Kingston (Jamaica)  : A Popular Travel Destination and the Cultural and Commercial Center of Jamaica

Kingston (Jamaica) : A Popular Travel Destination and the Cultural and Commercial Center of Jamaica

Kingston, which is the capital city of Jamaica, is a popular travel destination full of amazing spots and sightseeing. Kingston is a city with two major sections, which are downtown and uptown and Kingston is also the cultural and commercial center of Jamaica. To help you manage your tour in Kingston, we offer the list of the top places of Kingston.

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Kingston (Jamaica) : A Popular Travel Destination and the Cultural and Commercial Center of Jamaica

1. Trench Town Culture Yard

So, we start our tour in Kingston with a very essential sightseeing located in Kingston, which is Trench Town Culture Yard. This is one of the sightseeing in Kingston that can attract you completely even only by its look and appearance. This is a really gorgeous site located in a very picturesque part of Kingston. The area is cool and nice. Everything is peaceful and clean and it is a true pleasure to just spend your time there. You will like the beautiful scenery of the surrounding areas. This area includes numbers of shops, restaurants and some outdoor markets. Everything is impressive and fabulous.

2. National Heroes Park

National Heroes Park is a very famous museum in Kingston that you shall never miss while being in Kingston. This sightseeing will be an excellent tour both for adults and for children, because it will give some educational experience for both groups. This sightseeing and everything there will take you back in time. You will have a complete image of how people lived in Kingston before. This will be a unique tour in Kingston. You are recommended to have with you a guide who will show you everything and will make your time more knowledgeable.

3. Peter Tosh Museum

Peter Tosh Museum is an essential part for the cultural heritage of Kingston. Here you will learn about the legend of Kingston – Peter Tosh and if you know something about him, you will get to know even some more details and interesting facts on his life. The museum completely introduces pieces and memorabilia from his career. You will not only hear stories about his life, but will listen to his music and enjoy it during your informative tour. As Peter Tosh was a genius and a pride for Kingston, this museum now is an essential value for the city.

4. Blue Mountains

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Blue Mountains is definitely one of the must visit sights in Kingston. In this spot you will see the coffee plantation and it will be a real educational experience for you, as a tourist. All the history of the coffee will be introduced to you. This excursion will not only be a knowledgeable experience, but it will also give you the chance to taste the tastiest coffee in the world, right after the introduction. Besides, the wildlife is very well seasoned in the area and it is one of nicest thing you can see in Kingston.

5. Devon House

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Devon House is sightseeing in Kingston that should never be missed. This spot will one of the favorite sights in Kingston for you, since you will never forget the ice-cream you will ea there. Generally this spot is amazingly beautiful, since it is located in a very picturesque area surrounded by trees. Then, in Devon House you can taste the tastiest food of Kingston and also try the tasty ice-cream that has various flavors and is really special. Besides, the structure itself is a wonderful piece of architecture and looks great.

6. Emancipation Park

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Emancipation Park is a nice place in Kingston. It is located in one of the nicest and calmest parts of Kingston and is an ideal option for organizing a morning jogging. This is a pleasant place very suitable for a family walk. You can also bring your dog and have some walk with it, too. The loveliest part of day in this park is early morning. In this part of the day the park is a real source of fresh and breezy air. Also, in the morning there are lots of tourists and locals there.

7. Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum is a real dream sightseeing in Kingston for music lovers and moreover for the fans of Bob Marley. Yes, this is the spot where you will find everything about the famous singer and this will surely be one of the greatest experiences that you will get in Kingston. The museum is also very informative. Be aware that you will not be allowed to take any photos inside, but the museum itself is so impressive that there will not even any need for taking any photo for your memories. Everything will remain in your memory once you enter this amazing sightseeing of Kingston.

8. Port Royal

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Port Royal is a spot in Kingston providing nice scenery to its visitors. The sightseeing is ideal for a nice family outing, since it offers a relaxing and calm atmosphere away from the noise of the city. The area includes some restaurants, hotels and a sandy area with a beach. Here you can try some tasty foods of Kingston and have a relaxing time all day long. You can also take an informative guide with you. The latter will make your visit more interesting and will tell some important stories from the history of Kingston relating to this sightseeing.

9. Fort Clarence Beach

If you want to have a complete fantastic tour in Kingston, do not miss Fort Clarence Beach – one of the greatest sightseeing in Kingston. This is a spot with fascinating scenery and views and is a real dream for those, who like to enjoy their time in a relaxing area next to the water. This place is so clean and so pleasant for spending a great day with family. By the way, the beach is mainly full of families, because this place is really ideal for both adults and kids. So, include this sightseeing in your list to get best impressions from Kingston.

10. Holywell Park

Holywell Park is a mystic spot in Kingston very popular with tourists and locals. For getting this pot you will have a short drive from Kingston, so prepare the necessary things to take with you for spending an ideal day in this sightseeing. The place is very quiet and silent and this is what the visitors like the best in this attraction. Do some hiking and get to the top of the mountains to enjoy the majestic view. This sightseeing is especially an ideal choice for those travelling to Kingston with a group of friends.

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Kingston is an amazing spot with varieties of sightseeing and attractions. Kingston offers its visitors numbers of natural parks, museums, historic sites, etc. Kingston is a highly recommended travel spot for travelers of any taste and interests. Take a tour to Kingston to enjoy the best moments of your life.