Star does offer some great fried chicken, having stores all over the world means you can try it almost anywhere.

Hometown grills the fried chicken over a charcoal after deep frying to make it extra crispy and impart some extra flavor. While they're not quite as huge as the fried chicken from Hot-Star, there's more flavor to it.

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang

Da chang bao xiao chang Shilin Night Market

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The stall is one of the most famous vendors at Taichung's Fengchia Night Market with a location open at Shilin. It's right at the front of the night market, just outside the exit from the MRT station, making it a great place to stop first. Like a kind of Taiwanese hot dog, they use a larger rice sausage as a bun for the delicious Taiwanese style sausages, along with a number of extras to up the flavor.

Shilin Night Market Michelin Stores

There are currently four vendors at Shilin Night Market that have been given Bib Gourmand awards from the Michelin Guide in Taipei.

Hai Yu Pork Ribs

Shilin Night Market michelin star vendor

Photo by Johnson Wang/Shutterstock

A classic Shilin eatery, Hai Yu Pork Ribs has been in business for over 45 years cooking their famous pork rib soup with a mix of 15 different herbs. It's flavorsome yet still not too heavy a dish, if you're wanting something a bit healthier also try the Chicken Drumstick Soup, which is made with the same style of soup but much less fatty.

Good Friend Cold Noodles

Topped with a sesame flavored sauce, cucumber and pork, these chewy cold noodles are a great snack to eat on hot summer days.

Note the shop is also called Hao Peng You Cold Noodles (originally it only had its name in Chinese).

Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao

Shilin Night Market Michelin star vendor dumplings

Photo by Skatwix/Shutterstock

Crispy on the bottom and fluffy on the top with a delicious filling, Sheng Jian Bao or Pan-fried dumplings are always a welcoming snack at Taiwanese night markets. Zhong's are addictive and not oily like you'll find at some places, you can choose from a filling of cabbage or pork, both are equally delicious.

The queue can get quite long here as the stall is popular with locals living around Shilin along with being included in the Michelin guide which has added a large numbers of tourists visiting in the last couple of years.

A Hui Vermicelli

Taiwan mee sua Shilin Night Market

Photo by chungphoto/Shutterstock

Vermicelli noodles or commonly called either Mian Xian or Misua is one of Taiwan's most popular dishes, there's plenty of places to eat them in Taipei. Along with Ay Chung Rice Noodles in Ximending, A Hui Vermicelli is one of the most famous spots to eat this tasty snack. The rice noodles are cooked and served in a thick soupy broth with a distinct flavor that's made this dish so popular.

If you only have time to queue for one of the Michelin eateries, we'd recommend heading to Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao, they are really some of the best pan-fried dumplings in the area.

Other Things to Do in Shilin Night Market

Night Market Games

Fun games at Shilin Night Market

Photo by PR Image Factory/Shutterstock

Apart from just street food stalls and restaurants, Shilin is also full of arcades and night market games that are especially popular for those traveling with children. It's just as fun for adults too however, there's a whole street full of games such as popping balloons with bb guns, darts, pinball machines fishing and much more.

Shop for Cheap Clothes

Like many night markets around Taiwan, there are a number of clothes shops and stalls selling clothes for quite low prices. Most of the clothes stores and vendors at Shilin

Things to Do Nearby Shilin Night Market

Laodifang Lookout (Jiantanshan)

Night view near Shilin Night Market

Photo by S.R.G - msucoo93/Shutterstock

Starting just beside the metro station, the trail to Jiantanshan or Mount Jiantan is fairly easy and straightforward, passing through scenic parks and views over Taipei City. The hike to the lookout point takes about an hour and has some beautiful views out towards Taipei 101 and the skyscrapers of Xinyi District.

The Grand Hotel

Hotel near Shilin Night Market

Photo by Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Taipei's most famous hotel has stood on its spot since its completion in 1973. One of the most impressive buildings in the city, the Grand Hotel features some beautiful classical Chinese architecture that's well worth checking out. If you're not looking to stay at the hotel, you can also visit the restaurants or cafes there.

How to Get to Shilin Night Market in Taipei

Shilin Night Market is closest to MRT Jiantan Station on the Tamsui–Xinyi line (the red line) and not Shilin Station as the name might suggest. Get out at Exit 1 and cross the road over to the night market.

You can still get there from Shilin Station however, but it'll take about five minutes to walk there, arriving at the back of the night market that's less busy instead of the main front entrance.