Benin:An Ideal Image of African Lifestyle

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Benin:An Ideal Image of African Lifestyle

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Benin:An Ideal Image of African Lifestyle

Benin, which is officially known as the Republic of Benin, is a country with a population of about 10.87 million people. Benin is located in the western part of Africa. The capital of city of Benin is Porto-Novo, which is also the largest city of the country. The official language spoken in Benin is French and the religious groups are very diverse here. Benin is a country famous for various sightseeing and attractions, such as ruins, temples, national parks, etc. It is also a great introduction to Africa and it will provide you with adventurous discoveries during your tour to Benin. Below we will give the list of the most visited and high-rated sightseeing of Benin.

1. Fondation Zinsou

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Fondation Zinsou is an amazing exhibition located in Cotonou, in Benin. This exhibition is a center of the African culture and art. There so much to see here. If you take a guide he will take you through the three floors of the building, showing you the artworks reflecting the cultural sides of Benin and Africa, as well. Here you can also take a break with a cup of coffee in the museum café attached to this sightseeing and then continue your excursion. There is also a gift shop inside Fondation Zinsou, so you can take the greatest gifts of Benin right from this sightseeing.

2. Porte du non retour

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Porte du non retour, which is translated as “the door of no return”, is located in Ouidah, in Benin. This is an ancient spot with historical background and a real must-visit when you take a tour to Benin. The name derives from the fact that there was a scale of enslavement, and it was a door of no return for many slaves of Africa. This cultural landmark will become one of the most interesting sightseeing of Benin for you if you are interested in historical facts and events. There is also an opportunity to get some traditional souvenirs from here.

3. Temple des Pythons

Temple des Pythons is one of the major attractions of Ouidah, Benin. This interesting and religious site contains a history of Snake worshipers, which can be introduced by a guide in detail who will also accompany you. Temple des Pythons is a small village with small houses and a temple. You can enter one or some of the houses to watch it inside, but be attentive not to get afraid of the snakes there. If you are interested, you can also take a photo of the snakes. This can be the most interesting experience that you will take during your tour to Benin.

4. Artisanal Center

Artisanal Center is an amazing spot of unique art and craft of Benin. The design and architecture of this sightseeing are African – with several spaces. Here you will see people selling beautiful items or making new goods. Thus, this is a great place in Benin, where you buy unique gifts and presents for friends and relatives, moreover, the prices are reasonable and affordable.

5. Ouidah Museum of History

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Ouidah Museum of History is one of the major sightseeing in Benin. The museum is located in Ouidah and it contains historical and cultural objects. If you want to get a complete idea of the history and culture of Benin, take a guide (preferably a local guide), who will show you and tell you about the most interesting facts of the museum. The history is mainly about the slaves deported here, so this will be a sensational history and a sensational experience for your tour to Benin.

6. Parc National de la Pendjari

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Parc National de la Pendjari, which is located in the northwestern part of Benin, is a well-known sightseeing, famous for its wildlife and birds. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an amazing place for spending a whole day. The protected area of this sightseeing offers adventures, as well as nice views, awesome nature and, of course, varieties of animals and birds. We recommend you to stay in a hotel located inside the park, because this will give you the chance to enjoy this attraction for several days, even just looking out of your window.

7. Royal Palace of Abomey

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Royal Palace of Abomey is composed of 12 palaces and is located in Abomey town, in Benin. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is sightseeing full of history, so if you want to succeed in getting introduced with the whole interesting story of all the palaces and Benin, your best choice will be the appropriate guide who will tell you everything about this spot.

8. Marche Dantokpa

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Marche Dantokpa is an open-air market, located in Western Africa, Cotonou, Benin. This big and busy spot offers you absolutely everything that you will need during your tour to Benin. You will find here different products, like food, drinks, fabrics, jewelry, etc. Take a visit here in the morning, to save the rest of your day for making tours to different sightseeing of Benin.

9. Fidjrosse Beach

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And, at last, we came to one of the jaw-dropping natural sightseeing of Benin - Fidjrosse Beach. This is an excellent ending for a busy and unforgettable tour to Benin. Visit here with your family to get relaxed and enjoy the clean and safe area of the beach. You will be admiring the amazing scenery of this sightseeing.

◎ Closing

Benin is a country including the overall image of life in Africa. It offers museums, parks, beaches, etc. Much of the sightseeing of Benin are still carrying the ancient history of Africa and the tour will seem much more attractive if you are interested in the history of slavery in ancient period.