Rarotonga : Indulge in Wilderness, Culture and Tropical Rejuvenation

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Rarotonga : Indulge in Wilderness, Culture and Tropical Rejuvenation

Rarotonga is a scenic destination that opens you to some of the stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and gorgeous trails. It is one of the touristic Islands of Cook Islands located in the Central South Pacific. It is known for volcanic peaks, gorgeous ridges, gargantuan rainforests and coastal lagoon stretched along the beach. It is one of the popular destinations for tourist to indulge in an array of adventurous water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving etc. An ideal place to sip some coconut water, enjoy amazing music and loosen up in the balmy tropical paradise. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Rarotonga:

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Rarotonga : Indulge in Wilderness, Culture and Tropical Rejuvenation

1. Muri Lagoon

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This is an exotic location that steals your heart with its enchanting vistas. The deep blue water is one of the most scenic destinations to be with an ample of water activities to indulge. Muri beach is one of the jewels of Cook Islands that open into stretch of white sand. As you head towards the Muri Lagoon, work out your muscle as you go on a paddle boat, kayak or kite surf. The crystal clear blue water of the lagoon makes it a phenomenal place to experience.

2. Te Rua Manga

It is also known as The Needle and is one of the most spectacular vantage points. The tall rock is a strenuous hike but the views from the top are worth the hike. As you hike through this rocky mountain, you cross number of streams and rivers and can be a little challenging at some parts. It is recommended to take a guide along to help you guide better as you climb the rock that sprouts from a large hill. It has a well marked trail and at times even need climbing equipment.

3. Cook Islands National Museum

The Cooks Islands Library and Museum is an attempt to preserve the culture and heritage of Cook Island that reflects the best of the Island. The museum showcases number of artifacts and things that represent the Island. It was started in the year 1960 with help of some of the community leaders and till date is run with help of volunteers and funds raised locally. The building was designed by architect Ken Mills and represents the grandeur of architecture through concrete block panels and wooden ceiling linings.

4. Te Vara Nui

The best of the culture and ethnicity of Cook Island can be explored by visiting the Te Vara Nui Village which is apparently the cultural center of Cook Islands. There are tours to the village for around 2.5 hours that allows you to experience the culture of Cook Island in the most authentic manner. There are a lot of things that you can experience like a cultural village tour or an overnight show and dinner that showcases dance and music. You can meet the Maori people during the cultural tour.

5. Aroa Marine Reserve

This is the perfect place to indulge in some exotic underwater activity and experience the gorgeous marine life. It is indeed one of the finest snorkeling sports that open you to a beautiful marine world. It is a protected lagoon with crystal clear water and is home to number of aquatic organisms like butterfly fish, sea bream, moray eels etc. Snorkeling through the blue water of the lagoon reserve is one of the finest experiences and with school of fish around, it defines one of the best things to do in Rarotonga.

6. Titikaveka Beach

The scenic and pristine beach gives you some of the magnificent jewels of nature as the water sweeps of your feet on the white sand beach. It offers some of the best snorkeling spots with an amazing marine life to experience. It is along a crystal clear deep blue water lagoon that is filled with number of colorful fishes. It is a great place to go for scuba diving, kayaking and many other water sports. It brings to you the most panoramic sunset and sunrise.

7. Maire Nui Botanical Garden

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It is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate surrounded by lush green environment. The botanical gardens are spread along the south coast of the Island and are spread across sprawling acres of land. It is home to some of the most exotic and rare plants and some of the medicinal plants are also available. It offers an expansive range of plants and flowers to enjoy the connection with nature. It is neatly done and there is also a café that serves nice organic food.

8. Wigmore’s Waterfall

It is also known as Papua Waterfall and is a prominent sight-seeing considering it being the lone waterfall spot. It is slightly offbeat and is located along the eastern edge of the abandoned Sheraton resort. It is on the way and is a lovely and gorgeous cascade that drips down forming a natural pool. The water fall rolls down a sloping cliff and you can also take a dip in the swimming hole at the bottom. It is a major attraction owing to being a centerpiece waterfall.

9. Pa’s Trek

This is the best way to explore and indulge in the culture and nature of Cook Islands. Pa conducts a number of treks, natural walks and medicinal herbal walk that spreads more awareness among people. There are number of informative workshops conducted on herbal medicines and walks or treks conducted along the gorgeous mountain range that opens you to number of herbal plants, orchards and unspoiled lands. Enjoy the Cook Island trek with Pa and get better insight of Rarotonga as place.

10. Takitumu Conservation Area

The Takitumu conservation area is marked by trails and is a community that is engaged in preservation of wildlife. It is responsible towards preservation and protection of endangered yellow kakerori birds which is one of the rarest bird species. It is spread around 155 hectares of upland forest and protects some of the rarest land birds. It is a great place to explore wildlife and wilderness of nature.

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Rarotonga is home to some of the best beaches and gorgeous lagoons with huge number of adventure water activity to indulge into. The tropical destination is even surrounded by amazing wilderness and exotic wildlife from rare animals, birds to plants. With scenic treks and trails, it is perfect place to enjoy a little of everything.




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