7 Amazing Things to Do on the Isle of Barra

7 Amazing Things to Do on the Isle of Barra

The Isle of Barra in Scotland is full of incredible reasons to visit that make this island one of the most popular in the Hebrides. Despite the small size of the island, the scenery is beautiful with some of the most picturesque beaches and coastline in the UK. Here are five amazing things to do when visiting the Isle of Barra, Scotland.

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7 Amazing Things to Do on the Isle of Barra

Land on the Beach

Barra Airport beach in Scotland

Photo by Tom Parnell/Flickr

Just getting into the Isle of Barra is fascinating enough on its own. Instead of having a tarmacked runway like everywhere else in the world, Barra Airport is located on the beach of Traigh Mor, with planes landing on the long stretch of sand. The experience is highly unique, while you'll find a number of beachside airports, Barra is the only one where planes actually land there. Flights run everyday from Glasgow and can be fairly cheap, along with being much quicker than taking the ferry.

If you're a little apprehensive about landing on a beach, you can always just visit the airport area to watch one of the planes land. Make sure to check the times beforehand however as there is usually only one flight landing at Barra Airport per day.


Eoligarry isle of Barra

Photo by damian entwistle/Flickr

If you're arriving by plane, consider hitting the ground running and take a short walk from the airport to Eoligarry, the northern peninsula of Barra is home to some of the islands most beautiful coastline and beachside walks.

The beach of Traigh Mor can be walked along as well, as long as it's not being used for the runway, when the airport's windsock is being used it means a flight is imminent.

Kisimul Castle

Kisimul Castle

Photo by Heartland Arts/Shutterstock

One of Scotland's many famous 'castle islands' Kisimul Castle is believed to have been built sometime around the 11th century. Located on a small rocky island off the coast of Castlebay, to the south of the island, Kisimul Castle can only be reached by boat. It's easy to get on a boat from Castlebay however, giving you plenty of time to explore the castle and take in the stunning views from the top.

Hiking Around Heaval

Heaval, Isle of Barra

Photo by ChrisNoe/Shutterstock

Hiking in the Hebrides is a must, and there are plenty of picturesque spots to take a walk around Barra. The highest point on the island, Heaval gives a particularly beautiful view over the island, its coastline and beyond. Unlike most mountains and hills in Scotland, Heaval is a fairly gradual incline and can easily be managed by those with little hiking experience.


Vatersay beach isle of Barra

Photo by Luca Quadrio/Shutterstock

While it's actually a separate island, Vatersay is joined to Barra by a land bridge and is easy to get to, whether you're walking, driving or cycling around Barra. Vatersay has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Hebrides, with crystal-clear shallow waters along its coastline.

Rent a Bike and Circle the Island

Unlike some of the other islands in the Outer Hebrides, Barra is quite compact and the one main road on the island is a continuous loop. While you can get around the island by driving or taking the bus, as long as the weather permits, cycling is a great way to see Barra. You can rent bikes easily at Castlebay and cycle around the main road in about one and a half hours, although it's advised to take a few hours to stop at points to admire the scenery.