Pamplona : A Favorite Travel Destination Popular with its San Fermin Festival

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Pamplona is an awesome city located in Navarra, Spain. Pamplona is a favorite travel destination especially popular with its San Fermin festival that takes place every year in July. There are lots of things to do and to explore in Pamplona. Once you make a tour to Pamplona, follow the following list of the best sightseeing there.

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Pamplona : A Favorite Travel Destination Popular with its San Fermin Festival:table of contents

1. Parque Natural Urbasa Andia

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As Pamplona is famous for its natural and wonderful beauties you will see numbers of these kinds of sightseeing there. One of this sightseeing is Parque Natural Urbasa Andia – a real nature wonder located in Pamplona. This sightseeing includes beautiful landscapes, nice views and nice paths suitable for hiking, as the scenery is beautiful you will truly enjoy your hike there. As you will be amazed by the beautiful nature around it, the geology, archeology, etc. Also, the area of this sightseeing is very clean and this is what makes the pleasant and the nice atmosphere of this attraction.

2. Parque de La Taconera

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If you are fond of wildlife and like visiting these kinds of places than Parque de La Taconera is for you. This park is a real natural piece of wonder in Pamplona. Here you can safely walk and at the same time enjoy the presence of several species of birds and deer. There are also beautiful trees and ponds in this park. Walking along the paths of this sightseeing you will enjoy the pleasant sound of nature. So on your tour to Pamplona do not miss the chance to visit this sightseeing and enjoy your time in the open air.

3. Fortress and Walls of Pamplona

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Continuing the list of the best sightseeing in Pamplona we arrive to Fortress and Walls of Pamplona – one of the most unique attractions in Pamplona. This attraction is located in a beautiful park including fortress walls and buildings. As the park is located right in the center of Pamplona, it is very easy to get there and to find it, as well. This sightseeing is really a must see attraction in Pamplona and you should never miss the chance to visit there while you are in Pamplona.

4. Pamplona Catedral

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To get acquainted with the religious side of Pamplona you should definitely start your exploring from Pamplona Catedral. This sightseeing is important for Pamplona and its inhabitants and it is a favorite spot not only for its religious aspects but also for its beauty. The construction is really amazing and you cannot help entering the building when you pass by it. It is combined with a nice museum that makes the sightseeing much more stunning. Generally it will not take you more than an hour for exploring it inside and outside.

5. Iglesia de San Saturnino

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Iglesia de San Saturnino is a church in Pamplona that should definitely be included in your list of top spots in Pamplona. First of all this sightseeing will attract you with its outside beauty. The structure is nice and attractive and you will notice it at as soon as you get to nearest area. Secondly, you will be positively surprised once you enter the building. The interior décor is beautiful and unique. Seems like the altar areas and two and that they are separate. Make sure to take your camera to take some photos inside and outside the building.

6. Town Hall

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Now we move to the entertaining part of Pamplona, which includes numbers of wonderful sightseeing and spots. One of the best from them is Town Hall of Pamplona. This is an iconic sightseeing and is essential for organizing festivals during the year. This spot is mostly crowdie in July when the traditional festival is taking place. So it is recommended to take your visit to this sightseeing in July. Anyway, if you are in Pamplona in another part of the year, this structure is still recommended for your visit.

7. Plaza del Castillo

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Plaza del Castillo is one of the most beautiful structures that you can see during your tour to Pamplona. You cannot just help loving this spot. The area is so clean and so nice and everything is so organized and tidy. This sightseeing is ideal for having some walk at. There are lots of bars, ice cream parlors, cafes and lots of places for seating. In the evening Pamplona becomes alive in this section. There is always some music and people gather to dance and enjoy the end of the day.

8. Monumento al Encierro

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There are also several of monuments that you can see in Pamplona during your stay. One of the most beautiful and noticeable ones is Monumento al Encierro. This sightseeing is essential for the city and the locals, since it composes some historical memories. This is why this area never lacks of visitors who come to see the monuments while they are in Pamplona. You will be impressed by the beauty of this sightseeing. You are welcome to take some photos there and later show it to your friends and relatives.

9. Parroquia San Lorenzo

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Parroquia San Lorenzo is an impressive church in Pamplona. It includes San Fermin Chapel and is all time visited by foreigners and by locals, as well. Of course tourists are interested in its look and the appearance or décor of the structure, but for the locals this is an important part of their religious beliefs. This is a particularly nice and personal church. Be sure to visit this sightseeing when it is open, so that you can enter it. Also, take your camera to take some nice pictures of this impressive and astonishing structure.

10. Museo de Navarra

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Museo de Navarra is a lovely little museum composing the most essential and valuable cultural items of Pamplona. This is a worth visiting sightseeing not only because it is beautiful and nice, but also because it will tell you a lot about the cultural heritages of Pamplona. Once you enter the museum, you will notice the welcoming and warm service of the staff. There are very attentive towards the visitors and so you can turn to them in case of any problems or questions. Get acquainted with the art of Pamplona with the help of this sightseeing.

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Pamplona is an amazing and stunning city. It is definitely worth to visit there whenever you are planning your holidays. As a travel destination Pamplona will be a completely relaxing spot providing you with the best experiences and impressions ever. Take a tour to Pamplona to bring your dreams to reality.