Kinshasa : Natural, Historical, Adventurous and the Largest and Capital City of DR Congo

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Kinshasa : Natural, Historical, Adventurous and the Largest and Capital City of DR Congo

Kinshasa is the largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The city major inhabitants are known as Kinois which is in French and in English, they are known as Kinshasa’s. It is divided into three zones these are: Residential, Industrial and commercial. It is the dynamic center of the popular language Lingala which is the urban Lingua Franca (The worlds largest urban Francophone). This is a city which evolved from two villages; Nshasa and Ntamo which was later known as Kintamo. Kinshasa was once a site of fishing and trading villages but is currently a massive city with a population of 11 million. It sprawls with african flavor with tourists eager to get a taste of the pie. These are some sightseeing marvels of Kinshasa:

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Kinshasa : Natural, Historical, Adventurous and the Largest and Capital City of DR Congo

1. Lola Ya Bonobo

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Lola Ya Bonobo is a 75 acres primary tropical forest which is a conservation sanctuary for Bonobos of Kinshasa. In Lola Ya Bonobo, the abandoned bonobo are brought to the sanctuary where they receive a home, constant medical treatment. Abandoned infant Bonobos who have suffered immediate trauma of loss of their mothers are rehabilitated and given substitute mothers to care for them. It is a great sightseeing location for visitors and school children visit the area to learn more about the endangered Bonobos in order to avoid selling or mistreating them in future.

2. Zongo Falls

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Zongo Falls is located about 130 Kms from Kinshasa where one can visit through numerous tourist/adventurous companies. It is a bumpy ride which ends up in an unforgettable experience. Some companies offer night tours upon request. The Fall jets out a 65m tall cliff which then crashes down through an evergreen canopy and creates a fabulous cloud and magnificent rainbows. The water comes from Bas Congo’s Equatorial Forest. Amidst the lush greenery, tourists who visit Kinshasa for sightseeing and for those who like to take photos, it is a breathtaking place to visit with family and friends and take extraordinary photos to share.

3. Musee National de Kinshasa (National Museum)

This is an amazing ethnographic archive which is located in the capital of Democratic of Congo. It was founded in 1970 located on Mount Ngalieema in the municipality of Gombe. The country’s primary collection of Zairian art is hosted at the Musee National de Kinshasa. It is accommodated in the academy of fine arts which has an attribute to the Institute of National Museum of Congo. It brings forth a depository material, culture and intangible heritage of the country. This would be an ideal sightseeing place for tourists who are passionate about art to visit with their family.

4. Lac De Ma Vallée

One of the best sightseeing locations in Kinshasa is Lac Ma Valley is a small pleasant man-made lake which is surrounded by equatorial Forest. In the midst of the lush, greenery gives the best site for hiking and scenic views. There are white thatched huts along the shores which serve up grilled tilapia and drinks. There are numerous activities available around and in the lake that is fishing, boat paddling, It is a favorite spot for family and friends around Kinshasa to visit for outdoor activities and picnic.

5. Cathedrale Notre-Dame Du Congo (Our lady of the Congo Cathedral)

The religious catholic building located in the Liberation Avenue which was formerly also called November 24 Avenue was built in 1947 while the country was still under the colonial rule of the Belgium who called the area (Belgian Congo). As tourists enter in the depths of Cathedrale Notre, they receive privileges to visit the tombs inside. By the assistance of priests, tourists get to learn all about the tombs, burial stories and receive a vast information of the history of the church from the priests who are more than happy to give detailed information.

6. Pool Malebo

In the pre-colonial times, the local indigenous people knew Pool Malebo as Lake Nkunda which was previously known as Stanley Pool. The pool is 11 long and 23 Km wide and has a surface area of 500m2. The pool is 3 to 10 meters deep while at an altitude of 900 ft, the water varies as much as 4 meters over the course of a year. Kinshasa occupies the southwestern shores while Brazzaville occupies the northwestern shores. A beautiful sightseeing spot like pool malebo tops the chart as they are the closest cities in the world apart from the contiguous Vatican city and Rome in Italy.

7. Africa Park adventure

In the midst of an extraordinary natural site, the beautiful “Ma Valee” tourist should enjoy an awesome experience in the innovating park of “African Park Adventure.” There is an availability of complimentary access to the park after confirmed by the hotel upon the redemption after booking. One can choose from a long list of activities whether is Kayak, Lake Pedal boat tour, Gonfable rolls, Mountain Bike Park, Empty Jump, Tyrolean across the lake, Treetops Park, a play climbing and Archery. It’s a great adventure for a group of friends getaway, school fun trips, and family vacations.

8. Les Serpents du Congo

The Les Serpent du Congo is a beautiful facility for sightseeing with knowledgeable well-trained snake handlers who are fabulous with children. The farm where the snake park is located is known as “Sogenak”. The snake park is along the same street as the conservation center of Bonobos and Lac de Ma Vallée. There is a very neat area along the way where tourists can stop and buy souvenirs and sweets at the public market nearby. To get the best experience of the park, it is better to have a French-talking tour guide so that you can understand all the important information about the snake center. The snake park also cares and offers protection to big turtles and crocodiles. For a tourist who would like to take photos with the snakes, they have to pay a small fee in order to pose with the snakes. This an awesome adventure that families with kids will definitely love.

9. Mount Mangengenge

The name Mangengenge was derived from a Lingala word Kongenge meaning shining which rises at 718 meters altitude. The mountain has a crucifix sculpture at its the summit. In 1992, Bishop Frederic Etsou Nzabi took a step to make the area a spiritual place where millions of pilgrims have climbed the peak just to see the beautiful sightseeing. There is a beautiful view where one can view the Kinshasa valley without actually seeing the city. For tourists who are enthusiastic about hiking, Mount Mangengenge is one of the best spots sightseeing, mountain climbing, and camping.

10.Texaf Bilembo

Texaf Bilambo is a combination of both a concept and gallery store. Here, there are numerous displays of local artisans and craftspeople as well as local food, drinks, and candy. Once in a while, the site offers to show historical films or tropical movies at night. It also houses concerts, exhibitions, educational and creative workshops. It is a great place to visit for beautiful art, music, exhibition, to take children of field trips and have a chance to taste popular local food.

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In Kinshasa, there are numerous places and fun activities to do and a lot of places for sightseeing. The flavor of the Congolese culture can be felt in Kinshasa. The city offers beautiful music, culture, historical sites, universities and numerous art galleries. The local people are cultured and friendly with a rich taste of food, music, and fashion. For people who are interested in nature, a rich culture, entertainment; the city provides the best.




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