Chios Island : Greek Paradise Shrouded in History and Culture

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Chios Island is a fascinating spot located in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Chios Island is a very popular travel destination with tourists, due to its awesome scenery and pleasant climate. Chios Island also has a quality shipping community, which is large. There are numbers of sightseeing in Chios Island worth to visit.

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Chios Island : Greek Paradise Shrouded in History and Culture:table of contents

1. Anavatos

Anavatos is certainly one of the best sightseeing in Chios Island. This spot is famous for its historical background. Both its history and ruins are a very interesting experience for the travelers to Chios Island. Around the sightseeing you will find nice paths for walking. The area also includes cafes and restaurants, where you can have some meals or have some drink. In short, here you will have a great time and will get a good experience. Take the best from Chios Island by visiting this incredible sightseeing on your tour to Chios Island.

2. Nea Moni Monastery

Nea Moni Monastery is the sightseeing in Chios Island that is definitely worth to visit. This spot is the most incredible and beautiful monastery in Chios Island and it also has a great importance for Chios Island. This building was founded in the 11th century and it is included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. Thus, this is an impressive sightseeing that is both rich in history and is beautiful; no matter you look at it inside or outside. So, do not hesitate to include this sightseeing in your visit-list for Chios Island.

3. Windmills

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And now we came to one of the most fantastic spots in Chios Island, which is Windmills. This sightseeing has a fascinating beauty especially in the evening and at night, when it is full of lights. At this part of the day you can take the most incredible photos you have ever dreamt about. This is an absolute must see sightseeing in Chios Island. There are also some small restaurants nearby the sightseeing, where the visitors can have some tasty and diverse seafood. Windmills will give one of the most astonishing impressions for your tour to Chios Island.

4. Pyrgi

Chios Island is rich in impressive and beautiful sightseeing: there is no doubt in it! But Pyrgi is surely one of the sightseeing in Chios Island that we can call the most unique one in the whole Chios Island. This spot is so nice and so subtle for your eye that you cannot even cut your eye from it. This place is something different from the other parts not only in Chios Island, but also in Greece. The design of this sightseeing is so original and so unique. Even if you are not an artist, you will be impressed by the décor of Pyrgi.

5. Mavra Volia

Be ready to shout “Wow” when you arrive to Mavra Volia – one of the most amazing spots of Chios Island. This is a spot of astonishing sceneries and two gorgeous beaches. You can even do nothing else besides walking along the beach and you will fill like you do not anything else additionally. The sightseeing is unique and is really beautiful whenever you are there. Each corner of this spot is attractive and fascinating. Do not miss the chance of enjoying this stunning beauty on your tour to Chios Island.

6. The Chios Mastic Museum

And now let’s come to some sightseeing in Chios Island that are of cultural value. The first cultural centre in Chios Island that is worth mentioning is The Chios Mastic Museum. This is extraordinary museum with thematic exhibitions and items. Be ready to explore some interesting facts about Chios Island and do some discoveries on its culture before and now. Moreover, the views that you can enjoy from the museum, are fantastic and adorable. The space is very welcoming and very comfortable, too. This is a must see in Chios Island.

7. Archaeological Museum

Let’s move to the other impressive museum of Chios Island - Archaeological Museum. Here you can see nice stone sculptures, small sculpture of women and animals, nice exhibitions and presentations and other great collections. Entering the museum you will meet the welcoming staff. The latter will gladly show you every single item and will give some description and explanation over it. Be aware that you will not be allowed to take any photo inside, so be ready to look at everything attentively to keep the image in your mind. This will be one of the best experiences that you can have in Chios Island.

8. Vroulidia

Vroulidia is a live paradise located in Chios Island and this is why the sightseeing is visited by thousands of tourists yearly. The area is so lovely and so catchy and it is also an excellent seaside providing a great atmosphere for a perfect rest and relaxes. Just walk around the area or along the seaside or lie down to enjoy the greatest atmosphere in Chios Island. Here you can spend a whole day, being sure you will not even notice how the time passes. The clean water and the beautiful view will create one of the best memories that you can take from Chios Island.

9. Emporios Beach

Emporios Beach is a spot in Chios Island that can be reached by a vehicle or you can take a tour guide to show you to there. Besides, the tour guide may provide some information and details on Chios Island and the beach and this will even become a more fascinating experience full of nice experience and important information. Visit the beach with your family to spend your time even more attractively. There is a space suitable for riding and having some activities and also you will find restaurants around the area, where you can taste the most delicious food in Chios Island.

10. Agia Dinami Beach

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And we finish our recommendation list with the amazing beach of Chios Island - Agia Dinami Beach. This sightseeing is famous for its turquoise waters and the unique beauty. This is known as the hidden treasure of Chios Island and is a very desirable spot for the tourists. First, this sightseeing is incredibly beautiful due to its landscape of white sands and lovely color of its waters. This can provide a total relaxation to the visitors of Chios Island and will certainly become one of the top sightseeing you have ever visited.

◎ Closing

Chios Island is a real natural wonder in the world. Chios Island is not only recommended for your visit, but it is also a must see attraction for anyone. If you make a tour to Chios Island you can be sure that you are going to spend the greatest part of your lifetime. Choose the most adorable sightseeing of Chios Island to get the best impressions from it.