The 7 Safest and Best Airlines in the World Heading into 2020

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The 7 Safest and Best Airlines in the World Heading into 2020

When browsing for flights, the airline's safety record is not usually the determining factor in our decisions, with most people usually looking at price instead. However, it is important to be informed about the quality of service you're investing in. Determined by factors like fleet age, training, maintenance and incident record, impartial aviation information hub Airline Ratings puts together an annual list of the world's safest airlines - these are our top seven recommendations.

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The 7 Safest and Best Airlines in the World Heading into 2020


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Emirates was founded as a low-cost start-up in 1935, with 90 million in capital from the Dubai government and two aircrafts on lease from Pakistan International Airlines. Over the next 30 years, the airline grew into the world's fourth-largest by passenger kilometers flown. Emirates has never had an in-flight passenger or crew fatality, and is lauded for its exceptional first-class services.

Hawaiian Airlines

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One of America's oldest airlines, Hawaiian Airlines was founded 90 years ago as 'Inter-Island Airways'. The fleet is consistently on-time, with cancellations and other inconveniences few and far between, is recognized for its excellent service as well as its safety record. In nearly a century of service, while there has been a few incidents, Hawaiian Airlines has never experienced a fatal crash.


EVA Air one of Taiwan's major carriers is a five-star airline at economy prices. The airline receives high scores from customers for its high-quality amenities, decent mile-high grub and excellent service. The airline was founded in 1989 and has never experienced any flight fatalities since its founding.

Cathay Pacific

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Cathay Pacific takes its name from an old word for northern China, used even by Marco Polo nearly one thousand years ago. The name eventually came to refer to all of China, and it stuck. Cathay Pacific is the flagship carrier of Hong Kong, founded in 1946 hauling cargo. The airline has not had an accident fatality since 1972 and in 2010 two of its pilots were awarded the Polaris Award for landing the famous Flight 780 safely after both engines failed.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

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While it might not be the country's flag carrier, All Nippon Airways is Japan's largest and busiest airline. It's also, of course, the safest, approaching fifty years without any serious incidents. ANA's impeccable safety score is partly due to their fleet, which is regularly renewed and strictly maintained for quality and condition.


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In 2019, Qantas Airways earned the top safety ranking from Airline Rankings, making this airline the safest bet for your 2020 travel plans. Amazingly, it is also the world's oldest airline in continuous operation, turning 99 years old in 2020. Qantas, an acronym for its founding name Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, is the flagship carrier of Australia.

In Conclusion

While the ticket price, quality of service and timing may be the biggest factors in our decision to book a particular flight, the most important one is something we may not even think about at all: safety. Before booking your trips in the coming year, check out these safest international airlines to see if they're an option.