Salzburg : Austria’s Haven of Stunning Baroque Architecture

Salzburg : Austria’s Haven of Stunning Baroque Architecture

Salzburg city is located along the agile Salzach river. Beyond the city are two mountains to its north. The Kapuzinerberg and the Monchsberg. To its south are extensively undulating plains. The city’s urban plan is predominantly in baroque style architecture, with elegance exuding from the spires and domes of such buildings. Below are some tour and sightseeing places in Salzburg:

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Salzburg : Austria’s Haven of Stunning Baroque Architecture

1. Salzburg Fortress

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Located at the peak of Festungsberg hill is a second-century fortress. It is accessed by a cable railway system, making the journey a sightseeing opportunity. The fortress’ exterior is a glorious white illumination. There are many courtyards overlooking the city in the compound. The foyer is an elegant masterpiece, made of marble pillars and high domed ceiling. A chapel is also present, highly embellished with plaster decorations and ornaments. The fortress is home to various artifacts and exhibitions the main one being the huge wind instrument- the Aerophone.

2. Mozart Wohnhaus

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The legendary classical music composer, Mozart, was raised in the city of Salzburg. As a way of commemorating his presence and his contributions, his home was preserved and opened to the public. The house has been renovated to its initial original plan. Displayed here are personal facts and bio details of each of his family members. There are also drawings depicting their ordinary lifestyles and day to day activities. The tour in this house is informative thanks to an audio guide. A portrait of Mozart’s full physique has been reconstructed in three dimensions, a near personal interaction.

3. Eagle’s Nest

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The Eagle’s nest is the most epic sightseeing platform in the city. It is an ancient building built during the third era of the German empire. It is accessed by a foot hike lasting approximately two hours. There is an underground restaurant at this mountain getaway. The restaurant is a subterranean structure. The restaurant is found at the terminus of a tunnel and a lift three thousand feet deeper. The restaurant is a specialty, dealing in fine dining of the major Austrian cuisine as well as famous global recipes, turning the hiking and sightseeing journey into a great culinary experience at the city’s outskirts.

4. Salzburg Old Town

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Salzburg city may be a modern one in its current stature, but it never abandoned its ancient outlook. The old town of Salzburg is made up of attractive, old-fashioned streets in the midst of Baroque and Medieval styled buildings. These buildings host an array of shops perfectly placed along the Salz river. The museum of modern arts is also found here, housing exhibitions and art pieces from the current contemporary era. The museums' top floor forms a breathtaking sightseeing spot of the city and its neighboring Monchsberg mountain.

5. Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Mozart is an entertainment hub, since the era of classical music. The Mirabell place has a Marble Hall, which hosts various concerts and functions throughout the year. The courtyard is made of an amazing series of gardens, with splendid sightseeing and picturesque views of Salzburg cathedral. The gardens are designed to almost complete replicas of each other with topiaries and landscaping that emphasizes on mythological figures and characters. At the center of the courtyard is a Pegasus fountain, spewing water in a magical pattern, capable of invoking one’s superstitious side. Some gardens are themed, from the flower bed to its surrounding hedges.

6. Gaisberg Mountain

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Tucked away from the city center is the Gaisberg mountain which is equipped with a variety of sporting and hiking activities. It is accessed by both the city’s bus and tram systems. The mountain is made up of a series of trails, approximately fifteen kilometers when summed up. The trails are of various lengths and efforts. The trails are well maintained and fit for mountain biking as well as foot travels which is an awesome way to exercise. Paragliding and bungee jumping are available on the cliffs complimenting the sightseeing experience.

7. Toy Museum

Toy making isn’t child's play; to be able to come up with items that excite kids and adults as well as an intricate art form. The toy museum is a perfect hangout place for adults and infants alike. This is a museum displaying famous old toys and arcade games. There are machine controlled rides such as the mini racing and the marble run. To keep children abreast of the past, an imitation shop was put up where they can learn the mechanics of old toys. Throughout the year, themed activities are available for sampling.

8. St. Peter’s Abbey

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Just like many other European cities, Salzburg city has kept its age-old churches in mint condition. Saint Peter’s Abbey is another manifestation of the latter. It is a church build on top of remains from the seventh century. It is a Benedictine monastery, complete with displays alluding to this. Throughout the history of this church, it underwent changes in its architectural outlook, with the Renaissance and Romanesque styles still being dominantly visible. The church has large windows that admit a lot of light. The stained glass windows are magnificent displays of major Biblical figures, a good sightseeing experience within the city.

9. Hellbrunn Castle

The Hellbrunn castle is one of the ways to have a majestic experience within the city. Located at the foot of Hellbrunn mountain, the city’s prime water source is this renaissance styled building. As if to pay homage to its wealth of water, the courtyard has a series of Italian styled water fountains that spew water in some sort of symphony. The gardens are landscaped, to some extent still retaining the natural appearance. There’s a machine theater that spews water from tags having dancing crowns at its top.

10. Zoo Salzburg

The best way to unwind from the usually hectic city experience is through the appreciation of nature. This zoo is the city’s gift that counters the latter. It is found at the foot of a miniature mountain, whose vegetation is predominantly scrubs and trees that make it a good habitat for its fauna. The zoo hosts a variety of animal species, from local wildlife to exotic breeds from Africa and Eurasia. The zoo has a series of small lakes that make it an enticing sightseeing place. Some of the animals that are found here include red pandas, lynx, snow leopards, and bears. Admission to the city’s zoo is free.

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A tour of the various landmarks and attractions in Salzburg city is a promising experience worth the time and money. The city offers a variety of sightseeing zones, from the man-made citadels to nature’s own peaks. The old but still mint buildings, complete with prominent ancient architecture, easily makes the city tour an evocative one.