Syracuse : A City That Let You Do What Makes You Happy

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Syracuse : A City That Let You Do What Makes You Happy

Syracuse is the fifth-most populous city and major economic hub in New York, America. The city boasts more greenery than other metropolises in New York, with 27% land covered by trees. Typically, the climate is humid, which may be problematic to tourists from colder regions; however, the place is famous for its snowy winters. It is home to the vibrant Syracuse Jazz Festival and the Syracuse Opera Company. One of the happy things about Syracuse is that it has over 170 parks and recreational areas meticulously maintained by the civic authorities, including the renowned Burnet Park and Thornden Park. Syracuse is well-connected by road, and with the Centro Bus Service, tourists will have a hassle free commutation. The rich culture and climate make Syracuse an ideal spot for making the most out of the winters and spending your holidays.

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Syracuse : A City That Let You Do What Makes You Happy

1. The Landmark Theater

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The Landmark Theater is a historic performance center established in the year 1928, which was originally known as Loew’s State Theater, designed by architecture, Thomas W.Lamb. It is a must place to visit for experiencing the stellar art forms and stage shows, though in the initial days it was screening silent movies. The theater is famous for the grandeur golden-red decor and colossal murals and most of its old charm has restored during the recent renovation works. It has adopted an ‘Oriental-Style' construction, which is the primary attraction and is the first movie theater that used lavish oriental architectural styles for the structure. The Landmark Theater finds itself honored in the National Register of Historic Places. Due to continuous loss, poor performance and decreased audience, the theater was about to be demolished a few decades ago, but got its life back after the intervention of volunteers, with the help of the city of Syracuse. The theater is gradually showing signs of recovery, and it regularly hosts several important live programs. Renowned for its luxury and beauty, it is indeed the best place to visit while you are in Syracuse.

2. Webster Pond

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Dubbed as ‘Nature's best-kept secret' and a part of the Rand Tract Park, this beautiful place is located in the valley area of southern Syracuse. Webster Pond is a little sanctuary that houses many birds, ducks, and geese. The non-profit organization Anglers Association of Onondaga manages the Webster Pond and do all the maintenance required for it. One can buy bird-feed for a meager donation to feed the birds and ducks. The pond has excellent facilities for visitor and also for differently able people for traveling to the various location and watching the wildlife. The spot is scenic, and an air of tranquility surrounds it. Children love visiting this venue, as do the adults.

3. Highland Forest

Highland Forest is a county park great for trekkers, or anyone that enjoys outdoor activities. You can find many trekking options to choose such as snowshoe or ski in the winders or opt for sledding and sleigh rides, mountain biking and even archery hunting by permit. Another attraction is the options to choose various trails, which will let you explore various roots and get lost in the forest. The county park has a very well maintained-lodge which provides a great view of the countryside, making it a very scenic place too. Trekking rates are reasonable. One must surely have a cup of delicious hot chocolate in the lodge.

4. E.M. Mills Rose Garden

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Located between the renowned Syracuse University and the impressive Park landscape, this beautiful rose garden is sure to add to your overall sensory experience. It is highly recommended to visit this beautiful spot during summer and late spring when the garden is full of blossoming roses of all types and colors that you will not find anywhere. No wonder if you can enjoy the fragrances of the different kind of roses because that will be the bemusing experience you can never forget in your life. In the middle of the garden is a gazebo, let you relax and sip a cup of coffee or taking some break. It is a beautiful location to spend some quality leisure time, strolling among the roses, and spending some cozy time with your lover. The venue is clean and well-maintained. It is a perfect spot one should not miss to visit in Syracuse.

5. Clinton Square

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Clinton Square, in downtown Syracuse, is a historical place that has served as the gathering venue for Central New Yorkers. It is a versatile, vibrant place with busy activities throughout the year, and a visitor can engage in a variety of activities. You can ice-skate in the skating rink during the winter season, participate in a benefit walk or run programs, or attend one of the many festivals to commemorate the diversity and culture of New York. The Square has undergone several transformations over the years into a great venue that reflects its history. During summer, you can find a plethora of exciting events at the Square. One can also come here to enjoy a leisurely walk, especially during summer.

