Finland: Beautiful Scenery in the Land of the Thousand Lakes

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Finland: Beautiful Scenery in the Land of the Thousand Lakes

Often called the Land of the Thousand Lakes, Finland is actually home to almost 200,000 of them. At the edge of Scandinavia, Finland is known for its winter wonderland of Lapland with numerous ski resorts and perfect spots for witnessing the spectacular Northern Lights. In the south of the country lies the capital of Helsinki, with a mix of both historic and eye-catching modern architecture.

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Finland: Beautiful Scenery in the Land of the Thousand Lakes

1. Rovaniemi (Lapland)

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More commonly known as the official home town of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is the gateway to Finland's northern area of Lapland. This arctic city should not just be disregarded as a doorway to the region, however. Along with the hugely popular Santa Claus Village to the north of the town, Rovaniemi is a popular spot for viewing the sensational Northern Lights in the winter months.

2. Temppeliaukio Church (Helsinki)

Beautiful Church in Finland

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One of the most unique churches in the world, Temppeliaukio is built directly into a solid rock, giving it the nickname of the Church of the Rock. The structure features a large dome that fills up with light during the day adding to its natural presence.

3. Seurasaari Island and Open-Air Museum (Helsinki)

Seurasaari Island and Open-Air Museum near Helsinki

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A beautiful insight into the life of rural Finland, Seurasaari is an open-air museum that features numerous buildings unique to each of the country's provinces, showcasing the culture and lifestyle of each area. The island is a short trip from Helsinki and offers a perfect escape to nature for those who don't have time to venture further north, or just need a quick escape from the city.

4. Helsinki Cathedral (Helsinki)

Helsinki Cathedral illuminated at dusk overlooking Senate Square Finland

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The Helsinki Cathedral is an Evangelical Lutheran church located in the heart of Helsinki in Finland. Construction of the cathedral began in 1830 as a tribute to Tsar Nicolas I of Russia, the Grand Duke of Finland. Completed in 1852, the cathedral has a distinct neoclassical style which was designed by architect Carl Ludvig Engel.

5. Ruka (Lapland)

Lapland beautiful winter scenery of Finland

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A beautifully picturesque winter wonderland, Ruka is a popular ski resort on the edge of Lapland. The area is not only scenic in the winter however, its fall colors are also stunning as can be seen by the lake area around Kuusamo.

6. Olavinlinna Castle (Savonlinna)

Savonlinna fortress and lake scenery of Finland

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The Olavinlinna Castle is beautiful a three-tower castle situated in Savonlinna, Finland. Built during the 15th century, the castle is the northernmost stone fortress in Finland which still stands today. The castle is constructed on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait. Originally used as a way to profit from the 15th-century political turmoil, the castle now hosts several exhibitions which display articles related to the castle. It also forms a remarkable stage for the Savonlinna Opera Festival which is held yearly.

7. Levi Ski Resort (Levi)

Skiing and Snowboarding in North Finland

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The Levi Ski Resort is one of the most prominent and largest of the ski resorts in Finland. The slopes in the resort are suited for both beginners and intermediate skiers. With three black slopes available for the more experienced skiers. The skiing and snowboarding season usually lasts from around October to May every year. Aside from skiing and snowboarding, tourists can also do several other activities including sightseeing, playing golf, and others.

Visit Finland Land of the Thousand Lakes

Finland is home to a range of stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery, partly thanks to the plethora of picturesque lakes dotted around the country. From castles to cathedrals, tourists can get a glimpse of the tradition and history of Finland through the years.