Grenoble : A Historic Capital in the South East of France Embraced by the French Alps

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Grenoble : A Historic Capital in the South East of France Embraced by the French Alps

France’s city, Grenoble is the self-styled capital of the Alps. It captures sightseeing attractions of the mountains and its spectacular nature. The city is divided by River Isere, thereby creating a ravishing layout of riverside museums and clifftops. Furthermore, Grenoble’s out of city roads graciously lead to a number of regional parks, which are very attractive sites for tourists. More sightseeing sites are mentioned below.

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Grenoble : A Historic Capital in the South East of France Embraced by the French Alps

1. Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors

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Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors is a stunning regional nature park on the outskirts of Grenoble. It is cherished by sightseeing tourists for its spectacular views. Travelers that enjoy driving, walking and hiking on a mountainous topography, will be highly escalated by this attractive tourist site. Sightseeing visitors in Grenoble should make a point to visit this park and be enchanted by its hidden waterfalls, forests, the mountain gorges, and the Grotte de Choranche that is filled with historically unique characteristics. There are also plenty of adventures and activities, like swimming during the summer that tourists will find memorable.

2. Archaeological Museum

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The Archaeological Museum in Saint-Laurent is an interesting historical gem in Grenoble. It is a riverside museum that takes visitors through a realm of history. Sightseeing tourists In Grenoble can spend up to an hour by traveling through time. Once tourists arrive at the museum, they are allowed free entry and given free audio stories for each station they visit. Sightseers would be amazed by the excavations in the cemetery, and skeletons from the 4th to the 18th century. Different burial styles and impressive sets of building phases will also amaze tourists on sightseeing tours. There are also fascinating coin collections and artifacts that will blow your mind.

3. Bastille Telepherique

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Bastille Telepherique is one fun activity tourists all over the world would enjoy while in Grenoble. This is a cable car that moves sightseeing visitors from one point to the Bastille as visitors enjoy the city’s marvelous views. Tourists that enjoy hiking and walking can opt for a one-way ticket by cable car and then a hike back along the river. The sights they get to see are exceptional, unexpected and memorable. For a sightseeing tour of Grenoble, tourists must take the Telepherique and enjoy the sight of the snow-capped mountains on the incredible valley. The Telepherique is fairly priced and the sightseeing adventure is definitely worth it.

4. Musee de Grenoble

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Musee de Grenoble is an art museum whose architecture complements the art elements it houses. It depicts a seamless exploration of the old and new. Visitors on a sightseeing tour of Grenoble should make a point to stop at this art museum and be mind-blown. Tourists can spend a couple of hours walking through art exhibits of the 16th Century through to the 20th Century collections. Many major and famous artists have their works here, hence attracting many visitors. The museum has well-informed tour guides and a beautiful café that helps visitors relax as they appreciate all the art they have seen for the day.

5. Le Funiculaire de Saint : Hilaire du Touvet

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Le Funiculaire de Saint- Hilaire du Touvet is quite a memorable experience for sightseeing tourists. When in Grenoble, this is one tour that should not be missed. Tourist take the funicular for a 20 minutes ride. While on the ride, visitors enjoy a sightseeing tour of the mountains, the valley, and the waterfalls. It is the steepest railway tunnel in the French Alps and therefore an experience not to miss. The views of the paragliders complement the whole trip. Saint Hilaire du Touvet is a beautiful small village that is the destination of your ride. This is a tourist village with amazing views and activities.

6. Musee Dauphinois

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Musee Dauphinois is an astounding art museum in Bastille, Grenoble. The building is an old convent and has the most spectacular views of the mountain and the river. It also has an amazing cloister, stunning garden elements and is a baroque-themed chapel. The museum creates an interactive environment for sightseeing visitors in town. Tourists can spend a few hours in the museum enchanted by the historical exhibitions of the writings on the wall, the Alps and the Alpine people. The museum holds the history of the culture and traditions of the Alpines. This is one place where tourists that enjoy cultural tours should stop and engage their minds for this educative experience.

7. Musee de la Résistance et de la Déportation de l’Isere

Musee de la Resistance et de la Déportation de l’Isere is an amazing historical display of the French resistance during World War II. The museum is in the heart of Grenoble. It offers sightseeing tourists an explicit understanding of the French people. It also offers emotional exhibitions of the war and post-war period. The displays are thorough and detailed, hence creating a memorable connection to interested history visitors. Elements of the collections in the museum are very well presented, such that the courage, suffering and different feelings of the individuals involved is clearly brought out. This is one thing that sightseeing tourists will appreciate from this museum.

8. Musée des Troupes de Montagne

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Musée des Troupes de Montagne is an extraordinary type of museum for travelers interested in war or military. It is typically composed of audio tours that take visitors through a series of rooms. Each room focuses on a different aspect of the Troupes de Montagne. The museum uses holographic and wax figures that take sightseeing visitors into the past lives of the Alpine Mountain troupes. Cable cars will get tourists to this museum and the charges for entry to the museum are only three Euros. This is one educative and inspiring museums to visit when in Grenoble. It is also a stimulating place to bring your kids.

9. Musee de l’Ancien Eveche

Musee de l’Ancien Eveche is a former Old Bishop’s palace that has been transformed to be a thought-provoking museum. It contains exhibitions of the area of Grenoble from the Palaeolithic period, which would be of interest to history travelers. The Christian Baptistery is one other unique historical jewel in the museum, crowned with captivating archaeological Roman ruins. There are also a variety of exhibits like comic strips and mountain, antiques, among others, which sightseeing tourists will enjoy. This is one place travelers can stop by for a couple of hours to understand the local history. The entry to the museum is free, hence making it a must visit spot when in Grenoble.

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Grenoble is a jewel tourist destination city in France. It has a wide variety of engaging and interactive sightseeing, nature and cultural tours for its visitors. Divided by the magnificent river, Grenoble becomes a city that thrives on its marvelous riverside attractions and mountains through its stunning cable cars. There is no doubt in mind that this city is one of best in France and has a booming tourist niche.