Lorient : Brittany’s Seaport Town with Historic Stone Buildings and Beautiful White-Sand Beach.

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Lorient : Brittany’s Seaport Town with Historic Stone Buildings and Beautiful White-Sand Beach.

Lorient city is located on the northwestern part of France on the Morbihan department. This seaport city has a charming history evident with its many historic stone structures. The white sand beaches also have tourists coming to have a taste of the island life. Lorient feels like the Caribbean within Europe. Aside from the sand and salty waters, it has so much to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Some of the great places include.

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Lorient : Brittany’s Seaport Town with Historic Stone Buildings and Beautiful White-Sand Beach.

1. Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

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Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly is an interactive sailing museum in Lorient. There are many hands-on exhibits and simulators which tourists can sample. Many people enjoy getting into the large submarines and learning more about the WW2. The museum present is located underwater which is very interesting. Most of the exhibits are English translated so there will be no problem while sightseeing. For visitors to learn more, there is a 4D theatre exhibit. Entrance is charged at 12 euros per person and tickets are bought upon admission into the place.

2. Keroman Submarine Base

Keroman Submarine Base is a significant U-boat base in Lorient that played a major role during WW2. Some of the great U-boats and submarines can be found there. There is so much to see especially large machinery. The place is rich with history from the Nazi’s era and a good English speaking guide is provided. However, individuals sightseeing on their own may have a hard time getting a tour as they only work with more than two people at a go. Tours start from 11:30 am and end at 3:00 pm. Since tickets cannot be purchased online so it is best to call in.

3. Sous-Marin Flore

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Sous-Marin Flore museum is where you get to see the K1 and K3 U-boat pens while in Lorient. The Sous-Marin Flore submarine was also part of the cold war that happened hence its significance to the people of Lorient. It has been well-preserved to ensure such essence is not lost. Although claustrophobic, the tours are still worth it and interesting. There are audio guides provided that aid in the tour. There are many ‘do not touch’ around the place but the periscope in the area can be quite tempting. The periscope can be accessed with an extra pass.

4. Zoo de Pont-Scorff

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Zoo de Pont-Scorff is a paradise for the cat lover. It is the only place in Lorient you can get close to some big cat species such as the lion, snow leopard, cheetah among other cat species such as the sand cat. There are other different species found there that are also worth seeing. If you fancy an up-close view of wildlife, Zoo de Pont-Scorff will provide the best sightseeing experience. There is also a bird show that visitors enjoy but only happens when the number of guests is reasonable.

5. Citadelle de Port-Louis

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Citadelle de Port-Louis is a beautiful citadel located at Lorient bay that is full of history. The Citadel receives a lot of recognition from sightseeing tourists due to the presence of two museums within its grounds. The picturesque views from the fort and the bay are also really amazing providing great photo opportunities. In the museums, visitors will be enlightened to an array of historical treasures that reveal more on the world of trade. Entrance is charged at 8 euros per person and will cover your tour around the citadel and the two museums.

6. Adventure park Le Poisson Volant

Adventure park Le Poisson Volant is an adrenaline filled park for sightseeing tourists that have a spirit for adventure. Visitors get to walk up the trees and indulge in an array of adrenaline rush activities such as zip lining, high rope jumping, cable walks among other things. The activities involved at Adventure park Le Poisson Volant are not for the faint-hearted or those with acrophobia. If going as a group, you will get to enjoy the place at max as there is a lot of group stuff to do.

7. Musée de la Compagnie des Indes

Musée de la Compagnie des Indes is a wholesome museum located within the citadel of Lorient city. This museum has a rich collection of maritime trade history. From textiles, maps, art, ship models among other interesting exhibits. The highlight is, however, the ships as they tell a tale of how the French India company utilized them to bring home the treasures. Also why getting to the East was of importance to them. Aside from the historical aspect, the place caters for kids and provides a small play area for them as they are least likely to be fascinated by historic trade.

8. Stade du Moustoir

Stade du Moustoir is the ultimate football stadium of Lorient. It is the best place to watch matches if you are a sports or football fan. The architecture of the stadium is similar to most that exist around Europe as many stadiums in France tend to have seating positions further from the pitch. At this stadium, you get to watch all teams playing for the top division football in live action. The seats are also very comfortable making the experience more refreshing. During the month of August, the stadium has a lot of activities especially night matches that are really interesting to watch. However, try to dress warmly.

9. Etang du Ter

Etang du Ter is a large natural oasis in Lorient. It is the perfect green space to unwind and collect your thoughts as you become one with mother nature. The area is so serene that you can get carried away by the beauty of the environment. There are nice woody trees that surround the area, many singing bird species, and the presence of a pond. Often, you will find other tourists and locals enjoying bike rides, picnics and other sporting activities such as trekking. Many athletes use the grounds for training.

10. La Galerie du Faouedic

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy some homely tapestries and other delicacies, while in Lorient this is the right spot. Not only do you go sightseeing some beautiful exhibitions, but also get the chance to enjoy the snacks. The volunteers at the place do a great job keeping everything afloat. Since the place is on two levels, you are bound to find some interesting temporary modern displays. The gallery is only open on Wednesday through to Sunday from 2 pm till 7 pm in the evening. Entrance to La Galerie du Faouedic is also free of charge.

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Lorient despite the island fame, this city is rich with history from the cold wars to maritime trade. Curious tourists will get more enlightened to some French and German history as they still get to enjoy more of what the city has to offer. If you wish to mix some learning and adventure, Lorient is the place to go!