Santorini : Breathtaking Cycladic Houses, Multi-Colored Cliffs and Spectacular Sunsets

Santorini : Breathtaking Cycladic Houses, Multi-Colored Cliffs and Spectacular Sunsets

Santorini is a beautiful island located on the Aegean sea. Fira and Oia are its two main principal towns. It soars with multi-colored cliffs and breathtaking white-washed Cycladic houses. Santorini is famous for the great calderas, colorful beaches, and amazing Greek history. There are many artsy and historic things that tourists enjoy while in Santorini. These are some of the places you need to check out when visiting this beautiful island.

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Santorini : Breathtaking Cycladic Houses, Multi-Colored Cliffs and Spectacular Sunsets

1. Museum of Prehistoric Thera

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The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is the ideal place to find some of the interesting pieces collected from the excavations at Akrotiri and other sites around the island. It's the perfect spot in Santorini to learn more about Greek civilization and the local island history. These exhibits are displayed in four separate areas. Here you can find items from prehistoric Thira that date back from the late Neolithic to the Cycladic I period. The museum is opened from 8:00 am in the morning until 14:30 pm except for Mondays when it's closed.

2. Skaros Rock

Skaros is the most important castle fortress of the five found around Santorini. This rock was inhabited during the medieval times and it served as a medium of protection from the pirates that sailed around the area. From the top you'll get amazing views over the Caldera including exceptionally beautiful scenery during sunset. The terrain is mostly loose rocks and can be a little steep to get there, so make sure you're physically fit before visiting. Even though Skaros rock remains uninhabited, there is a small church still standing at the top.

3. Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is a small bay located in Oia Santorini. The bay can be accessed by car, foot, or if you're looking for something different, a donkey ride. There is a beautiful hidden swimming spot on the left side of the bay that's well worth visiting. From the bay, you'll also get beautiful views over the Caldera.

4. Santo Winery

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This beautiful winery set up in the heart of Santorini offers beautiful sea views and over the rocky cliffs of the island. The winery is a hot spot for wedding receptions and lunches, perfect for indulging in some of the finest wines found in Santorini, accompanied by delicious snacks.

5. Ancient Thera

Thera is an ancient city located high up at the top of Mt Messavouno in Santorini. It derived its name from the mythical ruler known as Theras and was inhabited from 9th century BC until it was abandoned in the eighth century. While the ancient site is mostly just ruins, it's still fascinating to walk around and imagine the splendor of this once mighty, historical city.

6. Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

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Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is a beautiful cathedral soaring above the cliffs of Santorini. This stunning church was opened in 1204 with the baroque style building featuring enticing colors infused with blue-gray and cream. The bell tower of the church is particularly beautiful and stands out from the surrounding buildings of the town. Before you enter the cathedral, there is a grand mosaic yard which is also well worth checking out.

7. Akrotiri Lighthouse

This lighthouse on Santorini was built in 1892, and is one of the most popular spots on the island for sunset photos when the sun's beautiful orange glow illuminates the charming tower. The 10-meter lighthouse is not open to the public for entry, however you can walk around the grounds to get a stunning view of the area. The area surrounding the Lighthouse is abundant with fish taverns, a great place to sample some of the vibrant seafood delicacies.

8. Santorini Volcano

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One of the most beautiful locations to take in the stunning scenery of the island, this volcano shaped much of the terrain around the island. Going around the crater will require a boat and much of it is still submerged underwater. Th e history behind the volcano is very interesting. It is believed that the volcano experienced one of the largest volcanic eruptions recorded on earth. It ruined most part of Thera even shaking the agricultural aspect of it and the people that had settled around it. When hiking the volcano, trainers are the most appropriate footwear to bring along.

9. Akrotiri Archaeological Site

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Akrotiri Archaeological Site is often nicknamed as Pompeii of the Aegean when it was once covered in heaps of volcanic ash. Despite being older than the original Pompeii, it remains well preserved and is one of the best historic sites in Santorini. A tour around this ancient city will cost around 12 euros per person and will need an average of about one and a half hours. Before the tour, there is a comprehensive seven minute video which gives an incredible insight into the life of the once bustling city.


Santorini is more than just beautiful bays and beaches. The warm-hearted atmosphere of the people of Santorini will help tourists feel at home. Be sure for great sightseeing adventures as you indulge in some amazing food and drinks at one of the many taverns.