Sofia : An Electric Youthful City in Bulgaria Offering Exotic Thrills

Sofia : An Electric Youthful City in Bulgaria Offering Exotic Thrills

Sofia is not such a grand metropolis but is still a youthful city that continues to expand modernly. Despite being overlooked by many tourists, Sofia offers some of the most enchanting sightseeing spots in Bulgaria that offer a welcoming respite. Expect to find an electric city with some of the finest museums, entertainment spots, hiking trails and other forms of thrill. Below are some of the places you should visit while sightseeing Sofia city.

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Sofia : An Electric Youthful City in Bulgaria Offering Exotic Thrills

1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an orthodox church in Sofia that was named after a Russian king. The completion of the church was done in 1912 in order to honor the 200,000 soldiers who died during the liberation war. The architecture of the church is not to be left behind as the Neo-Byzantine style marvels many sightseeing tourists. However, it is not all there is for the visitors. There is also a museum below the church that is great to explore some history. If you wish to take photographs of this remarkable -place, you will have to part with 10 lev.

2. Ivan Vazov National Theatre

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The Ivan Vazov National Theatre is a neoclassical theater that opened its doors to the public in 1907. It is also the nation’s main theatre being the most authoritative theatre in Bulgaria. This national theatre is one of the most important landmarks of Sofia and has a great number of tourists traveling for sightseeing. It is the perfect place to watch live stage performances when in Sofia. Being well-maintained, the place is clean, with great ambiance and great sitting space. The location is also ideal as it is set up in a beautiful park that has a lot of activities during the weekends.

3. National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture is a multifunctional conference and exhibition center located in Sofia that was launched in 1981. It is also the largest within south-eastern Europe. It was built to commemorate the nation’s 1300th anniversary. The atmosphere of the building is artsy with many art-filled spaces. Being a large center, it is hard to keep up with the many establishments that exist within the building. The concert halls are where the magic happens and many events, concerts, and exhibitions are hosted there. The auditorium seating is also very comfortable. There are also many bars and coffee shops that you can stop by for a refreshment.

4. Sofia Central Mineral Baths

Sofia Central Mineral Baths is a central landmark of Sofia situated in the old Turkish baths. The museum has amazing historical exhibits, collections from the royal family, ancient remains and other items that span from ancient to modern times. Tourists enjoy sightseeing the artifacts such as old coins, ancient pots, old clothes among other things. The architecture is also very beautiful and unique. Entrance is reasonable and a small fee charged to take photographs. Past the museum are hot springs where tourists go to fill their bottles with some mineral water.

5. Borisova gradina

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Borisova gradina is a beautiful garden in Sofia that was named after Tsar Boris III. It is considered to not only be the best-known park in Sofia but also the largest. This green park is the perfect place to escape and escape while in Sofia. The many open spaces offer a great ambiance for recreational activities such as; biking, walking, picnicking among other activities. There are also nice places to grab refreshments and treats. If you are a fan of some flora, there are many flowers all around that will wow you. The Soviet army memorial can also be found here.

6. Eagles' Bridge

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Eagles' Bridge is a small bridge that was built in 1891. This bridge suspends over the famous Perlovska river. The main attraction is the 2 pairs of bronze eagle sculptures. The bridge is more of a landmark within Sofia and many sightseeing tourists get the opportunity to cross it especially when connecting from the city to the airport via a taxi. Since it connects two nice parks, there is also a great opportunity to stroll especially for those with a passion for photography.

7. National Museum of Military History

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National Museum of Military History is a center that was established to accommodate the military history of Sofia city. Collection found within this museum date back to the Thracian era. Expect to find a great collection of machine guns, swords, and other forms of weaponry from world war I. The grounds are open to the general public but tourists who go for sightseeing the museum are required to pay 8 lev to explore more exhibits from the 1500’s to 1800’s. On the yard, you will be able to take photos against large tanks and other military machinery. This is a great stop if you love history.

8. Sofia Synagogue

Sofia Synagogue is the largest Sephardic synagogue in southeastern Europe. As with many synagogues, it has an aesthetic architecture with beautiful features. A various color shades of ochre, large chandelier, and a large octagonal dome. Within the synagogue, there is also a museum that has a great collection of Jewish history. After a security check, you are allowed to explore the grounds and the building. The halls are still in use so you may bump into locals getting in for worship. The added advantage is that you can take the memories home with you, photography is allowed.

9. Monument to the Tsar Liberator

The Monument to the Tsar Liberator is a monument of a man on a horseback, it is situated in the city’s central park. It was built in 1903 in honor of Alexander II who was the Russian emperor that liberated Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. It is of much significance to the people of Bulgaria hence not to be missed while sightseeing the area. Aside from the monument, there are other many activities that take place around it as there is a park across the street where people go to relax.

10. South Park

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South Park is a famous urban park in the city. The vast green landscape makes you one with nature. This park is considered to be the perfect place to clear your mind away from the busy city life. There is a dog area for dog lovers to play and bond with their furry friends. From the park, you get beautiful sightseeing views of the mountains especially from the many sitting spaces provided. This park is an ideal chillout spot for families touring Sofia. There are no places to buy food and drinks within the park but there are eateries nearby.

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This Bulgarian capital is an ideal destination if you are looking for an exotic vacation with electric experiences. It will offer a plethora of activities to choose from that are diverse in nature. Full of art, nature, and history, Sofia is not being left behind as a growing tourist destination.