Christchurch : Wonder at the Scenic Beauty and Natural Wilderness

Christchurch : Wonder at the Scenic Beauty and Natural Wilderness

Christchurch is known as the largest city in Southern side of New Zealand and known for its rich English Heritage. The Avon River meanders through the middle of the city and the city is known for its phenomenal architecture and infrastructures. There are many verdant and gorgeous parks and gardens to walk through. It is one of the most scenic gateways that change the landscapes beautifully from Alps to the ocean. It is known for its rich art and culture heritage. The modern metro vibe of the place brings an array of activities to pump the adrenaline rush. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Christchurch:

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Christchurch : Wonder at the Scenic Beauty and Natural Wilderness

1. Tranz Alpine

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The TranzApine is a passenger train which is managed and operated by The Great Journeys of New Zealand, located in the South Island of the country. The finest in the country, the journey transcends the stunning mountains and chugs through the Canterbury Plains. The train takes you through epic vistas along the ice fed Waimakariri River along with the miles of the native beech forest. It covers around 223 kilometers of pure bliss of nature and gives you an experience of lifetime along the Southern Alps.

2. Hagley Park

Hagley Park is one of the largest open space parks in the city and was established in the year 1855. It was established as a recreational park for people to come and spend some peaceful time. It is spread across 165 hectares of land and is completely verdant and gorgeous. It comprises both the North and South Hagley Parks along with the Botanic Gardens and the Canterbury Museum. The North side of the park is known for hosting number of outdoor concerts, programs, festivals and events all the across the year.

3. Adrenaline Forest Christchurch

Christchurch is known for number of activities that drives in the adrenaline rush. If you are looking for some energy pumping and adrenaline boosting activities, the Adrenalin Forest is a must visit place that offers number of fun filled activities. There are number of activities like wire or rope climbing, zip lining or flying fox. There are activities where you can reach the tree top, a perfect place to test your physical fitness level and have some fun. It is a forest based setting surrounded by all games.

4. International Antarctic Centre

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The International Antarctic Centre is one of the major tourist attractions of the country. It gives you the experience of Antarctica and there are many fun and interactive sessions for all age groups. It has a gallery that displays number of videos on Hagglund Ride, 4D Theatre and also has a Historic Hut exhibition and Little Blue Penguins. It takes you through the modern day Antarctica and there are a number of cool and nice challenges like polar plunge ice water challenge or an Antarctic storm. The museum has many stories to display.

5. Canterbury Museum

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The museum is a representation of the culture and heritage of the city and was established in the year 1867. The first collection of the museum was from Julius Von Haast and represents a Gothic Revival architecture. The cultural precinct was housed in a gorgeous stone building when it was opened in 1860. It has a huge collection of lot of things that have engaged visitors from across the globe. There are regular events and exhibitions that are being organized within the museum.

6. Arthur’s Pass

It is a pass that bridges the East coast of New Zealand with its west coasts and opens you to some of the most spectacular views. It transcends and crosses the Southern Alps and makes one of the most scenic drives throughout the country. It passes through the Arthur’s Pass National Park and the highway is over 900 m in height and has number of amazing vantage points. It takes you through stretches of some of the most gorgeous parks of New Zealand and the terrain also has neatly engineered bridges.

7. The Arts Centre of Christchurch

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It is one of the best places to explore and experience arts from local community. The building is designing in Neo-Gothic style and has phenomenally beautiful collection of arts and culture. The culture precinct of the arts center is also hub for markets, street performers and number of artists. The earthquakes damaged the area massively however slow progress and restoration of Arts Centre is done to restore the old buildings.

8. Christchurch Cathedral

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The cathedral is a Gothic Revival cathedral that was badly damaged during the earthquake of 2011 but has been restored till an extent. It is one of the most iconic architectures of the city and was built in the 19th century, standing in the middle of the city. It is surrounded by the Cathedral Square and is one of the most beautiful landscapes. It was established post colonial era and the restored cathedral has been now open since August 2013 onward.

9. 185 Empty White Chairs

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It is a unique and creative installation of art that was created by local artist Pete Majendie and it was a memorial for those who lost their lives in the devastating earthquake of 2011. The place consists of around 185 chairs which represents each of the lives that have been lost during the tragic natural disaster. It was established at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church that was also damaged and perished during the earthquake. This is a memorial of all people who has gone too soon.

10. Orana Wildlife Park

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The Orana Wildlife Park is an open range zoo that ensures that the animals live in their natural habitat. It is one of the most fascination animal parks that is spread in around 80 hectares of land. It gives you up and close experience with the animals as you are driven through it in completely caged and protected safari vans. It gives you insights of the animals in their natural habitats and not a typical zoo experience.

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Christchurch is undoubtedly one of the best places to experience the wilderness of nature through scenic drive passes and hikes. The art and culture of the city is neatly preserved with number of museums. It takes you through some of the best and most enjoyable activities that pumps in adrenaline rush.