Halifax : The Coastal City of Nova Scotia

Halifax : The Coastal City of Nova Scotia

Halifax is located in the province of Nova Scotia and is the capital of the same province. Halifax being right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean became a very important part of Canada's economy. Halifax plays a big role in the many major industries such as fishing, mining or natural gas extraction. You can tell that Halifax is a very important part of Canada's economy, however that is not all of it. Halifax is also a beautiful and great destination for travelers where the tourism industry flourishes. Here are some places to check out in the city while you enjoy your vacation there.

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Halifax : The Coastal City of Nova Scotia

1. Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill is a National Historic site in Halifax that attracts many travelers to admire it. The hill features four fortifications that have been built on the hill since 1749. The date of the foundation of the forts and hill indicates it's historical being. People will be able to go in and see the star shaped fort located on the hilltop. Tours can be taken where you can acquire interesting information about the fort and it's history. The Citadel Hill also features a cafe where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere or you can buy pretty gifts in the gift shop.

2. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Photo by Kelly Mercer

Located in downtown Halifax the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is an engaging maritime museum representing maritime life. This is one of the most interesting museums because it shows how people deal with living on the coast of the ocean and how important the marines are. Visitors will be able to take a tour around the museum while looking at interesting and diverse exhibitions. In this large maritime museum people can admire ship building exhibitions as well as shipwreck exhibitions. Naval exhibits can be seen in the museum as well as there is a historic vessel displayed.

3. Pier 21

Photo by Brad Saunders

Pier 21 is a special pier in Canada's history. The pier used to be a liner terminal and was especially important in immigration. Immigrants who wanted to live in Canada came from 1928 to 1971 through the Pier 21. This pier received over one million immigrants and todays is the only pier that survived out of the other immigration piers in Canada. This is a great place to visit if you want to go back to your roots and discover immigrant stories. There is an interesting immigration museum that visitors can check out and admire the brave beings of immigrants.

4. Point Pleasant Park

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Located at the southern part of the Halifax peninsula the park is a great place to visit. The beautiful scenery will blow away any traveler. This municipal park has a huge area with mainly forest covers. People who visit will be amazed by the historical value of the park. Throughout the park there can be seen ruins of batteries and forts. You can enjoy the green leafy environment while looking for the historical Prince of Wales Tower which is the the oldest Martello tower in North America. If the historic side does not attract you then the park has many trails to discover and it even has a swimming beach for hotter days.

5. Halifax Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens date back all the way to the 1867s and were built in the beautiful Victorian era style. Visitors will be able to have a quiet and calming time while visiting the famous and very well attracted garden. The Halifax Public Gardens were declared as historical landscape because of the historical events attached to the garden's establishing time. Visitors to the garden will be able to take a walking tour while obtaining informations about the garden. There are a series of concerts held in the garden, in the summertime especially. The garden displays flower exhibits for the joy of their visitors.

6. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Photo by Andrea Vail

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is the provincial art gallery of the province and is one of the best places to go to when you want to look at something amazing. This art gallery is a great place to see something new or something you have already seen but from a different perspective. The art gallery is located in downtown Halifax which makes the museum very accessible from almost anywhere. Visitors will be able to see a very numerous collection of seventeen thousand classic art pieces. The museum focuses on showcasing the classic and modern arts of native artists for the visiting audience.

7. Discovery Centre

Discover the surrounding world in the best way at the best place possible. The Discovery center aims to focus to educate people in different fields of studies and to stimulate interest to understand and enjoy learning while discovering many interesting facts. Visitors will be able to enjoy interactive exhibitions in this modern center of discovery. People can choose to uncover interesting information about science, technology, engineering, the arts or math. You can also join into activities or just enjoy soaking up the priceless informations.

8. Nova Scotia Museum

Photo by commons.wikimedia.org

Located in downtown Halifax the Nova Scotia Museum receives everyone interested in learning something new about the area. The museum is a natural history and science museum where people can learn about scientific facts and the natural life of the area. Established in 1868 the museum is outstanding because it houses live animals and other science and natural life related interactive exhibitions. Being located in downtown, after touring the museum it is very good to also tour downtown Halifax to get to know the area more especially after visiting the related museum.

9. Halifax Town Clock

Visit one of the most recognizable tourist attraction in Halifax. The Halifax Town Clock is one of the most sought after attractions in the town attracting many tourists to see this sight. The Halifax Town Clock on it's other names might be mentioned as the Old Town Clock or Citadel Clock Tower. It is the part of the historical urban core of Halifax where you can get closer and admire the beautiful style and integrity of the building. The clock being on a hill top gets a good view of what is below the stairs that you climb on the way up to the beautiful Town Clock.

10. Sir Sandford Fleming Park

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Discover the natural beauty of Halifax in the attractive Sir Sandford Fleming Park. Big open air space with various activities to do, what could be better for a relaxing day? The community park is a ninety five acre park which is also known as the Dingle park meaning wooded valley park. Visitors can play any kind of sport here beginning from running to football. The park features long walking trails that can be discovered throughout the park. There is a place to launch your boats for a friendly meal on water or you can go and check out the tower with the Northwest Arm view dating back to the 1912s.