6. Destiny USA

Do you have a family of fun lovers, shopaholics, and gourmets? If yes, the Destiny USA is the perfect place for you. Located on the coastline of the dazzling Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, New York, Destiny USA is the 6th major shopping center you can find in America. Whether it is dining, entertainment, or shopping, you can enjoy everything with a single stop at the Destiny USA. From the most scrumptious cheesecakes to the best known branded clothing, you and your entire family will get to experience more than you have ever wished for. They host a wide range of events every month to entertain the visitors. Some of the current events include the RPM Raceway Spring and the Fortnite Friday. The shop is open for you on all the days from 10 AM to 9:30 PM and on Sundays from 11 AM to 6 PM. Once you step into this exotic shopping center, you will be tempted to go on a shopping spree.

7. Rosamond Gifford Zoo

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Are you an animal lover? If so, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at the Burnet Park in Syracuse, New York is the best place for you and your family and friends to hang out. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo provides you the opportunity to watch a unique collection of more than 700 species of animals and birds. You can find a variety of exciting exhibits like the U.S Antiquities Aquarium, Diversity of Birds’ Aviary, Adaptations, Lion Corridor, Penguin coast, Social Building, Outdoor Bird, Wildlife Trails, Asian Elephant Preserve, Domestic Animal Barn and much more. The zoo has many dining rooms, Jungle café, accessible parking facilities, restroom, and family bathrooms for all the guests. People with differently abled condition shall have the best treatment for visiting every area of the zoo, as the zoo is offering wheelchair facilities free of cost. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo lets your child learn about the different species via the summer camps, seasonal camps, and Adventure Academy. It is one of the best locations to spend your time with kids, especially during their birthdays. You can enjoy the unique packages to celebrate your kids’ birthday within the premises. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is by far, the best place to chill out with your family.

8. Erie Canal Museum

Erie Canal museum takes you back to the nineteenth century on a time machine. The place is an exciting heritage super waterway, the idea of which was conceived by Governor Clinton. Grab your tickets to take a ride through the Canal. You will be amazed to find out how it had connected east and west America at a time when there was no proper conveyance. The sheer magic of cutting through the Appalachian mountain range with crudest of tools is a work of marvel. You can take a guided tour to find out the tremendous economic benefit the cities situated along the Canal received during the first 80 years of its operation. The live program inside the museum is sure to catch your attention without fail. Sail off on a tour of Erie Canal Museum to unravel its historical legacies.

9. New York State Fairgrounds

The New York State Fairgrounds, located in Syracuse, New York, hosts many events every year. More than 1 million people visit these grounds every year to enjoy and participate in various events in this spectacular location spread across the 375-acres. During the State Fair, this ground becomes the live music entertainment capital of New York. Some of the teams involved in this entertainment include the Chevy Court Concerts, Pan-African Village, Empire Experience stage, and Dairy Land Stage, etc. To connect the people with the scrumptious dishes of New York, they organize a “Taste NY,” where many companies sell the sample of their delicious local products. Moreover, the people of different age groups and interests can participate in the various competitions in the categories of arts and crafts, cooking, cattle, agriculture, etc. To get your tickets to the New York State Fairgrounds or to host your event, visit their official website given below.

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Syracuse, with its lush greenery and valleys outside downtown, offers something for everybody and activities for every season. The chilling winter will never disappoint you like the way you can enjoy most of the winter in any part of the world, and during summer you can have all the fun and frolic activities. It is a city in New York State, home to various exhibitions, a conglomeration of old and new blended to offer the best of the best to all types of visitors. Downtown Syracuse will fulfill all your metropolitan needs. The place is rich and diverse in arts and culture, and the scenic beauty outside downtown will be sure to captivate the tourists. You can make the most out of your tour taking part in the festival celebrations or any event in the Square.