Quebec : Experience Canada in an Unforgettable Manner

Quebec : Experience Canada in an Unforgettable Manner

This is the best holiday package you could have ever dreamt of. Quebec in Canada still maintains the essence of being a French colony to the core. It is a perfect package of sightseeing, advantage, history and heritage and culture and lifestyle as it is meant for today’s generation. Here is a list of ten things people must do when in Quebec:

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Quebec : Experience Canada in an Unforgettable Manner

1. Chateau Frontenac

photo of Chateau Frontenac

This is one of those iconic hotels that maintain the old world charm in which they were built in but at the same time have established themselves as one the leading luxury hotels in the world. This is a 611 room and suites hotel that takes pride in offering best of amenities and a memorable stay. Whichever room you choose to stay at, you would be treated to the fascinating view of St. Lawrence River. Also you can taste the delectable menu that will pamper your taste buds keeping in mind your personal tastes and preferences.

2. Montmorency Falls

Once you come to these falls, you will definite feel that this is one of the best natural places you could have been to. These waterfalls are situated at the Montmercy River and become completely majestic when they become frozen at the time snow. The visit here is an adventurous one as you get on the cable car in order to be able to have the walking tour of the place. Once you start walking you will come across some of the most breathtaking scenes of the falls and then you will be come to the 487 steps staircase that will take you to the foot of the falls. There is also a suspended bridge to be taken and a wonderful restaurant to enjoy the place to the fullest and a gift shop to take memories to take back home.

3. Montreal Biodome

Photo by abdallahh

This is rightfully also referred to as the 21st century museum, because of the futuristic way of presentation and display. You cannot just come, visit and go. Biodome as the name suggests, it is the “house of life”. This place has about 4,500 animals that belong to 250 different species and about 200 varieties of plants. The main intention is to present the fine interaction that exists between plants and animals. When you are here you are bound to get involved in body, mind and spirit to the wonderful experience that this place has to offer.

4. Citadelle of Quebec

Photo by Daniel Ouellette/

This place is the largest British Fortresses in the Northern part of Canada. Another noteworthy feature is that it is situated at the one of the highest points of the city on Cape Diamond. With a glorious history attached to the place and the wonderful architecture, this place has rightfully been recognized as the National Historic Site in 1980. It was in 1812 that the British authorities felt that there was need to perk up their defenses in Canada as they has just escaped missed getting invaded by American troops. That is what laid the foundation of building of this Citadelle that spanned from 1820 to 1850.

5. Mont Tremblant Resort

Mont Tremblant Resort

For those who love snow and skiing, this place will be a fun-filled experience. This is an enormous area of 269 hectares with dedicated 96 trails for skiing. You don’t have to be skilled skier. They have skiing option for the skiers of all levels or you could even sit by and enjoy the snow and the spirit that dominates the place. Also there is a pedestrian village where you walk around and get acquainted with the culture of the place. Treat yourself to stories from the mountains, enjoy the cable car rides over the snowy slopes and many more options that the place has to offer.

6. Montreal Botanical Garden

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This place is sheer paradise for all garden lovers as there is so much to see and explore. There are greenhouses, outdoor gardens and some thirty thematic gardens that will fill you with a sense of wonder and awe. In fact one cannot pick and choose the ones to be visited as they all have been maintained to their prettiest best. Also there are brooks and falls and ponds that make the place look even more surreal. When you hear names like Garden of Weedlessness and the Courtyard of Senses there is not much that you will grasp through words. You have to be there to experience it.

7. Saint Joseph’s Oratory

This one of the classic and religious heritage that the city holds very dear. It is so much more than just a place of worship and prayer. A walk through the oratory is like walking through the various time zones that the oratory has been here for. Reading about the origin of the oratory, the grandeur that it represents, the artistic and architectural masterpiece this is a matter of great research for various theological and pastoral issues. There are numerous things that are unique to St. Joseph’s Oratory and have be carefully archived here.

8. Plains of Abraham

Photo by Luke H. Gordon

This is one of those legendary parks that the residents of Quebec hold very dear. This is because it has a great history behind it talks about the clash for supremacy between the French and British Empires. It is like you are welcomed with the gush of fresh air when you set your foot on the park. What else would you expect in the 103 hectares of open green and grassy space that looks even more magical when covered with snow? The Park was made to remember the sacrifice made by the French and British troops at the time of battle.

9. Canadian Museum of History

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This is the place to know everything about the history of Canadian and what the city has been through. The best part about this is that this is more of an experience that one will remember for a long time to come. The museum is shares its experiences in a more interactive manner and has something to offer for all age groups. There are constant research works that are going on, by the Geological Survey of Canada that makes it very contemporary and enriching at the same time. Special emphasis is laid in making it an interactive session for children in order to make them more interested and sensitive towards the subject.

10. Parc Omega

Photo by Julen Arabaolaza/

This is one of the star attractions of Quebec that draws both kids and adults alike. This is a stretch of about 12 kilometers that has varied terrain and a safari through it is a sheer delight. There is a huge variety of animal that are natives of Canada. The terrain includes grasslands, forests, lakes, ponds, small valleys and rocky hills that happily inhabit a large species of animals. The place is open all the year round, but it becomes magical at the time of snow. It is open all the year round, has a restaurant where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the place.

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Quebec, in all its glory offers you the best of everything. Canada is especially loved by tourists because of its natural geographic and climatic advantage. One can be assured of having a good time here irrespective of whether they plan to come here alone or with friends and family members!