El Salvador: Impressive Colonial Architecture and Beautiful Beaches

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El Salvador: Impressive Colonial Architecture and Beautiful Beaches

El Salvador, which is officially known as the Republic of Salvador, is a small country located in Central America, with a population of about 6.34 million people.

Despite its small size, El Salvador is a country with numerous sightseeing spots and attractions. Here are ten of the best things to do in the beautiful nation of El Salvador.

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El Salvador: Impressive Colonial Architecture and Beautiful Beaches

1. Iglesia El Rosario (San Salvador)

Iglesia El Rosario (San Salvador)

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Iglesia El Rosario is a dreary looking building in El Salvador, which was built as a place of worship in the 20th century. Despite its lackluster outward appearance, the interior of the church is incredible. As you enter it, you will see windows made of colorful glasses with the light reflecting all over the church. Here you will also have the chance to get introduced with the history of Mayan people.

2. Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park (San Salvador)

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Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park is an archaeological sightseeing in El Salvador and features a farm village that was protected under the volcanic ash layers. Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park was inhabited since 1200BC and now you can see people living here in a normal life. This must-see sightseeing of El Salvador is very impressive, that is why it is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage of Mayan culture. Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park is an attraction worth t visit if you make a tour to El Salvador.

3. Parque Nacional El Boqueron (San Salvador)

Parque Nacional El Boqueron(San Salvador) is situated on top of the volcano San Salvador, in El Salvador. This sightseeing has a height of about 1800 meters and includes a crater, which is the main attraction of this park. The climate is cool the whole year in Parque Nacional El Boqueron. There are many plant species in this sightseeing, and the wildlife is beautiful here, too. You can have a walk in this park to admire the whole miraculous scenery that this attraction offers to those, who visit El Salvador.

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4. Plaza Futura (San Salvador)

Plaza Futura is a large first-class shopping mall with 3000m2 space. This tourist-attraction of El Salvador includes exclusive restaurants affordable to everyone’s budget and taste. This also includes a section, where you can enjoy and admire the whole scenery of the city, as well as airline offices and banks. The atmosphere is very pleasant and quiet, that is why this is also an ideal place for everyday meetings with friends and relatives. This sightseeing is a favorite spot both for tourists and for people living in El Salvador.

5. Santa Ana Volcano (Santa Ana)

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Santa Ana Volcano is a large volcano, which is located in Santa Ana, El Salvador. This sightseeing is famous not only for its height, but also for the amazing view that you will immediately notice on your tour to El Salvador. The scenery is majestic and awesome especially from the top. You should not miss the chance of climbing on the top of this attraction, if you visit El Salvador. The whole climbing may last for three hours. It is better to apply to a travel agency before visiting this sightseeing of El Salvador. They will provide you a guide and a security staff that will make your trip much more amazing and interesting.

6. Devil's Door (San Salvador)

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Devil's Door (Puerta del Diablo) is a very unique sightseeing located in San Salvador, El Salvador. This amazing attraction is known not only for its original uniqueness, but also for its extreme and breathtaking scenery. This sightseeing will deliver every expectation of its visitors. Take the trail to hike there and admire the whole beauty of this spot all around.

7. Catedral Metropolitana (San Salvador)

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Catedral Metropolitana is a unique sightseeing located in San Salvador, El Salvador. It will be a very interesting and nice experience to visit this attraction on your tour to El Salvador, where you can also enjoy the downtown. This top-site of El Salvador has a unique and interesting history, so you can read it before you arrive there or use a guide service to getting to know all about its history.

8. Lake Coatepeque (Coatepeque)

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This volcanic caldera of El Salvador, named Lake Coatepeque, has been formed during explosive eruptions about tens of thousands years ago. This is a lovely lake with several restaurants on its shore, where you can enjoy your whole day, having various types of food and admiring the scenery of the sightseeing. The lake is very close to town Coatepeque and is worth visiting on your tour to El Salvador.

9. El Tunco (La Libertad)

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El Tunco is a little village located in El Salvador, 8km far from La Libertad. Just a few years ago this sightseeing was unknown by both foreigners and locals, but now this is one of the most visited attractions of El Salvador. The beach you will see there will attract you with its beauty and will especially become a favorite spot for surfing lovers.

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10. Tazumal (Chalchuapa)

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Tazumal is an attractive Mayan ruin, located in El Salvador. The settlement of this attraction dates back to 5000BC and was an important trade centre of El Salvador. Although this impressive complex has been restored for several times, its ruins have still remained unexcavated. Get a cool experience by visiting this spot while visiting El Salvador and get transported to an ancient culture.


This Latin American country, El Salvador is an amazing and gorgeous spot for those who love difference in their travel. El Salvador offers sightseeing for many different tastes and interests and will be a great experience for everyone travelling there. This will surely become one of the most favorite countries you have ever been to.

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