The Top 8 Things to Do in Ximending, Taipei

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The Top 8 Things to Do in Ximending, Taipei

While Taipei doesn't have a central district, Ximending or Shi Men Ting is often seen as the liveliest center of Taipei. As Ximending is popular with young people of Taiwan it's often referred to as Taipei Shibuya or Taipei Harajuku, it's the perfect place to go to for both nightlife, entertainment and shopping while visiting Taiwan and Taipei. While checking out this lively neighborhood, here are the top things you need to do in Ximending.

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The Top 8 Things to Do in Ximending, Taipei

Ximen Red House

Ximen Red House

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One of Taipei's oldest buildings, The Red House in Ximending was built in 1908 by a Japanese architecture to be the first public market built by the Japanese government in Taiwan. It later become one of the most famous theaters in Taipei often referred to as the Red Theater, where performances of Peking Opera were often performed. Nowadays you can still catch theater performances and concerts played there along with a café and exhibition on the buildings iconic history.

Shopping around Ximending

Ximending Shopping district

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Ximending is one of the main shopping districts of Taipei, with a huge range of shops selling cheap goods, clothes and electronics. As the area is hugely popular with younger people, it's a great place to find popular products for the latest craze and pop culture memorabilia along with fashionable clothing brands. There's a huge range of products sold in Ximending however, chances are whatever you're looking for you'll find it here. It's also a great place to shop for some souvenirs to bring back from Taiwan.

There's also Taiwan's first Don Quijote called Don Don Donki located in Ximending, a Japanese discount store chain that sells a huge range of Japanese products such as snacks and cosmetics.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Toilet theme Restaurant in Ximending Taiwan

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If you're bringing kids to Ximending, or just want to try something a little unusual, Ximen's Modern Toilet Restaurant has long since become a popular attraction in the area for its unconventional dishes and serving style. This iconic theme restaurant serves classic foods such as hot pot, fried chicken and are served in minature toilet shaped dishes, urinals and potties, all while you're sitting on a toilet with various bathroom decor around. Finish the meal off with a serving of chocolate ice cream, of course spiraled to look like a pile of poo. Despite the restaurant's fame among tourists, the food is still quite good without just relying on its theme to draw in visitors.

Street Art at America Street

Street art in Taipei, Ximending

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One of the few places to glimpse legal street art in Taipei, America Street is a collection of trendy clothing stores and walls featuring murals, graffiti and street art in the backstreets of Ximending. America Street is two sections or road located at Lane 96 Kunming Street and Lane 120 Wuchang Street, with most of the murals and street art by more famous artists congregated around the T junction of the two roads, next to Ximen's Taipei Cinema Park.

Ximending Night Market Foods

Grilled Mochi Sticks on gas griller stove, street food at Ximending in Taiwan, Taipei.

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In the evening hours, street vendors come out to hawk their street food around the streets of Ximending, the perfect chance to snack while you shop. The night market around Ximending isn't really like most normal night markets in Taiwan, it's more spread out along the streets rather than crammed into one area. Some of the most popular Taiwanese street food in Ximending is the roasted mochi and mi fen tang. While not part of the street stalls, Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle is one of the most famous stores in Taipei for their mian xian or rice flour noodles.

Ximending LGBT Nightlife

Gay bars Ximending Ximen Taipei

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The area just behind the Red House is known as Taipei's most predominant gay and LGBT quarter, lined with popular gay friendly bars and clubs catering to LGBT customers. The area is open and welcoming to everyone and popular with young people living in and visiting Taipei. Some of the most popular bars include Café Dalida, with its outside terrace area and Commander D, an S&M-themed bar.

Catch a Live Street Performance

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As one of the more trendier areas in Taipei, most nights you'll find street performers playing music or other artistic acts around the main square entrance of Ximending.

Ximending Entertainment, KTV and Karaoke

Ximending has long been the main entertainment district of the city and offers plenty of things to do apart from Shopping. There are a number of large cinema complexes here such as LUX CINEMA along with the aptly named
Wonderful Theatre. You'll also find traditional plays and operas performed at the Red House. One of the most popular pastimes however is KTV or karaoke venues, there's plenty of KTV places in Ximending to get your song on.

Best Hotels in Ximending

Amba Taipei Ximending, a boutique design hotel

A boutique design hotel in Ximending, amba Taipei Ximending is filled with eye-catching decor and designs starting from the trendy façade of the hotel. Rooms are fairly small but not pricey and quite affordable.

Diary Of Ximen Hotel

Diary Of Ximen Hotel on Zhonghua Rd is one of the most popular hotels in Ximending, for its location right in the center of Ximending and large, spacious rooms.

Some other hotels to consider in Ximending include Via Hotel Ximen, Hedo Hotel Kaifeng, Relite Hotel Taipei along with Inn Cube Ximen for budget stays.

How to Get to Ximending

Ximen Metro Station is located right in front of the entrance to Ximending, get out at Exit 6 and turn right. For Ximen Red House, head towards Exit 1 and go straight. From Taipei Main Station to Ximending, take the Bannan (Blue) Line towards Dingpu or Far Eastern Hospital Station and get off at the next station (Ximen Station).

From Taoyuan Airport straight to Ximending, take the Airport Line towards Taipei Main Station and then the Bannan Line to Ximen Station.