Moscow: Things to Do in the Capital of Russia

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Moscow: Things to Do in the Capital of Russia

Moscow is one of the most important tourist destinations in Russia, hosting a wide range of important attractions including some of the area's best museums, palaces and parks. As the capital of the world's largest country, the city is a vibrant metropolis with a seemingly endless list of things to do. Here are some of the top places to go and see while you're in Moscow.

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Moscow: Things to Do in the Capital of Russia

1. The Red Square

An expansive space adjacent the Kremlin, the seat of power for the government of Russia, the Red Square features a number of famous structures such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State Historical Museum, and a mausoleum containing the embalmed body of revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin. For centuries, this destination has played host to many festivals, military displays and concerts in Russia.

2. The Kremlin

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The Kremlin is one of the most famous buildings in Russia. It's a luxury historical palace complex that was the seat of the old ruler of Russia and has now been converted into a number of different museums. The word kremlin in Russian means fortress or palace. These museums are located in the heart of Moscow, facing the Red Square and a number of commercial markets. The Kremlin is more than 500 years old, built in the late 15th century by order of the Russian Tsar Ivan III, who once ruled over Russia.

3. Moscow State Historical Museum

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Moscow State Historical Museum is the building on your right when you enter the Red Square through the Resurrection Gate. This museum was opened in 1894 on the occasion of the coronation of Alexander III and was the product of a 20-year project to promote various archaeological and anthropological collections in one museum, It tells the story of Russia's entire history according to scientific methodological events.

Visitors can enjoy touring the museum and getting a chance to see one of Moscow's most famous tourist attractions, built in Russian medieval architecture, is the Gothic architecture, which is distinguished by its remarkable design and colour consistency. The museum also has a collection of the best wall engravings in buildings in the Red Square.

4. St. Basil’s Cathedral

One of the most incredible and unique of any buildings found around the world, St. Basil's Cathedral was constructed under orders from Ivan the Terrible to acts as a symbol of the capture of Kazan from Mongol forces in 1552. The cathedral really is beautiful with its multi-colored and patterned onion-shaped domes, a hip-roofed bell tower, the narrow, winding gallery and a unique wooden spiral staircase.

5. Ivan (The Great Bell Tower)

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Ivan (The Great Bell Tower) is one of the tallest towers in the Kremlin with a height of 81 meters. The tower is one of the oldest buildings in Moscow built back in 1508. The Ivan Tower is a marvel of medieval architecture and well worth taking time to check out its beautiful appearance. The tower contains more than 21 bells with some of them weighing up to more than 60 tons.

6. Moscow Zoo

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The Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. It was founded in 1864 and since then has been adding large numbers of animals periodically to become the largest zoo in Russia. The park is only a few steps away from Parikadnaya Metro Station and is within easy reach of most of Moscow's city areas.

7. Gorky Park

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Gorky Park is one of the largest and most famous open-air parks in the city of Moscow. The park overlooks the Moscow River directly and is just a few steps from the Kultur Park metro station. The park was opened in 1928 AD and covers an area of ​300 acres. The park is located along the banks of the Moscow River, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Russia.

There is a sports club filled with tennis courts. In the winter, this area becomes a large ice-skating area. In the summer, the 'beach' area is very popular among visitors, and in the evening it becomes an open nightclub. The second section of the park has large green spaces with many rare and ancient trees. There are also a number of beautiful old buildings dating back to the 8th and 19th centuries.

8. Kolomenskoye Park

Kolomenskoye Park is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow, just a few minutes by metro from the city center and overlooking the beautiful Muskava River. It is characterized by combining the past and the present, the past in terms of its fascinating history and the old buildings attached to it, and the present in terms of the vast green spaces that create a sense of comfort and departure, playgrounds and modern facilities. The park is one of Moscow's most popular tourist destinations.

The park was founded in 1237 and is considered one of the oldest shrines in Moscow and the whole of Russia. It was once the property of the Czar, who is the ruler before becoming one of the most important tourist attractions in Russia. In the heart of the park, there is a beautiful church called the Kazan Church.

9. Neskuchny Garden

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Neskuchny Garden is the oldest park in the city located on the right-hand bank of the Moscow River next to the Central Park for Culture and Entertainment. The park was first created in 1756 and now has thousands of species of plants that have been moved from the Solikamsk Botanical Garden, with palm trees and other various trees from tropical countries. On the fifth platform, there is a great large water pool and a poultry yard with rare species of birds and animals from the Netherlands and England. In addition, there are a number of barns and greenhouses for the cultivation of pineapples, grapes and a number of other fruits and plants.

10. Losiny Ostrov National Park

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Losiny Ostrov National Park is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the city of Moscow and is a nature reserve, located northeast of Moscow. With an area of about eleven thousand hectares, including three thousand hectares within the administrative boundaries of the city, the park is relatively modern, founded in 1983. Losiny Park is filled with different types of plants from different regions all over the world such as pine forests that cover large areas of the garden and give it a spectacular appearance, in addition to more than 500 species of vascular plants and several orchids.


Moscow is rich in many palaces and castles of unique architectural style that will make you feel like living in a fictional story and reflect the style of architecture in the 18th and 19th centuries. Do not miss visiting the Kremlin building or the Kolominskoy Museum if you have the chance to visit Moscow or you can visit other wonderful attractions like Ivan, Losiny Ostrov National Park, Gorky Park and many more.