Pago Pago : Offbeat and Tropical Tourist Destination for Travelers

Pago Pago : Offbeat and Tropical Tourist Destination for Travelers

Pago Pago is an exciting city that opens you to number of experiences right from many historical sites to cultural places. The local culture in itself is a thing to explore in this city. The beaches are away from the hustle bustle of the crowd and give you a pleasant opportunity to immerse in its solitude. The beaches of Pago Pago are known for its coral reef. Volcanoes also form a larger part of the landscapes. The city is a paradise for adventure lovers. The city overlooks the gorgeous Southern mountains. The city in the American Samoa can be best explored with these top ten places. Read on to know more:

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Pago Pago : Offbeat and Tropical Tourist Destination for Travelers

1. National Park of American Samoa

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The National Park located in Pago Pago is present in a remote island with some absolutely gorgeous trails. It leaves you speechless with some of the most breathtaking views through its lush green surroundings. The natural rock formation of the place is marvelous and there are many water activities that one can participate in. Located in the heart of South Pacific, it opens you many cultural prospective along with many natural resources to soak your wonderful soul into. There are gorgeous Islands that make a part of the National Park.

2. Mount Alava

Mount Alava is a trail of 3 km that is surrounded by amazing and lush green scenery with view of the pristine island and harbor. It is an easy hike along the ridge that offers you the view of the Island from both the sides. It is along a pleasant forest with a descent of around 700 stairs. You can get the view of the Pago Pago Harbour from the top of Mount Alava. The trail is well marked and can be done in a day easily.

3. Lower Sauma Ridge

Pago Pago is a place filled with heartfelt hikes and trails opening to some handsome cliffs, rugged landscapes and verdant situations. Lower Sauma Ridge is a short hike and is easy to do that goes through a forest. The trail to the hike starts from a paved road at the end of the Vatia Village. It overlooks many scenic places and location and it also leads to the archaeological site of ancient star mound. The trail has amazing range of flower blooms and satiate your wanderlust with so much of nature around.

4. Two Dollar Beach

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It is an offbeat strip of white sand beach that opens you to cobalt blue skies, turquoise green ocean water and basking under the sun. Along with everything else, there is a rocky Island that is apt for exploring around to spend some peace time. It is a serene beach with shallow water and is great for snorkeling. The beach is great for a day trip with lovely scenery. It offers stunning underwater life with gorgeous coral reef and plenty of tropical fishes, underwater flora and fauna to experience.

5. Jean P. Haydon Museum

The museum gives you a rich insight of the culture and heritage of Samoa. The museum is a home to many Samoan artifacts, handicrafts and exquisite pieces from Samoa culture. It was commissioned during the World War II and is a awe inspiring place for historians to dig into the glorious past. It is a small museum but has many things to display along with photographic stories. The museum does not have any entry fee and is easily accessible.

6. Pago Pago Marine Charters

The marine charter is an experience which heightens your experience on the ocean and gives you the best and most scenic views of the ocean. There are many activities that are offered by the marine charters like game fishing, whale watching and other ocean tours in one package. It is a great opportunity for individuals looking for some fishing in American Samoa with different types of marine vessels available. It gives you a deeper and better understanding of the oceanic water.

7. Matafao Peak

The Matafao peak is a mountain located in the island of Tutuila at an elevation of 653 meters and is the highest peak within the Island. It crosses the Pago Pago Harbour and is volcanic remains. It is an idyllic hike and takes you to a landmark point called as Matafao Peak National Natural Landmark. It is the highest point and opens you to some amazing views of the place.

8. Pago Pago Harbour

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It is the gateway to the magnificent and absolutely stunning city of Pago Pago that gives the first glimpses of the Tutuila town. It is located on the Tutuila Island and is one of the largest natural harbor. There are many colorful villages around the harbor. The harbor boasts of deepest and crystal clean water in the Oceania area. There are many ships and charters aligned along the harbor. It is a perfect place to witness the daily activities around the harbor town of Pago Pago.

9. Congregational Christian Church

The Christian Church is a baroque church with stunning sculptures and represents the culture and tradition of the Samoan community. It is extremely peaceful with a lot of positive aura inside it. The interiors of the church are beautiful with brightly colored four leaf clovers. The ceiling too is designed with lot of interesting elements. The log bell of the church is a special feature that stands strong significantly. It is a less visited church but the baroque appearance and rich history makes it extremely gorgeous.

10. Pala Lagoon

Pala Lagoon is an iconic place that overlooks some of the most beautiful, offbeat and scenic places. There is a wreck at the entrance of the lagoon. The place is located very close to the Pago Pago International Airport. The wreck was a Taiwanese fishing vessel and that holds an iconic importance attracting many travelers. It is an offbeat place and is not crowded by lot of tourists.

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Pago Pago is a perfect tropical destination in American Samoa that opens you to many hikes and virgin trails. The history and culture of the place is interesting and leaves you in awe as your explore the place in depth.




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