Ready for the Last Season of Game of Thrones? Here’s Our Roundup of the Most Beautiful Filming Locations

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Ready for the Last Season of Game of Thrones? Here’s Our Roundup of the Most Beautiful Filming Locations

Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm as one of the most popular TV shows ever made and it's obvious why. Apart from the fascinating individual character development (and tragic elimination), the filming and cinematography is incredible, partly thanks to the stunning locations it's filmed in. Many of which are real places you can actually visit. Summer is coming, so we've rounded up some of these amazing locations around the world that you can travel to yourself in the holidays and release your inner dragons.

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Ready for the Last Season of Game of Thrones? Here’s Our Roundup of the Most Beautiful Filming Locations

Sibenik, Croatia (Braavos)

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A lovely historic, seaside town along the coast of Croatia, Sibenik is one of the most picturesque of the white-walled orange-roofed towns dotted around the country. In Thrones it was used in season five as a double for the city of Braavos, such as Mandroc port where Arya Stark is seen entering the city.

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland (Kings Road)

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The iconic scene where Arya makes her escape from King's Landing on a wagon, while a short clip, the stunning location really made it stand out. This avenue of dramatic, old trees runs along Bregagh Road in County Antrim, the northern tip of the island. From Belfast it takes around an hour by car, or by bus you can transfer to the 178 bus at Coleraine. It's highly recommend to rent a car however, as there are numerous points of beautiful scenery all over Ireland that warrant driving to, such as the nearby Giant's Causeway.

Ouarzazate, Morocco (Pentos)

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Nicknamed the 'Door of the Desert', Ouarzazate is a beautiful Moroccan town at the edge of Sahara where scenes from Pentos in the series took place. The nearby town of Ait-Ben-Haddou was also used as the location for Yunkai, the famous slaver's city in the series. It's not just Thrones that have been captivated by these incredible desert landscapes however, huge hits such as Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven have also used the scenery here in their films.

Dubrovnik, Croatia (King's Landing)

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This list wouldn't be complete without featuring the stunning cityscape of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The town is used extensively throughout the series as the setting for King's Landing, the capital of Westeros and it's easy to see why. Its distinctive Old Town is crammed full of beautifully well-preserved historic buildings encircled by huge stone walls built in the 16th century. Even better, near the town you'll find a number of gorgeous beaches with stunning turquoise waters, some of the best spots to soak in the sun in all of Europe. Some of the popular Throne's locations to visit include the Minceta Tower, Fort Bokar, and the Jesuit Stairs.

Bardenas Reales, Spain (Dothraki Sea)

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Soaring canyons and unique rock formations, the incredible desert-like landscape of Spain's Bardenas Reales National Park featured as the Dothraki Sea when Daenerys was held captive in the sixth season. The stunning scenery here was formed over millions of years by erosion from wind and water, creating the unique cliffs and rocky shapes found there.

Vatnajökull, Iceland (North of the Wall)

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The largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull is a brilliant representation of the incredible scenery found in Iceland. This vast icy landscape dotted with dramatic peaks and breathtaking glacial caves was used mainly during season two and three as the territory of the Wildlings north of the Wall where John Snow is taken prisoner. Make sure to check out the stunning crystal ice caves, a colorful blue icy wonderland of caves deep in the glacier, these caves melt and form every year making each cave completely unique and different each time.

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Alcázar of Seville, Spain (Dorne)

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This beautiful exotic palace in Seville was used to film several scenes in Dorne such as for the striking Water Gardens that feature throughout the series. Not just limited to GOT, the stunning, unique architecture found around Seville has been used for various movies like Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia and Kingdom of Heaven.

Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland (Eastwatch)

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A beautiful black-sand beach on the southern coast of Iceland, although it's not your typical beach setting, Reynisfjara is often counted as one of the most picturesque and unique beaches in the world. Reynisfjara was used as the backdrop for the end of the Wall at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the location for the spectacular ending scene of season seven when the un-dead dragon burns down the settlement allowing the Night King and White Walkers to enter Westeros. It's also a stunning location to see the famous Northern Lights (pictured above) as the sky contrasts beautifully with the stark black sands.

Isle of Skye, Scotland (TBA)

While it hasn't featured in the series yet, HBO has announced the Scottish island will be used as a filming location for the upcoming GOT prequel series. The scenery on this island in incredible with its dramatic cliffs next to towering mountains and rock formations, some of the best views in Europe so it's not surprising that they'd choose the island for future filming. It's unsure the exact locations that will be used but some possible places are the Old Man of Storr and its unique rocky hill, the Quiraing, Cuillin Mountains and the Fairy Glen.


Game of Thrones has managed to pick some of the best locations and scenic spots in Europe and what's more many of these locations are easy to get to for fans eager to walk in the sets of the film. Not just for Thrones fans however, these incredible sights can be enjoyed by any scenery enthusiasts.