Campo Grande : A Paradox That Contrasts Between Its Bustling Progressive Lifestyle and Its Agricultural Livelihood

Campo Grande : A Paradox That Contrasts Between Its Bustling Progressive Lifestyle and Its Agricultural Livelihood

Campo Grande is located in central Brazil and serves as the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. From when it was founded in 1875, Campo Grande has shown an immense progress of growth as tourists continue to appreciate all it has to offer. Despite the vast modernity of shopping malls and fancy eateries, the main source of economic wealth of Campo Grande comes from cattle and farming. This city will give you a paradox adventure that will wow spirit of surprise. Below are some of the amazing places you need to go sightseeing in Campo Grande.

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Campo Grande : A Paradox That Contrasts Between Its Bustling Progressive Lifestyle and Its Agricultural Livelihood

1. Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro

Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro is a sacred shrine that is popular in Campo Grande. It has been in existence for over 70 years. Many devotees honor it as a sacred place of worship where you will see masses flocking every Wednesday. They come to acknowledge faith as they venerate and receive their graces from Our Lady of Perpetual Help. For those coming for sightseeing, the architecture is one to marvel at as it has neo-gothic features that are very interesting. If you wish to visit during activities, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days between 6 am to 10 pm.

2. Parque das Nacoes Indigenas

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Parque das Nacoes Indigenas is a beautiful city park that is popular with the locals of Campo Grande. For the sightseeing tourist, you get to people watch as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. From the flowers to the green vegetation and interesting birds. The park also has paths for jogging and other recreational activities. The benches are also a good place to relax and enjoy refreshing coconut water as you enjoy the atmosphere. If lucky, you can find some ongoing concerts which are usually free.

3. Dom Bosco Culture Museum

Dom Bosco Culture Museum is a great stop to learn more about the Brazilian Indians of Campo Grande. Since being founded in 1951, it has remained to be a great source of history that has recently expanded to hold 2 main exhibits. One of the sections that are available for public sightseeing is the taxidermy section that has collections of animals and insects especially butterflies. The other side houses Brazilian Indian history with collections of archeological tools such as stuffed animals, shells, minerals among other stuff. The museum is open during the week aside from Monday.

4. Horto Florestal

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Horto Florestal is a green recreational park in the heart of Campo Grande. The park remains celebrated because of the fact that it was where the founding father of the city, José Antônio Pereira camped when he arrived in 1872. There is so much to do at this well-equipped park that offers an array of facilities such as bike trails, an arena theatre, library playground, orchid park, even a skate track. One of the interesting highlights is the center for coexistence for the elderly. The surrounding is also fresh and calming with the many fruit trees.

5. Palace Popular of Culture

Palace Popular of Culture is the best place to enjoy theatrical presentations and shows while in Campo Grande. The place has three auditoriums together with a spacious lounge and restaurant. Since the place is located in the middle of the park, it stands out with its beautiful architectural work. The venue is also very popular with legal congress and conventions. Inside the venue, space is coupled with wonderful acoustics and comfortable armchairs. It is great to plan your sightseeing visit when there is a show taking place. The restaurant within the space only opens up during government-related events.

6. Belmar Fidalgo Stadium

Belmar Fidalgo Stadium is not a large stadium space as one may imagine. It is, however, an open space where locals come for sporting and exercise activities. Most indulge in football or just regular workouts. This city plaza is equipped with gym equipment, sports courts, a playground and a jogging track. If you want to keep fit or join some of the locals in their daily workout routines, this is the best place to go sightseeing. All the facilities are free which is a great initiative towards keeping fit.

7. Morada dos Bais

Morada dos Bais is a great contemporary art museum dedicated to Lidia Bais. Most of the artworks are symbolic in terms of covering women rights. Despite having various exhibitions, there is a full exhibition that covers works of the Bais ladies that were against the restrictions and prejudice of women in Campo Grande. It is a great place to pay respect to her worthy cause. Among the many interesting art pieces is one where Lidia Bais is sitting next to Jesus and the art piece is dubbed “The Holy Supper”.

8. Araras Square

Araras Square is an important square in Campo Grande that has the araras landmark which is a statue of three huge macaws. These birds are one of the many things that represent the state. The statue is symbolic due to the many araras that can be spotted flying around the area. Some of these interesting birds have taken shelter beside this statue which is interesting since they look like large parrots. The square is a great spot to chill with friends and take nice photos with the ops available. The children are also not left out as there is plenty of space to roam around.

9. Lago do Amor

Lago do Amor is a lakeside view that many sightseeing tourists enjoy while in Campo Grande. Since it has less flow of vehicles, it is a great place to walk or bike as you enjoy the lake views. There are many bird species flying around and on the trees. You can also see some capybaras and alligators going about their daily life. Walking on the lakeshore gives a worthy experience. There are benches available where you can sit and admire the beauty from afar. The best time to visit is during sunset where you can see the beautiful capybaras.

10. Sao Jose Church

Sao Jose Church is a respected church in Campo Grande. It is why masses are conducted almost every day. It is a good place to visit for the purpose of finding and collecting yourself when your heart is heavy. Most of the locals are often found visiting the church for masses and hosting wedding ceremonies. This old building preserves its element with stained glass windows and a grand staircase. The interiors have some upgrades upholstered seats. If you wish to find a sitting space, it is advisable to arrive early.

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This gateway to Pantanal is all you need to see during your travel to Brazil. Campo Grande remains young at heart with many youths populating this city. This will rekindle a vibrant youth sense of adventure that will give you a prime time. The progressive yet calm lifestyle will help balance out the whole experience making it an ideal spot for tourists.