New Caledonia: A Nation Surrounded by Beautiful Blue Lagoons and Pristine Pacific Waters

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New Caledonia: A Nation Surrounded by Beautiful Blue Lagoons and Pristine Pacific Waters

New Caledonia is situated in the southwest part of Pacific Ocean, between Australia and New Zealand and is the perfect place for a pacific seaside getaway. The weather is very pleasant in New Caledonia all year round, usually not too hot but not cold either. The country is also famous for its wine stores, offering French wine at very affordable prices. Below we'll introduce you to the most famous and most visited places in New Caledonia.

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New Caledonia: A Nation Surrounded by Beautiful Blue Lagoons and Pristine Pacific Waters

1. Piscine Naturelle (Iles Des Pins)

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Literally meaning 'natural pool', Piscine Naturelle is a beautiful saltwater pool known for its gorgeously clear water off the Isle of Pines. True to its name, the pool is flanked by towering pine trees which add to the picturesque scenery. As the waters are so clear, the site is a popular spot for snorkeling and for diving in places nearby.

2. Cathedrale St Joseph de Noumea (Grand Terre)

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Cathedrale St Joseph de Noumea is a Roman Catholic Church located in the capital, Noumea. The cathedral was built in the 19th century and was dedicated to St Joseph. This is a wonderful cathedral worth visiting, even if you are short in your time. This is amazing not only inside, but also outside of the structure. The cathedral is high on the hill, so you can also enjoy the scenery from there overlooking the city.

3. Fol Hill (Grand Terre)

With a beautiful view over the capital of Noumea and the surrounding coastline of the island, Fol Hill stands in the midst of the city overlooking the Moselle Bay with its sea of sailboats. For those interested in the scenery of the city, also consider checking out Hill Ouen Toro at the south of the peninsula, a spot of greenery that makes for some great hikes and views of the surrounding area.

4. Ouvea Island (Ouvea)

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Ouvea is one the most beautiful of the Loyalty Islands dotted around New Caledonia. It's particularly famous for the vibrant marine life found there such as the sea turtles that are often seen swimming around its waters, making the area perfect for diving and snorkeling.

5. Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre

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The perfect place to get an insight into the heritage and indigenous culture of New Caledonia, the cultural centre displays the history and lifestyle of the Kanak people, the first inhabitants of the islands. The design of the building with its unique 'cases' that rise up out of the surrounding forest and greenery is a sight to see in itself.

6. Noumea Morning Market (Grand Terre)

Noumea Morning Market is a must visit to peruse the locally grown produce and hand-made souvenirs to bring home. Although it's open everyday apart from Monday, the market is at its liveliest at the weekends when more stalls are usually set up.

7. Upi Bay (Iles Des Pins)

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Another stunning location on the beautiful Isle of Pines, Upi Bay has some of the best beaches and gorgeous blue waters perfect for swimming around. The bay is famous in the area for its unique rocky islets that are dotted around the sea here.

8. Amedee Island (Grand Terre)

A short boat ride from Noumea and you'll arrive at Amedee, famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and the colorful coral abundant in the surrounding waters. Make sure to visit the lighthouse, offering spectacular views over the island and the surrounding scenery. Day trips from the capital usually include snorkeling equipment along with a glass bottom boat trip to view the local marine life and coral.

9 .Kanumera Bay (Ile Des Pins)

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One of the other popular spots for snorkeling and viewing the local marine life, Kanumera Bay is known for its beautifully clear water and a great place for viewing the sea snakes that often shelter around the coastline of the island. The bay is located on the south side of the Isle of Pines and makes for a great spot after visiting the nearby Upi Bay, a short 20 minute drive away.

10. Yejele Beach (Mare)

Probably the most gorgeous beach spot in New Caledonia, Yejele has beautiful pure white sand and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling in. The beach is located on the south of the island of Mare, which is often overlooked by tourists in favor of the Isle of Pines or neighboring Loyalty Islands.


It's easy to see that New Caledonia is full of stunning spots perfect for exploring. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is the ideal place for relaxation and a peaceful vacation while checking out the colorful coral and pristine clear waters.




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