Nairobi : Kenya’s Beating Heart that Soars with Untrammelled Natural Beauty

Nairobi : Kenya’s Beating Heart that Soars with Untrammelled Natural Beauty

Nairobi is the largest and capital city of Kenya. The city began to take shape in 1899 after the British colony established a rail depot and thereafter it became the central destination for coffee and tea which were destined for exportation. In addition, the city has become a modern and interesting Safari capital, in Africa. Currently, Nairobi city is the most economically empowered and populated city in East and Central Africa. It may not flock with tourists like its competition, Mombasa, but Nairobi offers amazing sightseeing attractions as listed below.

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Nairobi : Kenya’s Beating Heart that Soars with Untrammelled Natural Beauty

1. Nairobi National Park

The park was established in 1946 as the first ever to be established. It was then developed to an attraction within the city of Nairobi where tourists flock in numbers. Covering over 113 square meters, it has been home to many wildlife species with the black rhino being the highlight. Tourists go on safari drives to see the lions, buffalos, gazelles, zebras, among others. Entrance for tourists is about $22 which allows you to spend as much time at the park enjoying the landscapes and the wildlife. The best time to go sightseeing is in the evening when you can view the sunset too.

2. Kenya National Archives (KNA)

Kenya National Archives was established in 1965 to preserve over 40,000 items. Some of the exhibits housed at the venue include ancient African art, traditional attire, tapestry, old furniture among other ancient artistic items. The Kenya national archives museum not only exhibits collections from Kenya about the greater part of East Africa and Africa. This is the perfect place to learn about the great cultural diversity of Kenya and its tribes. Some of the exhibits that will fascinate sightseeing tourists are the Maasai collections together with some Swahili artifacts. On the ground level, you are able to see the various photo exhibitions.

3. Giraffe Centre

Giraffe center is located some few kilometers outside the central CBD area of Nairobi. The main sightseeing attraction at this place is giraffes though tourists are able to see some warthogs as a bonus. The venue itself provides a safe haven for giraffes as they are considered to be an endangered species. The most interesting part is getting up close to the giraffes. There is a top deck where visitors are allowed to go up and feed them with the free palettes. If daring enough, you can feed them directly from your mouth as you take amazing photos. Entrance for tourists is $10 with the best time to visit being morning hours.

4. The Central Park

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The Central Park is a green reserve recreational Park which is located in the upper side of the city. Visitors in most cases view it as a picnic destination which draws them away from amidst of busy city life to serenity. The Park has Kenya’s founding father Jomo Kenyatta monument with intention of appreciating freedom fighters. The monument in the park erected to remind the Kenyan the importance of being a patriot s and the importance of protecting their nation. The park remains one of the most visited parks in the city due to its green vegetation scenery.

5. Nairobi Railway Museum

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The Nairobi Railway Museum is a great railway museum situated with the CBD of Nairobi. The exhibits within this museum have been in on display since 1971. You can see some great displays of locomotives, coaches, railway equipment, old navy items such as boats among other things. The outlook of the whole museum is old-fashioned to fit the whole theme. Aside from the indoor historical part, the outdoor area is very interesting too. There are many trains that you can explore including the engine used in the out of Africa movie. There will be many great photo opportunities, be sure to carry your camera.

6. Kenyatta International Conference Center

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Kenyatta international conference center is among the tallest buildings within the city. The building has much importance to the people of the nation that it was even used on their local currency. The venue is the ideal location for most events that intend to host a large crowd. For sightseeing tourists, it is getting to the rooftop that wows them the most. You get to enjoy 360 views of the city as you take panoramic photos. Locals enjoy the spot, especially over the weekends. Be sure to find some photographers making the most of this space for some artistic photography.

7. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an elephant nursery located few kilometers from the city. Most of the elephants cared for at this nursery are either orphaned or rescued from poachers and bad ailments. The nursery provides a safe haven for them until they are grown enough to go back to the wild. The place is only open at 11 am and closes at 12 pm. Tourists will be taken to the open grounds where the caregivers give a brief history on the elephants as they are fed with their special milk. You get an opportunity to touch them as they feed but from outside the fence as you take photos. Guests are also allowed to adopt an elephant for just $50 which come with its privileges.

8. Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens is regarded as Kenya’s largest memorial Park. The city of Nairobi is privileged to have this Park in its vicinity because historians regard it as Kenya’s birthplace. The name Uhuru is a Swahili name which means freedom. Uhuru Gardens remains the most significant place in Kenya because the Kenyan flag was raised first there in December in 1963. It is from this place Kenya’s founding father president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta became first Kenyan leader. The Garden has a 24-meter high monument which commemorates the nation’s bloody struggle for independence.

9. Karura Forest

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The Karura Forest is a forest reserve hosting a vast variety of tree species. The forest has tried to conserve some of the endangered species of over 1,000 hectares of land. The project is a result of joint efforts by individuals in order to protect the country’s natural resources. Aside from the flora, the grounds are great for picnics, hiking, biking or just enjoying the various photo opportunities. There are many small and large waterfalls where the daring locals go swimming. If you wish to hire a bike, you can get one at $5 which has you covered for 2 hours.

10. Nairobi National Museum

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The Nairobi National Museum is the mother of all the other national museums located in Nairobi. Located at museum hill area this is the best stop if you are into cultural history and collections focusing mostly on Kenya. You are bound to find a great collection of contemporary art as well as other attractions which include the botanical gardens and snake park. Aside from the many exhibitions that may take away your focus, there are great artifacts such as stuffed birds in cases with interesting descriptions. There is also a gift shop where you can scoop a Kenyan souvenir.

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Nairobi city is a wonderful place to visit. The city accommodates individuals from all social classes having activities that range from budget to high-end. In addition, it gives visitors a welcoming, secure and a cohesive environment for them to tour and enjoy the beautiful places within it. The people also burst with charming personalities you will feel very much at home.