Israel:Here Are the Must-visit Attractions When Visiting the Holy Land

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Israel:Here Are the Must-visit Attractions When Visiting the Holy Land

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Israel:Here Are the Must-visit Attractions When Visiting the Holy Land

Israel is a country renowned for its numerous fascinating religious, historical and cultural sites. Most of these places reflect the culture and traditions of Israel all the way from ancient times up until today. The Old city of Jerusalem, specifically, offers breathtaking experiences with incredible tours of the many religious sites found there. We hope this article will guide you on what to find and experience in ten of the most popular attractions in Israel.

1. Western Wall (Jerusalem)

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The Western wall, also known as Kotel, is easily one of the top spots to visit in Israel. The wall was part of remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, Temple Mount, when it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E. Today, the Western wall is considered the holiest place of prayer in Israel, sacred to the Jewish people. People from all faiths who come to Israel also visit the wall for prayers or just to witness its splendor. The wall is a heritage site in Israel and hosts many Jewish events like bar mitzvah and Tisha B'Av celebrations, Shabbat worshipers, and other events for regular visitors. It is recommended you try to dress conservatively while visiting this sacred site.

2. Old City of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)

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A trip to Israel just isn't complete without a visit to the magical Old City of Jerusalem. The city is home to historical structures and ruins with a huge significance to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Enjoy walking along the city walls and through the narrow and winding alleys and streets of the quaint old town. Make sure to visit the city’s many attractions such as the Western Wall, Temple Mount, the Garden Tomb, the Tower of David Museum, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

3. Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)

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Yad Vashem is a commemoration of the Holocaust – the mass murder of six million Jews in Israel by Nazi Germany. A somber but necessary experience, make sure to visit the Holocaust History Museum, Hall of Names and the Hall of Remembrance.The Holocaust Museum contains more than 400,000 historical photographs of events over the period and its balcony also offers a panoramic view over the city of Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is open all week except on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays in Israel.

4. Israel Museum (Jerusalem)

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Founded in 1965, the Israel Museum is not only the major archaeological museum in Israel but also one of the world’s most popular art museums. The museum showcases galleries containing thousands of Judaic and ancient artifacts and art work from all over Israel and other parts around the world. Make sure to check out the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of the oldest Biblical scrolls, on the Shrine of the Book exhibition gallery. The Israel Museum offers art classes for art lovers, dance performances, an oriental garden, and other works of contemporary art.

5. Masada National Park (Masada)

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Masada National Park is a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site with stunning scenery in the Masada region of Israel. The park also features ruins of a magnificent palace which was once King Herod's private quarters. There are reconstructions of the Roman siege engines in the park which symbolize the freedom wars once fought there. Don’t miss out visiting the Masada Museum and the amphitheater which showcases a sound and light show on the history of settlement in the Masada region of Israel. The park also offers camping services complete with permanent camping tents, toilets, hot showers, and cooking areas for those who want to have a more personal experience with the nature there.

6. Baha'i Gardens and Golden Dome (Haifa)

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The Bahai Gardens are both a beautiful and religiously-significant area in Haifa, Israel. The gardens feature an expansive staircase that extends up to the northern slopes of Mount Carmel. A golden-domed shrine, where the remains of Prophet-Herald of the Bahai Faith were interred. The viewing balcony at the top of the gardens gives you a stunning panoramic view of the entire park. It is recommended to dress modestly while visiting the gardens due to their religious significance.

7. Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)

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Named for the many olive groves that once graced its slope, this area is associated with many events related to Jesus and features buildings or sites that commemorate the various historical events. One of these is the Chapel of Ascension, which is believed to be last place where Jesus set his last foot in Israel before his ascension. Other places that you shouldn't miss out on in this region of Israel include the Basilica of Agony, Mary's tomb, a Russian Monastery, an olive garden, and the Dominus Flevit church, which is believed to be the place where Jesus wept. From the top you'll also get picturesque views over the Old City of Jerusalem.

8. Tayelet (Tel Aviv)

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A long stretch of promenade that runs from the Old Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa along the Mediterranean coast, this walkway is a popular attraction in Israel for both tourists and locals and offers spectacular views across the sea. The Tayelet is mostly flat and well paved making it a great place for a casual evening stroll when the weather is cooler. This pedestrian only street also provides easy access to the famous Tel Aviv beaches and to some of the best hotels in Israel.

9. Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)

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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a major landmark in Jerusalem located in a spot believed to be the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The site where Christ's body was prepared before burial, Stone of Unction, is adjacent to the entrance of Jerusalem while the tomb is inside the church in one of the rooms.

10. Dead Sea (Israel)

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At 400 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth's surface. Its waters are highly saline allowing visitors to relax and float freely on their backs. Most people also cover their skin with the soothing sea mud rich in minerals, which provides a natural therapeutic treatment and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. Don't forget to check out the Qumran cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered.


A fascinating blend of religion and culture you won't find anywhere else on earth, Israel makes for the perfect trip for those wanting to experience something unique and different. Often sites of huge religious significance, these destinations can be still be enjoyed by people of all religions, races, and cultures. From the Western wall, the Dead Sea, to the spectacular Bahai gardens, you are in for a breathtaking experience of a lifetime.