Williams Lake : A City Whose Frontier Is Deceiving, Simply Overshadowing the Heaven within

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Williams Lake : A City Whose Frontier Is Deceiving, Simply Overshadowing the Heaven within

Williams Lake is a city hard to fathom. Widely known for its livestock and forestry ventures, the city seems to have many hidden treasures that can only be pinpointed by a keen eye. Sparsely populated, quiet and a mix of urban and rural life, the city is a place worth a visit. Below are some of the places in Williams Lake city worth touring and sightseeing:

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Williams Lake : A City Whose Frontier Is Deceiving, Simply Overshadowing the Heaven within

1. Realm of Toys and Nerd Room

Williams Lake city puts forth the needs of all its residents. At the Realm of Toys and the Nerd Room, the nerdy palates of all are satiated. As a shopping center dealing in toy pieces and comics, shoppers are bombarded with too many choices. Barbie dolls, science fiction figures, gaming consoles, and interior design Legos are always in stock. Most of the items here are limited edition, making any purchase a rare find worth a chest-thumping session. The Nerd room has a large collection of comic books awaiting readers as well as collectibles.

2. Coyote Rock Golf Course

Coyote Rock Golf has attractive prices, availing a golfing experience to all. Its mantra seems to shift the paradigm from the train of thought that golfing is for the elite. The eighteen hole course is stretched over a spacious open air that screams serenity. The golf course is also a good place to sightsee, offering vantage points for sampling the city’s beauty. Visitors may choose to hike throughout the golfing field, with the lazy ones opting for the golf carts. A restaurant within the course serves to quell the belly rumbling among the famished.

3. Williams Lake River Valley Trail

Williams Lake has stretches upon stretches of land worth sightseeing and hiking. The ever-serene river valley trail could be a splendid way for visitors to spend a day. Throughout the premises, visitors will unearth limitless picture perfect places, worth a frame in the walls. The trail crisscrosses the Williams Lake River. For this reason, miniature but beautiful bridges are a frequent encounter. The beauty of the riverside is also blessed with various beautiful physical scenery to sightsee including creeks, cliffs, and riverside picnic sites.

4. Churn Creek

Adding to the growing mystique of spending sightseeing spots, the Churn Creek lives up to expectations. Unscathed, it offers true views of the Frayser riverside before modernization picked up. The trails along the river are fit for hiking, turning a simple day into an adventure. The creek also offers a glimpse into the prehistoric days, with petroglyphs embellishing the rocks. The smoothly flowing river makes a good picnic spot. A dry riverside is a harmonious place to hang out. Enjoying fresh air and tranquillity, accompanied with the symphony of the flowing river would be a great experience.

5. Station House Gallery

Away from sightseeing and hiking, art enthusiasts will find the city’s main gallery to be a good treat to their eyes. The Station House Gallery used to be the city’s rail station. Transformed into an art gallery, it still lives up to the grain. The art gallery hosts art exhibitions displaying the city’s artists. A gift shop by the entrance is always stocked with souvenir caliber collectibles. The house itself is worth a marvel; over a century old, its parquet is still firm and immaculate.

6. Scout Island

Scout Island is another addition to the city’s many parks. The islet is a mix of all pleasure-filled zones crammed into a single place. The island is accessed from the mainland by a bridge, an onset for the hiking itinerary. The nature trail is raw, thanks to being free from interference anthropological activities. The lakeside is splendid for sightseeing. The islet s also blessed with small beaches that would be awesome for picnics and sand bathing. The Scout Island is well endowed with flora and fauna, with bird watching being the forefront of activity.

7. Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery

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Connoisseurs are not left out in Williams Lake city. A drive to the winery is a sightseeing trip itself, with endless stretches of road winding in the countryside adorned with farms and local artwork. The wine served here is one for the books, properly aged and matured into tastes that eternally linger in the taste buds. Within the winery, a bistro serving various cuisines is always open. The bistro is strategically placed to provide great views of Williams Lake. A gazebo on the outdoors is a good zone for live music performances with a dance floor awaiting the foot.

8. BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

Livestock keeping is the pride of Williams lake city. It is only natural that the city pays odes to this activity. The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame is a museum that offers evocative perspectives of Williams Lake beginner days as miners, lumberjacks, and skin traders. Cowboys and ranch owners are honored here with their major milestones being displayed gloriously, showing why they should be revered. Various other cowboy paraphernalia is also displayed here, including buckles, family crests, artifacts, classic jackets, and boots and horse saddles.

9. Tourism Discovery Centre

The Tourism Discovery center should be first on the itinerary. It serves as an informational center, with visitors getting a crash course on the city. The building itself is a remarkable sight. Made of cedar and pinewood, it stands firmly. At the center, a brightly painted wood pillar mimicking a tree rises to the roof. Various murals highlighting the city’s geography are displayed interactively, behind saddles, canoes, and bicycles. The guides in this center are courteous and adept, ready to fill up visitors with knowledge on the ins and outs of the city.

◎ Closing

Do not judge a book by its cover. Williams Lake appears to be a countryside that is dull as any other. Upon close examination, visitors realize that the city is blessed with adventure, sightseeing platforms, and Mother Nature’s beauty. A visit to this city will be full of surprises and unexpected outcomes.