Republic of Trinidad and Tobago:The Perfect Place to Enjoy Serene Sunsets by the Bay and Peaceful Waves at Your Feet

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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago:The Perfect Place to Enjoy Serene Sunsets by the Bay and Peaceful Waves at Your Feet

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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago:The Perfect Place to Enjoy Serene Sunsets by the Bay and Peaceful Waves at Your Feet

Trinidad and Tobago is a small country in the south of the Caribbean, known for having some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the world. Every year many sightseers come to spend time relaxing on the wonderful sandy beaches. There are also many other wonderful things to sightsee in Trinidad and Tobago as this article will show you.

1. Maracas Bay (Port of Spain)

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The primary reason people plan a sightseeing tour of Trinidad and Tobago is to spend time on its amazing beaches. Maracas Bay is considered to be the finest of all of these beaches. If you want to relax, the wonderful golden sand of this beach is perfect, and it is only 40 minutes drive from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city. If sightseeing beautiful nature is interesting to you, then from here you can also see wonderful mountains and rainforest. There are many food vendors in the area so you can spend a whole relaxing day here if you like.

2. Temple in the Sea (Couva)

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This Hindu sacred site was built on reclaimed land off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located near to the town of Waterloo. Initially a small temple was built by one immigrant to the island from India. Later the government of Trinidad and Tobago helped to add a much larger temple next to this. Both temples are free to sightsee, and can be reached easily by car and then a trip across a causeway. Although this is a top sightseeing destination of Trinidad and Tobago, the temple is still a wonderful peaceful place, which is especially beautiful at sunset.

3. Caroni Bird Sanctuary (Caroni)

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If sightseeing beautiful nature is what you love, then the Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad and Tobago is definitely somewhere you should go. It is home many birds, most notably the Scarlet Ibis, which is the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago. You can also see Egrets and Cormorants in the sanctuary. Caroni Bird Sanctuary is a great day trip when sightseeing the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, since it is only a short drive south of there. If you wish, you can take a sightseeing tour by boat on Caroni Bird Sanctuary’s beautiful waterways.

4. The Red House (Port of Spain)

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The Red House is not just a top sightseeing destination in the Trinidad and Tobago capital of Port of Spain. It is also the seat of the government of Trinidad and Tobago. People sightsee this building because of its beautiful architecture, which was designed and built in 1906 after the original Red House burned down. People who are interested in sightseeing historically important sites also come here. It is the place where the famous Jamaat al Muslimeen coup attempt, where the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago was held hostage happened.

5. Fort King George (Tobago)

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This Fort is often visited by sightseers for the fantastic views it gives over Scarborough Bay. It is also a great old and historical sight of Trinidad and Tobago. The Fort was built in 1780, and some of the original stone walls are still surviving. There is also a fascinating museum on the same site which has a collection of art and antique maps and coins. To get to the fort you will need to take a taxi, or walk up a steep hill for 20 minutes. Some of the buildings are only open at weekends, so if you visit this part of Trinidad and Tobago be sure to plan your sightseeing carefully.

6. Mount St. Benedict Monastery (Trinidad)

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Mount St. Benedict was founded by Benedictine monks in 1912. It is the largest and biggest monastery in Trinidad and Tobago as well as in the Caribbean. It has a beautiful tower with a red roof which you can sightsee. Nature-loving sightseers may also wish to go hiking in the surrounding forests and search for birds. The monastery is also known for its delicious yogurt, which is produced there and sold all over the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Be sure to try some if you visit this great sightseeing destination.

7. Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge (Trinidad)

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Another wonderful sightseeing location for nature-loving visitors to Trinidad and Tobago is the Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge. It is a fantastic place to see Hummingbirds as well as a collection of many other different types of bird. When sightseeing here, you could also add the nearby Yerette hummingbird sanctuary to your day as this is another great Trinidad and Tobago destination. The nature center is located on the site of a former coffee and cocoa plantation, which has been partly reclaimed by Trinidad and Tobago’s lush rainforest already.

8. National Museum and Art Gallery (Port of Spain)

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The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago displays fantastic exhibits to sightsee as part of a visit to Port of Spain. The museum is split into seven different galleries, which are dedicated to Art, Social History, Natural History, Economic History, Petroleum and Geology. If you wish to sightsee in all seven, make sure you leave plenty of time. This museum was opened as the Royal Victoria Institute when Trinidad and Tobago was still under British rule. Therefore it is an interesting sightseeing destination for its own history too.

9. Englishman’s Bay (Tobago)

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After sightseeing in the busier parts of Trinidad and Tobago, this is the perfect beach to go to. It is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Trinidad and Tobago, however it is not yet a busy beach. In fact few sightseers or locals go here, so you may have a lot of the beach to yourself. There is just one café by the beach, serving fish caught locally on Trinidad and Tobago, so you can eat here if you are spending a longer time at Englishman’s Bay.

10. Genesis Nature Park & Art Gallery (Tobago)

This beautiful small park is a great and mostly undiscovered sightseeing destination on the island of Tobago. There are opportunities to hold small animals such as turtles and guinea pigs which kids will love. You can be taken around the park and gallery on a sightseeing tour by the knowledgeable and friendly owner too. There is also a collection of artistic sculptures to sightsee created by the same owner. Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago can also choose to spend a night here as the place also operates as a small and friendly hotel.

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This article gives just a small flavor of the many wonderful sightseeing opportunities that await you if you choose to visit the beautiful Trinidad and Tobago. Although the two islands are known for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean there are also wonderful places to visit for anyone interested in sightseeing nature and history. If you fancy visiting this small paradise in the Caribbean, book your ticket to fly to Trinidad and Tobago today.




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