Global COVID Travel Pass to Launch Next Month

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Global COVID Travel Pass to Launch Next Month

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced it is set to roll out its digital 'Covid Travel Pass' in the next few weeks to help restart international travel.

The pass will be downloadable as a mobile app that will show and confirm the user has taken appropriate tests along with vaccination details for COVID-19 that can be easily checked while boarding a flight or entering a foreign country.

The airline industry is hoping that the app can be a tool to help restart international travel in 2021, as countries start to ease restrictions for vaccinated travelers.

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Global COVID Travel Pass to Launch Next Month

How Will the Travel Pass Work?

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The Travel Pass uses the IATA's Timatic system that has been used since 1963 to allow airline staff to check passenger's travel documents and visas. The system has been modified to allow for checking COVID-19 test results, vaccination certificates and current entry requirements for the intended destination.

The IATA will work with authorized labs and testing centers to confirm and authenticate testing details and certification.

The Travel Pass app will be available to download for free on iOS and Android systems.

What Else Will the App Do?

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Users will also be able to check the latest information and updates on traveling to certain countries and the requirements needed to enter, such as vaccine and PCR testing needed. The app will also be able to check the nearest testing centers around departure and arrival locations that conform to entry requirements (such as offering certification). It could potentially be used for other authorities outside of the airline industry to allow ease of travel within countries.

What is the IATA?

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The International Air Transport Association is an industry body for airlines around the world, setting regulations, service and safety standards for air travel. Founded in 1945, the IATA currently has 296 member airlines, covering most of the world's currently operating airlines.