Kingston (Canada) : Kingston the Limestone City on the Ontario Lake

Kingston (Canada) : Kingston the Limestone City on the Ontario Lake

In eastern Ontario, midway from Toronto to Montreal, by the eastern end of the Lake Ontario and at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River lays a city which is our next destination for an unforgettable vacation. Kingston was established to control trades and went by the name Cataraqui. When the British took over the city they renamed it Kingston. The city has a nickname the "Limestone" city and it is very famous for the wonderful buildings that were builded out of using local limestones. Let's see what does this city of limestones hold for travelers!

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Kingston (Canada) : Kingston the Limestone City on the Ontario Lake

1. Fort Henry

Fort Henry allows us to take a step back in time and see the history before our very eyes. The fort dates back into the nineteenth century and was a possession of British soldiers. The fort is located on Point Henry a rather elevated land at the mouth of the Cataraqui River. This strategic fort is a museum now which receives anyone interested in history. Visitors will have an educational time here while taking guided tours in the fort museum and soaking up the informations from re-enactments and other seasonal activities in Fort Henry.

2. Bellevue House

Kingston's historic site is a great stop to admire renaissance architecture. Bellevue was the home of Canada's first Prime Minister in between the years of 1848 and 1849. Once a home to an important person, now a museum to the public the visitors to this house will have the experience of one of a kind. People can take guided tours to obtain more information on the period. The staff will receive the visitors in costumes related to the period of John A. Macdonald which will set the mood immediately. People can also take a walk outside of the Italian style house, where there is a beautiful garden for peace.

3. Kingston Penitentiary  

Welcome behind the bars. Like the famous Alcatraz you can visit another exciting prison right here in Kingston. The Kingston Penitentiary used to be a secluded very secured prison. It has closed it's doors for one hundred and eighty years, but since it has opened it's gates, today it is an interactive and exciting museum that presents the days of prisoners. Located on King Street West and Lake Ontario visitors can catch a glimpse into the cruel days of criminals through tours. People can see cells and objects that prisoners had and will be hearing exciting unheard stories throughout the tour.

4. Kingston City Hall

The Kingston City hall is the seat of the city's local government. The hall is located facing Lake Ontario and is so big it takes up a whole city block. The building has a unique architecture which attracts travelers to the city hall. The neoclassical style can be especially noticed through the tholobate and on top of the tholobate through the dome. Buildings of the Kingston City Hall was finished in 1844 and today it is declared as a National Historic Site. Visitors will be blown away by the amazing structures and historical style.

5. Murney Tower

The construction of the tower dates back all the way to the year of 1846. The official name of the tower is Murray Tower, locally it is best known as the Murney Tower because of it's location on the Murney Point. The tower was initially built to be a defensive tower against enemies however today it got a whole new role and purpose. When people go and visit the Murney Tower today they will see a military museum among the solid walls of the tower. Visitors will be able to get an insight on all sorts of military related things and some history.

6. Lake Ontario Park

The best place to enjoy an outside afternoon in the limestone city is definitely the Lake Ontario Park. People will have a broad range of things to do here. Beginning from the usual playground they can perform all sorts of activities here. Being located by a lake the park features a beach where people can play volleyball or have a nice lunch in a boat. Kids can run free and play on the kid friendly playground while giving parents a break. Visitors can also wonder along the many paths and discover never seen things.

7. Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

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Were you ever interested in the marine life? The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes is a perfect place to get your questions answered and to obtain some additional informations. The museum aims to maintain and teach people about the wonderful heritage of maritime in Kingston and the Great Lakes. Visitors will be able to see the exhibits of different tools that shipbuilders and marines used during their journey. The museum has different kinds of collections such as records and artifact objects. Visitors can see tons of pictures and ship plans along with other interesting exhibitions.

8. Pump House Steam Museum

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Next up is Kingston's probably most diverse center. In the Pump House visitors can see and experience all kinds of things. If you visit this nineteenth century plumping station you will have the chance to discover many things along your visit. The building once served as a plumping center however today it is a museum where people can learn through touring the Pump House Steam Museum. Visitors will be introduced to subjects such as history and science. People can also learn about technology and can realize things in the discovery center.

9. Agnes Etherington Art Centre

The incredible site of Agnes Etherington museum is an artistic place for artistic people and art lovers. The art center is a very interesting place to see new art and a different perspective of the world. Besides being an extraordinary public museum this place is also an intensive research center. The museum is located on the campus of the historic Queen's University. The Agnes Etherington Art Centre mainly focuses on Canadian art including indigenous artifacts, historical dresses and paintings. After the museum it is useful to tour the university to get the full experience.

10. Museum of Health Care

A museum visit a day keeps the laziness away is just as true as if you were eating apples to keep the doctor away. Luckly Kingston never runs out of museums and never fails to entertain us. The Museum of Health Care may sound boring at first but the museum has a whole new world inside of it. People are attracted to the limestone building to see the past of health care and medical history. The century old place used to be a nursing residence which now days helps to explore the history of medicine and health care in Canada.

◎ Closing

Kingston is an awesome historic and architectural place to visit. There is everything that can be seen and done in order to make your trip perfect and unforgettable. The natural beauty is a plus which is one of the greatest assets of the country. Besides nature Kingston excels in architecture and is known to have many limestone buildings. When you are tiered of the cultural places you can go and experience the exciting night life of the city and try out real and delicious Canadian food.