Monaco:Luxury and Glamour on the Coast of the Mediterranean

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Monaco:Luxury and Glamour on the Coast of the Mediterranean

Monaco is a small European country surrounded by France and situated on the coast of the Mediterranean. The tiny nation is limited to just one city, but despite the small size of Monaco, there are plenty of things to do. We've summed up the top ten attractions to see when visiting this Mediterranean metropolis.

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Monaco:Luxury and Glamour on the Coast of the Mediterranean

1. Casino of Monte-Carlo

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Casino de Monte Carlo remains one of the most important symbols of Monaco and is the perfect introduction to this city full of splendor. The casino was opened in the 19th century and offers a wide range of different gambling style games to throw your money into. Despite it being a casino, the building itself and interior design is beautiful and warrants checking out for the stunning architecture alone.

2. Chapel of Saint Devota

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One of the spiritual symbols of Monaco, the Chapel of Saint Devota is devoted to the patron saint of Monaco, Saint Devota and dates back to the 11th century. The real beauty of the chapel lies in its stunning interior, including the colorful stained-glass windows which were destroyed during World War II, and had to be rebuilt again. The chapel plays an important role in the history and traditions of the people in Monaco and it's highly recommended to check out.

3. Place du Palais

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This city square offers a stunning view of the coast of Monaco as well as the magnificent sight of the Royal Palace. Make sure to stick around for a while and you'll be able to see the change of the guards which takes place regularly at the main gate of the palace. There are also many small streets with pleasant little cafes adjacent to the main square along with perfect places to buy some souvenirs.

4. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

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As you might expect from its iconic sea front location, Monaco has a number of interesting marine-themed and maritime attractions. The Oceanographic Museum has a wonderful collection of model ships and fish specimens as well as an impressive underground aquarium. The aquarium itself features over four thousand fish and marine creatures along with a number of rare sea flora.

5. Larvotto Beach

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One of the best beaches you'll find around Monaco, Larvotto Beach is situated in the eastern part of Monaco. Although there is no sand here, as it's a pebble beach, it's While Larvotto Beach tends to be quite busy in the summer, it is a pleasant spot to have a nice stroll while enjoying sightseeing the luxurious residences in this part of Monaco.

6. Opera de Monte-Carlo

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Opera do Monte-Carlo is another sightseeing attraction which should not be overlooked while sightseeing in Monaco. The only opera house in Monaco, this cultural institution has its seat in the Casino de Monte Carlo. The opera was open in the 19th century when the then-ruler Charles III felt there is not enough of cultural diversion in Monaco. The Opera boasts of the beautiful Salle Garnier which seats over five hundred spectators and it has a regular performance schedule. Apart from performances, sightseeing visitors are welcome for guided or self guided sightseeing tours of the casino complex with mentions of the opera section as well.

7. Vieux Monaco

The perfect spot to get a glimpse of the culture and history of Monaco, the Museum of Vieux Monaco has a range of fascinating exhibitions showcasing various objects and artifacts relating to the city. The museum is located in the historic old town which stands on a hill overlooking the city with views across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Best of all, the museum is free of charge.

8. Japanese Gardens

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Apart from the beautiful architecture found around the city, Monaco also has a range of picturesque gardens such as the Japanese Garden, which stands out in the center of the Monte Carlo neighborhood. The garden features a stunning traditional Japanese landscaping style with Zen garden features. You'll also find a tea house and various miniature landscapes such as a waterfall and beach.

9. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

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Monaco's cathedral stands proudly at the center of the city, the striking roman-Byzantine style architecture is stunning especially when marveling at the beautiful facade. Along with being a symbol of the city, the church was used as a burial site for many of the past rulers of Monaco known as the Grimaldis.

10. Le Metropole Shopping Center (Monte-Carlo)

A visit to the city of Monaco would not be complete without a chance to shop at some of the luxury brands found here. One of the best places to shop in Monaco is the Metropole Shopping Center, situated right next to the Casino de Monte Carlo. It's not only a great place for shopping, but the interior is well worth making the trip there to see too. Built at the start of the 20th century, the Center has three main floors with beautifully ornate railings and an impressive chandelier in the middle.


Although the city is quite compact, there's a wealth of things to do from gambling in its grand casinos to admiring the beautiful architecture lining its streets. All of Monaco can practically be visited on foot, which makes it easy to get around and explore the small, quaint city.