The Safest Places to Visit in the Middle East in 2021

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The Safest Places to Visit in the Middle East in 2021

To many people, a holiday in the Middle East seems out of the question. In reality it's only small sections of this huge area of the world that can be seen as off limits. With a huge range of beautiful and fascinating places to discover, visiting the Middle East in 2021 is still a great idea. Here are some of the safest places that are well worth visiting in 2021.

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The Safest Places to Visit in the Middle East in 2021


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One of the most underrated destinations in the world, Jordan is full of incredible historic sites such as desert castles and the fascinating ancient city of Petra. As long as you keep away from the border area with Syria, there's little to worry about in the country, it's one of the safest in the world. The government has a tight control on immigration, the crime rate is low and there is very rarely any terrorist activity in its borders.


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The futuristic city that sprung out of the desert, Dubai is far from any Middle Eastern conflict and easily one of the safest places you can travel to in the Middle East. Anywhere in the UAE is perfectly safe to travel to, but Dubai is highly recommended for its never-ending list of things to do. Endless shopping malls with tax free shops, the world's tallest building, glitzy seven star hotels and even an indoor ski center in one of the world's hottest places, there's plenty to do here. For something more typically Middle Eastern, you can take desert safaris, ride a camel or go off-road driving across the desert.


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As the only predominantly Jewish country in the Middle East, Islam extremity in Israel is rare and the only places deemed to be dangerous are areas around the Gaza Strip and the border with Syria. As these places offer little in terms of tourism, Israel is a highly viable option for a holiday in the Middle East. Apart from the vibrant Tel Aviv on the coast of the Mediterranean, the historic city of Jerusalem and Netanya are also beautiful places to visit.


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Despite its proximity to the unstable war-torn country of Yemen, Oman is surprisingly safe. The locals are friendly, crime rate is low and police are highly efficient and honest. Best of all it's one of the most underrated countries in the world.

Tourism in Oman is still considerably low, with most travelers preferring to visit places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Doha compared to Muscat. Oman's seaside capital is however beautiful, nestled between mountains and the ocean. The landscape in the country is incredible, especially seen in the peaceful fjords of Musandam that make for an incredible boat trip.


As long as you make sure to avoid the obviously dangerous war torn areas, the Middle East is much safer than you might expect. While there is a slight risk of terrorist attacks on westerners in Islamic countries such as Egypt and Turkey, chances are quite low. However to avoid any chance of danger head to these places listed instead.